IEG 201402 ABIBA WAR with R
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IEG 201402 ABIBA WAR with R

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Information Excellence Group 2014 Spring "Business Analytics Industry Summit" ...

Information Excellence Group 2014 Spring "Business Analytics Industry Summit"
ABIBA Presentation WAR in R from Dr. Jay B Simha, CTO, ABIBA TECHNOLOGIES

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  • 1. ABIBA: WAR with R Dr Jay B Simha
  • 2. WAR with R Power of open source!! Jay B.Simha Advanced Business Intelligence and Business Analytics
  • 3. An year of active research in Artificial Intelligence is sufficient for any body to believe in god Alan J.Perlis MIT – AI genius
  • 4. Unknown Known Knowledge Potential Why Analytics? Creativity Risk Domain Experts Opportunity Loss Known Unknown Knowledge Competence
  • 6. Types of Analysis required Profiling • Who are my customers? Where they live? • How is the responder’s concentration,? • What behavioral similarity is there in segments? Diagnostics • What makes some thing to happen? • What caused a particular effect? Predictive • Who will respond to my next offer? • Who will not recharge next month and why? Prescriptive • What is the best offer for a group of customers? • Which is the best campaign for this customer
  • 7. How R can be used? SOM/K-means models ACQUIRE SOM/K-means models/Random forests WALLET SHARE Decision tree/SVM RETENTION
  • 8. WAR Applications Acquisition Telecom Retail Banking Insurance Hospitality Education Retention Wallet Share × × × × × × × × × × × × × × × ×
  • 9. Methods for Madness CRISP DM SEMMA KDD
  • 10. A KISS approach for modeling + SEMMA
  • 11. What tools are needed with R RWeka Rule based scoring Build any where Score anywhere Free Community Edition The new lord Ganesha!!
  • 12. Acquisition process
  • 13. Acquisition process
  • 14. Acquisition Build model on this Test model on this
  • 15. Acquisition Exploratory Methods K-means clustering Self Organizing Maps Cross tabs/Pivots
  • 16. Acquisition – Simulated data
  • 17. Acquisition - SOM
  • 18. Acquisition – SOM visualization
  • 19. Acquisition - Kmeans
  • 20. Acquisition - Kmeans
  • 21. Acquisition – Kmeans visualization
  • 22. Acquisition – Kmeans visualization
  • 23. Retention
  • 24. Retention
  • 25. Retention
  • 26. Retention
  • 27. Retention
  • 28. Retention
  • 29. Wallet Share (X-Sell)
  • 30. Take away • Data modeling and preprocessing is most important • All models are not equal • Few techniques are enough for WAR modeling • R and its friends are more than sufficient for most of the cases • Analytics is fun..Enjoy
  • 31. Take away • Thanks to all people whom I can not thank individually who shared their expertise, slides, data and comments • All mistakes are mine, if you find any, in this talk or preso
  • 32. About Information Excellence Group Community Focused Volunteer Driven Knowledge Share Accelerated Learning Collective Excellence Distilled Knowledge Shared, Non Conflicting Goals Validation / Brainstorm platform Progress Information Excellence Towards an Enriched Profession, Business and Society Mentor, Guide, Coach Satisfied, Empowered Professional Richer Industry and Academia
  • 33. About Information Excellence Group Reach us at: blog: presentations: linked in: Facebook: Google+: twitter: email: #infoexcel Have you enriched yourself by contributing to the community Knowledge Share..