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Alok thanvi Dell BI deployment challenges_information excellence
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Alok thanvi Dell BI deployment challenges_information excellence


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Business Intelligence Deployment Challenges

Business Intelligence Deployment Challenges

Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. Information Excellence 2012 July/August Session Alok Thanvi, IT Manager, BI Support, Dell India Challenge in deploying BI Solutions Thank You for hosting us todayInformation Excellence 1
  • 2. Challenges in Deploying BI SolutionAlok Thanvi | Dell International Services August 4th 2012
  • 3. Agenda1. Setting the context – Define BI Solution and its Scope2. Why Challenge – What makes BI deployment so unique3. Operational Challenges4. Recommendations 5. Q & A
  • 4. Setting the context – Define BI Solution 4th Qtr FY Split 3rd Qtr 9% 10%• BI solution is an umbrella term that refers to a variety of software applications used to 2nd Qtr 1st Qtr analyze an organizations raw 23% 58% data. Yearly Data Seri es 1 Seri es 2 Seri es 3• Loosely defined, BI systems take 6 vast quantities of data and put it 4 into visually useful forms (such as 2 graphs and charts) for 0 sophisticated analysis of business trends.
  • 5. Setting the context – Scope of BI Solution• Functional Scope • Measure – Pre Canned Standard Reports • Validation – Ad hoc reports • Understanding - Advance Ad hoc reports • Insight - Analytics • Change – Act on Insights• Organizational /Implementation Scope• Adoptability ( Degree of adoption of BI tools by org)• Usage ( Degree of usage of existing BI tool by Business users)
  • 6. Why Challenge – What Makes BI Solution so uniqueTypical BI Deployment Model
  • 7. Why Challenge – What Makes BI Solution so uniqueAdoptability rate of BI Solution Refers to the degree to which anorganization has purchased BI tools for its employees. Most of the casesmany organization face below given challenges to adopt BI Solutions.• Time and Complexity – The current incarnation of BI Solutions are sophisticated query, reporting, and analytic engines which need to be integrate with security and other corporate systems. This integration make them time consuming and complex affair from the deployment perspective.• Total Cost of Ownership – High cost of overall ownership due to • Cost of Licenses – Packaged BI Tools • Ongoing cost to managing BI tool Environment • User Training and Support• Evolution of Capabilities – Historically BI tools were designed to serve theneeds of power users but very recently Most BI vendors have made significantstrides in simplifying their toolsets to better address the needs of casual users(executives, field staff etc.) These set of users generally want to monitor KPIsand navigate through the data to identify the root cause of problems. Hence inorder to make their products more attractive to casual users: end user reportingmodules, thin client authoring, dashboards and scorecards, AJAX- and Flash-powered graphical interfaces; keyword search; advanced visualization; andsoftware-as-a-service offerings are included in product suit.
  • 8. Why Challenge – What Makes it so uniqueUsage rate of BI Solution Refers to the degree to which users are using theBI tools. There may be multiple reason for lower usage of BI tools in anyorg.• Data quality – is as much a change management issue as a technical one, because users often reject new reports that present data in adifferent format with different metrics or results—even though the data isaccurate.• Query performance – Increasingly, users have littletolerance for long-running queries. Expectations among casual usersaccustomed to the speed and flexibility of consumer-based Webapplications are tough to satisfy. People won’t use a toolthat doesn’t perform. Users expect to run a query and get results backwithin seconds, which may not always be achieved in BI solution whichoperate on big volume of data even with some of the exciting tools in themarket.• Complexity – Most of the BI solution work across departmental boundaries and demand cross functional skills marrying IT and business skill set which may prove too complex for some of the business users.
  • 9. Operational Challenges• Architecture - To ensure data quality, timely delivery and appropriate layers of abstraction and dimension as per the BI Solution requirement• End User Training – One of difficult aspect to train end user with Numeracy, select appropriate power user from the business teams and educate the business users to value quantities decision over business assumption.• Infrastructure Sizing – In order to provide the right infrastructure capability for growing or diminishing BI demands appropriate measure to capture pattern of usage is very critical piece in BI Deployment strategy. This aspect is also directly related to Performance of BI Solutions.• Support/ Help Desk Team – Most organization felt the need of dedicated support help desk to address end user immediate issues with BI solution. This is a important feedback mechanism to expedite the bug fixing in the product and to ensure high adoptability of tool by end user.• Monitoring – Another important aspect is to monitor the usage pattern of BI tool post deployment to arrest• Change Management - The hard part about BI is not managing the technology, it’s managing change. BI forces people to change the way they absorb information and make decisions.
  • 10. RecommendationsTo Increase Adoptability Manage BI tool integration cost effectively. Expand Departmentally to get buy in for specific BI Solution and expend exponentially for enterprise wide deployment Build inventory for the user of BI Solution and purchase appropriate needed license only. Avoid full client licenses where ever feasible Partnered with all the power users from different department in BI roadmap creation.To Increase Usage For power users go for BI tools which provides tight integration and features for deep analytics , visualization capabilities and planning capabilities. For casual users provide clean interface with appropriate (controlled) level of data access. Ensure they have appropriate filter and interactive graph capability to interact with data. In all the case ensure no compromise on Quality and reliability of data along with performance of BI tools. Emphasize on communication channels to highlight the importance of existing BI solution and keep a track on changing BI requirement through support helpdesk and other monitoring channels.
  • 11. Q&A
  • 12. About Information Excellence Group Community Focused Volunteer Driven Knowledge Share Accelerated Learning Collective Excellence Distilled Knowledge Shared, Non Conflicting Goals Validation / Brainstorm platform Progress Mentor, Guide, Coach Information Excellence Satisfied, Empowered Towards an Enriched Professional Profession, Business and Society Richer Industry and AcademiaInformation Excellence 12
  • 13. About Information Excellence Group Reach us at: blog: linked in: Excellence-3893869 facebook: excellence-group/171892096247159 presentations: twitter: #infoexcel email: informationexcellence@compegence.comInformation Excellence 13