Infovision shalini urs _info vision kick off


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Infovicion 2012 Welcome Note

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Infovision shalini urs _info vision kick off

  1. 1. Journey of a thousand miles begins with asingle step"-Lao Tzu • InfoVision is an intellectual confederation of all stakeholders – academia, industry, government and the user groups, to meet as partners and to develop a unified framework and formulate strategies for capitalizing knowledge for performance • Initiated in 2005 , it is a platform for bringing together academic researchers in the domain of information and business heads in the information industry to discuss and deliberate on a chosen theme.
  2. 2. The Journey so far• InfoVision 2005 organised by the (IIITB) and Informatics India Limited ISiM was launched• InfoVision 2006 was organised in collaboration with CII• InfoVision 2007 was organised in collaboration with Rediff. Com• InfoVision 2009 was organised in partnership with Microsoft Research Bangalore• InfoVision 2011 was organised in collaboration with Information Excellence Group, and with the support of CSI Bangalore chapter, DAMA Bangalore Chapter and TDWI India Chapter
  3. 3. • The journey that began in 2005.• Organised by IIITB and Informatics India• ISiM was launched• With speakers from across the world including the dean the I School of University of Pittsburgh ( Dean Ron Larson); Dr. P. Anandan of Microsoft Research ; Prof. N. Balakrishnan of IISc ; Dr. Sugata Mitra and others• ISiM was launched by Dr. Som Mittal
  4. 4. 2006 • http://Ashok Soota Ashok Soota Ajit Balakrishnan Sam Pitroda Pallam RajuJimmy Wales Lief Edwinsson Rory Chase N. Seshagiri
  5. 5. 2007 F.M.Kohli Noshir Contractor H.C.Chen Prabhakar RaghavanRohini Srihari Pandu Nayak Kiruba Shankar John Blossom
  6. 6. 2009Alexius Collete Mark Maybury Dieter Fellner Srikanth IyerShailesh Kumar Ram Ramjee Navneet Singh Parthasarathy
  7. 7. 2011Vijay Anand Girish Venkatachallah Chandu Makkavalli Arnab ChakrabortyJayaraman A N Ajay Kelkar Sathya Karthik Susheela Venkataraman
  8. 8. • V Dr. Vijay Srinivas Mr. Anand S
Chief Mr. Ravi Padaki 
Founder and Dr. Abhinanda Sarkar Mr. Mukesh KL
Director and Principal Data Scientist President 
(Bangalore Chapter) 
Data Scientist founder - Akeso Scientist, Impetus 
India Product Management 
COMPEGENCE Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. Association Mr. Narendra Vaze 
IT Strategy Consultant Mr. Ram Mr. Srihari Sundararajan
Researcher, Narasimhan
Research Software Sciences & Analytics er, Software Sciences & India Organisation, GE-Global Research
  9. 9. • V Mr. Sunil Shirguppi
Head of Data Mr. Sanjeev Kumar
VPMrs. Sudha Srinivasan
Service Line Mr. Sabishaw Mr. Derick Jose
Director-Big Data Services-International 
LinkedIn and MD 
Informatica Manager-Collaboration
Intel Bhaskaran
Technology Manager Solutions 
Flutura Decision Sciences India 
Siemens - Data intensive systems group Mr. Jayant Prabhu
General Manager & Mr. Sundaresh Mr. Devendra Mr. Venkatesh D Global Practice Head 
Information K
Vice President
SAP Iyer
Nokia Singh
Fidelity Business Management 
Wipro Technologies Life R&D Services Labs, India
  10. 10. Introducing ISiM• A unique institution in terms of institutional model, programme and programme delivery• A constituent autonomous institute of the University of Mysore• Founded by the University as an innovative model of institution – an example of Public Private Partnership Model• The Programme – M. Tech in Information Systems and Management is unique as it is positioned as a Management School for IT and Technology School for Information
  11. 11. ISiM Partners• School of Information Sciences School of Information• School of Information Studies • Department of Computer Science• International Institute of Information Technology, Bangalore • Informatics India Limited, Bangalore
  12. 12. Our Funders
  13. 13. Sl. No. Day Time Topic Name Affiliation Friday Oct/19th 1 Friday Oct/19 10 to 10:30 Inaugural Address Prof Shalini Workshop: Big data Engineering and 2 Friday Oct/19 10:30 to 11:45 Analytics Perspective Vijay Srinivas Agneeswaran Director and Principal Scientist, I-Labs 11:45 to 12:00 Tea Workshop: Big data: NoSQL 3 Friday Oct/19 12:00 to 1:15 PM Technologies Anand S Chief Data Scientist, Gramener 1:15 to 2:30 Lunch Workshop: Product management 101 for BI platform and application Founder and President, (Bangalore Chapter) India 4 Friday Oct/19 2:30 to 3:30 PM developers Ravi Padaki Product Management Association 5 Friday Oct/19 3:30 to 4:15 PM Agile Methodology in BI Jayapraksh Director, Aritha Consulting Services 4:15 to 04:30 Tea Ramsu: Researcher, data mining and pattern recognition Srihari: Researcher, high-performance and scalable computing BI Leaders Track: Ramasubramanian (Ramsu) "Internet of Things", impact on Sundararajan and Software Sciences and Analytics India organization at GE 6 Friday Oct/19 04:30 to 05:30 PM industrial businesses Srihari Narasimhan Global Research. BI Leaders Track: Financial Analytics: K L Mukesh and K L Mukesh: Founder, Akeso Healthcare 7 Friday Oct/19 05:30 to 06:15 PM Opportunities in the post crisis world Abhinanda Sarkar Abhinanda Sarkar: Data Scientist, COMPEGENCE BI Leaders Track: Emergent BI: Priorities and Narendra Vaze Narendra Vaze: IT Strategy SME and BI Leader 8 Friday Oct/19 06:15 to 07:30 PM Opportunities Nagaraj Kulkarni Anchored by Nagaraj Kulkarni, Director, Compegence
  14. 14. Saturday Oct/20th 1 Sat Oct/20 9:45 to 10:00 Welcome Note Shalini Urs Why Data is drowning the 2 Sat Oct/20 10:00 to 11:00 (IT) World Sanjeev Kumar VP and MD, Informatica India 11:00 to 11:15 Tea Break 3 Sat Oct/20 Mobility and BI Sundaresh Iyer Head and Director, Nokia Life R&D Large-Scale BI and Head of Data Services-International, 4 Sat Oct/20 12:15 to 1:00 pm Analytics Sunil Shirguppi LinkedIn 1:00 PM to 2:00 PM Lunch Global Practice Head, Information Jayant Prabhu Management, Wipro Technologies Devendra Singh Director, Fidelity Business Services Panel Discussion: The Service Line Manager, Collaboration and 2:00 PM to 3:30 Sudha Srinivasan Productivity, Intel5 Sat Oct/20 Future of SMAC: Trends PM and Directions Technology Manager, Siemens Corporate Sabishaw Bhaskaran Research and Technologies Derick Jose, Director-Big Data Solutions, Derick Jose Flutura 3:30 to 3:45 Tea Break 3:45 PM to 4:30 Semantics in Social Spaces: Mandar Mutalikdesai (on behalf of the Member Technical Staff, Siemens 6 Sat Oct/20 PM A Cognitive Approach Information Excellence volunteer group) Corporate Research and Technologies 4:30 PM to 5:15 D K Venkatesh, Global Head, Innovations, 7 Sat Oct/20 PM Vision Talk D K Venkatesh SAP Labs 5:15 PM to 5:45 8 Sat Oct/20 PM Vote of Thanks Organizing Team Organizing Team
  15. 15. TEAM InfoVision 2012
  16. 16. Volunteer Team of Organizers for this SummitAnup Kumar Dash Asit Piri, Balaji Venkataraman, Balasubba Raman Chid Kollengode, Mandar Mutalikdesai, Data Architect Lead Data Architect, Guruswamy, Professor, Director, Cloud Kanupriya Garg, Researcher, Siemens CTManager – Projects Analyst, ITC Infotech RTC; Faculty, ISIM(DWBI), iGate HP Dell KCE, and Ex CSI Chairman Computing, Nokia Neerav K Joshipura, Prashanth Prof Shalini URS, Raghavendra Hulgeri, Sarfaraz Hafiz,Naveen Hegde IBM Global Services - Pradeep Dhupati, Head, Risk Management, BI Project Manager, Sr Software Engineer, Chandrashekar, Exec Director,Industry Analyst Global Delivery OracleFSS; CSI Ex President Target SAP Labs Target India ISIM, MysoreIDC Asia Pacific Shivakumar A P, Surya Putchala, Venugopal Krishnan, Delivery PM (BI Practice), Sorabh Bajaj, Srinivasan Rengarajan, Subrahmanyam D V R, Sr. Consultant & Freelance BI Consultant BI Head, Collabera. Enterprise Architect, Academy IMA, Mphasis Intel; (DAMA Blore VP) (TDWI India VP) Architect, TCS
  17. 17. TEAM InfoVision 2011 Thank You SAP for hosting us For Infovision 2012