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Ieg201205 shesha shah dell social media measure


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Social Media Measurent and ROI

Social Media Measurent and ROI

Published in: Technology, Business
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  • 1. Information Excellence 2012 MAY SessionHarvesting Information Excellence
  • 2. Today’s Speakers Dr. Jay Bharatheesh Simha Mobile Social Network Analytics CTO A deployment use case Abiba TechnologiesThank Youfor hosting us today Dr. Shesha Shah, Social Media measurement and ROI: Social Media Marketing marrying big social-media-data with and Intelligence team Business context DELL India DGA Team In house use case
  • 3. Dr. Shesha ShahDr. Shesha Shah is with Social Media Marketing and Intelligence team at DGA, DELL India atBangalore. She has done masters in Computer Science in 1996 and PhD in Data Mining in 2001 fromIndian Institute of Science, Bangalore.She works in areas of Social Media, eBiz, and web analytics for applications IR, Merchandising andMarketing in different domains as a specialist. She is with Marketing Science team with focus onresearch and technology innovation.She has published in technical journals and filed a few patents as well. She has worked with globalcompanies, both in India and US for the last 15 years. She has also received the Dell India Innovatorof the year 2012 for developing a new measurement system and tool – called Social Net Advocacy –for Social Media Analytics and that is getting integrated in Dell’s business.Social Media measurement and ROI: marrying big social-media-data with business contextCompanies often rely on Social metrics like fans and followers but they could be misleading for abusiness. Instead, a measurement is needed that will focus on the business outcomes of theaccount, whether it be for being involved in influencing them, transacting leads or conversions,fostering word of mouth, improving customer service and support, or generating ideas for futureproducts or the brand.
  • 4. Social Media MeasurementMay 26, 2012 @ Indian Institute of ScienceShesha Shah, Ph.D. Global Social Media Marketing and intelligence, DELL
  • 5. Social Media is Big today Any/all of the properties below will qualify for BIG data  Volume  Variety  Velocity Global Marketing
  • 6. Social Site usage grows from 8% to 65%Social Network Site Use Growth% of online adults, 2005-2011Source: Pew Internet & American Life Project  Market research shows 65% 61% that two-thirds of adult 46% internet users (65%) now 43% use a social networking site 38% 29% 27% 16% Looking at usage on any 8% 13% day, 43% of online adults 9% 2% 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 use social networking. Ever Yesterday Global Marketing
  • 7. Dynamic customer journeyMore data is available than ever beforeConsumer has more choices than ever before – new sources, new channelsMost advanced companies are conducting social business Holistically, beyond individual silosDevelop a strategy across mediums and spans all phases of funnel India - Innovation
  • 8. Customer journey is an integrated approach Social Media plays a big role here Global Marketing
  • 9. How companies organize for social business Global Marketing
  • 10. Evolution of the Social Corporate Website Global Marketing
  • 11. Dell social sites Global Marketing
  • 12. Overwhelming average corporate ownedaccounts on social media Global Marketing
  • 13. Social Media Measurement Framework Right tool is still a challenge in social space Global Marketing
  • 14. Standard for Influence:Klout, Followers, fans, … Is Justin Bieber really more influencial than Barack Obama? Klout: 100 1M TW followers 95 2M Fans 94 Global Marketing 92
  • 15. Sentiment is not reflect in measures used… Global Marketing
  • 16. Demo Global Marketing
  • 17. Social is integrated into business at Dell Real-time view into social Global Marketing
  • 18. Different sources, one toolThe solution is build on NLP and categorization. So, any unstructured text can be presented to the tool . – Social Media chatters – Contact center logs – Emails from customer and survey data Global Marketing
  • 19. How can business benefit?• Social targetting - SCRM• Brand measurement Global Marketing
  • 20. Automation can help with Big data challengeWith scheduled alerts for,• Sudden change in volume or sentiment• Key topics trends to understand intentions around purchase• Competitive analysis in a context. Global Marketing
  • 21. Marketing spreads into social at Dell• Online reviews are effective and on multiple platforms – A multi-directional channel of communication• There is a balance between context and privacy. – Understand the new social contract by setting expectation on how you will use their data• To reach the customer, companies should deploy intention strategy across multiple channels like online, phone, social media etc.• At Dell, we developed a novel measurement (SNA) to capture advocacy in real-time in a diagnostic tool. – a real-time contextual metric that weaves social media into Dell’s fabric. Global Marketing
  • 22. Different sources, one toolThe solution is build on NLP and categorization. So, any unstructured text can be presented to the tool . – Social Media chatters – Contact center logs – Emails from customer and survey data Global Marketing
  • 23. Thank you Global Marketing
  • 24. Reference and content used from• Un-measurable success : media.png• Slide share presentations - Hub spot and Altimeter Global Marketing
  • 25. About Information Excellence Group Reach us at: blog: linked in: 3893869 facebook: group/171892096247159 presentations: twitter: #infoexcel email: informationexcellence@compegence.comThank You for hosting US today