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How can IT organizations deliver even more data at the speed of business? Learn about new PowerCenter features, connectivity, and options that enable organizations to be more agile. Leverage PowerCenter and PowerExchange to process large volumes of data including social data (e.g. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn), provide self-service data integration, improve data governance, and support Agile development.

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  • This 60 min presentation was created for an Informatica spokesperson to pre-brief analysts.Thanks for joining me today to discuss Informatica 9.1 for Big Data. This pre-briefing was arranged to provide you with Informatica’s positioning on Big Data and what we are releasing with Informatica 9.1. Please do not make information public until June 6, 2011 when we are scheduled to issue a press release.
  • Cloud: SaaSApplication Integration for Cloud and Hybrid IT environments PowerCenter Express : Departmental, entry level and mid-market data-integration Power Center Enterprise: Enterprise-class solution for the most complex data integration challenges
  • This 60 min presentation was created for an Informatica spokesperson to pre-brief analysts.Thanks for joining me today to discuss Informatica 9.1 for Big Data. This pre-briefing was arranged to provide you with Informatica’s positioning on Big Data and what we are releasing with Informatica 9.1. Please do not make information public until June 6, 2011 when we are scheduled to issue a press release.
  • Deliver reports in days vs monthsCuts wait and waste from traditional BI development processcollaborative and iterative requirements gathering, analysis and developmentInstant validation of report accuracy eliminates delays and rework Seamlessly go from prototype to production with no reworkConverts from virtual to physical delivery models in a few clicksUncover data quality issues early, and increase the confidence and trust in your BI reportsProfiles and cleanses data in real time as you access data sources that have not yet passed through a data quality processLower the cost of delivering BI projects by 3x3x fewer servers for datamarts and redundant data storage because data virtualization eliminates the need to move, store and create additional copies3x reduction in the cost of shadow IT teams with fast and direct access to business friendly views of data regardless of location Delivers business self-service for BI reportingCircumvent the ETL development backlog by prototyping BI reports from the warehouse and operational data sources
  • Talk about in terms of potential direction.
  • To fill this gap, we have created PowerCenter Express. This is NOT just another version of PowerCenter with a different pricing model. This is a slimmed down version of the product with a number of critical differences:Lightweight and downloadable.No configuration required to set up (database is embedded)Administration is significantly simplifiedOnline video based training and documentationFreemium+ upsell pricing model… priced by userCheat sheets that guide the new user step by step through new tasks (with the ability for user community to create and publish their own cheat sheets)This is a brand new product that is compatible with our enterprise class products as it shares the same underlying engine, but the user experiences from acquisition, to installation to learning, and use is all targeted at the departmental and SMB use case
  • 9.5 has several improvements that will benefit IRS, some are on PowerCenter, some are on the newer products, some are on both. However, for the IRS there are still some key gaps with regards to authentication and securing the communication layer. These are addressed in our future roadmap for the Informatica Platform.
  • 9.5 has several improvements that will benefit IRS, some are on PowerCenter, some are on the newer products, some are on both. However, for the IRS there are still some key gaps with regards to authentication and securing the communication layer. These are addressed in our future roadmap for the Informatica Platform.
  • Note regarding Encryption bullet item – this is enhancements to existing capabilities. Existing PowerCenter encryption meets FIPS 140-2 (AES-128 bit) but is not used consistently everywhere. Using this everywhere is part of our ongoing coding guidelines which apply to all releases.
  • Key Points:Prebuilt Solution based on our Extensive knowledge of PowerCenter.
  • Did you hear about our exclusive new Potential at Work Communities? When you join, you’ll get access to strategic insights and best practices to help you in your role today and your career ahead. They focus on the power and potential of information and will transform the way you think about the role of data in today’s world. Visit our Potential at Work Kiosk in the Pavilion or visit www.informatica.com/potential-at-workAnd don’t forget, as an IW13 attendee you will be receiving an email with a link to your free download of PowerCenter Express, our new entry-level data integration product. But in the meantime, why not get yourself a demo by visiting the PowerCenter Express Kiosk in the Pavilion.It would mean a lot to me if you shared your feedback about this session. Please take out your mobile app right now. Click on evaluations. There are three short questions. It should take you less than 2 minutes to complete. Thank you.
  • What’s new in PowerCenter and PowerExchange

    1. 1. What’s New in PowerCenter and PowerExchange Presented by Sachin Chawla, Todd Goldman & Lalitha Sundaramurthy, Informatica
    2. 2. Data Integration Update
    3. 3. Safe Harbor The information being provided today is for informational purposes only. The development, release and timing of any Informatica product or functionality described today remain at the sole discretion of Informatica and should not be relied upon in making a purchasing decision. Statements made today are based on currently available information, which is subject to change. Such statements should not be relied upon as a representation, warranty or commitment to deliver specific products or functionality in the future. 3
    4. 4. Bridging the Gap Gap in departmental product offering PowerCenter PowerCenter Big Data Edition Complexity of Integration 4 Informatica Cloud
    5. 5. New Products to Meet Departmental & Mid-market needs 5 PowerCenter Big Data Edition Complexity of Integration Data Analyst Informatica Cloud Designer PowerCenter Express PowerCenter NEW NEW Informatica Cloud
    6. 6. Informatica Data Integration Portfolio 6 Virtual Data Machine SaaS Application Integration for Cloud and Hybrid IT environments Enterprise-class solution for the complex data integration challenges Informatica Cloud Departmental, entry level and mid-market data-integration NEW Enterprise
    7. 7. Data Integration Areas of Focus Informatica Confidential 7 Design Once, Deploy Anywhere, Integrate Everywhere DEPLOYMENT FLEXIBILITY MANAGEMENT CONFIDENCE DEVELOPMENT AGILITY
    8. 8. Development Agility
    9. 9. 9.6: DI Analyst and DQ Analyst are now one product: • Business user oriented interface • Web based GUI • Business and IT Collaboration • Shared projects between Data Analyst and PowerCenter Designer, DQ Designer, IDE Designer • 5 seats now included with: • PowerCenter • Informatica Data Explorer • Informatica Data Quality 9
    10. 10. DI Analyst Demo DEMO
    11. 11. Data Virtualization + Physical Data Integration = Accelerated Development • Rapid self-service BI prototyping through virtual access • Security, profiling and cleansing at the virtual layer • Convert virtual to physical in a few clicks 11 Traditional Integration Agile Integration Go to break out room xyz at abc time
    12. 12. Core PowerCenter Updates: 9.6 • Parameterization • Transformation memory attributes can be parameterized and set via a file • No more hassle opening and manually changing the attributes • 508 Compliance • Accessibility for motor and dexterity, vision and hearing impairment 12
    13. 13. • Omni-present Business Glossary for Business Users • Business Glossary Desktop • Business Term Revision • Actionable Lineage & Impact Summary • Lineage 5x performance improvement • Impact Summary for PowerCenter objects • Universal Connectivity • New XConnect for Informatica Platform (Data Services, Data Quality, Data Explorer) • Enhancements to the new template-based XConnect for custom metadata 13 9.5.1 reminder: Features by theme PowerCenter AE Metadata Manager & Business Glossary
    14. 14. BG Desktop 9.5.1 • Business Glossary lookup client for Windows desktop • Client is designed for Windows 7 64-bit, should also work for 32-bit • Performs lookups onto same glossary content as is in MM&BG product (no need to browse to MM&BG) • Overall goal is to bring your existing Glossary to desktop users in context of their day-to-day work 14
    15. 15. BG lookups within work context • Highlight a string in most any desktop app, e.g. a Word document • Press hot key (default is shift-Ctrl-G) to raise Business Glossary Desktop and perform lookup on selection 15
    16. 16. 9.5.1 Lineage Performance Problem • Customers with a large MM repository struggle with performance of lineage. • A single lineage diagram used to take several minutes, up to hours, causing user frustration Solution • Average Lineage Time more than 5x improved 16
    17. 17. Metadata Manager xConnect Portfolio Metadata Manager Repository Relational and DW: • Oracle • DB2 • SQLServer • Sybase ASE • Informix • Teradata • Netezza • ODBC • JDBC Data Modelling Tools: • CA/Erwin • Embardadero ER/Studio • Sybase PowerDesigner Business Intelligence • IBM Cognos • MS-SQL Analysis & Reporting Services • Microstrategy • Oracle BI Enterprise Ed • SAP BO • SAP BW (new in 9.5.1) Mainframe: • DB2/zOS ERP: • SAP ESS Custom xConnect Framework • New in 9.5 17
    18. 18. 9.6: Business Glossary User Friendliness Improved Business User Friendliness • Search for terms • Collaborate on terms • Publish terms • Audit Terms • Creation of a true taxonomy • Describes the nature of relationships between terms 18
    19. 19. The Data Validation and Testing Dilemma Informatica has over 4,500 PowerCenter Customers who believe using a metadata driven, graphical tool to move data is better than writing SQL and hand coding. 19 Coding There has to be a better way… 15 years later, 99% of those customers still use SQL and Excel to test the data they have moved in data integration products.
    20. 20. Data Validation: 50%-80% QA savings Development & Test • Provide automation for unit and regression testing of integration logic. Production Reconciliation • Protect the integrity of data that is loaded into production systems. • Erroneous data due to failed loads, faulty logic or operational issues is caught in a proactive automated manner and can be addressed as needed 20 Go to break out room xyz at abc time
    21. 21. Flexible Deployment 21
    22. 22. PowerExchange: New Connectivity Roadmap 9.5 – June 2012 • Microsoft Dynamics CRM • Social Media • Facebook • Linkedin • Twitter & Twitter Streaming • Kapow Katalyst • EMC Greenplum • SAP HANA • Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) • Hive (Hadoop) • Oracle Exadata & Exalogic 9.5.1 – Dec 2012 • JDBC (PCE) • Teradata (for IDQ/IDS/BDE) • Datasift • SFDC (for IDQ/IDS) • Web Services Reliable Messaging protocol (HF1) • Cloud DB: Google BigQuery, Amazon Redshift 9.5.1 HF2 Q2 2021 • NoSQL DB connectivity • Mongo DB 9.6 – Dec 2013 • REST • JDBC • NoSQL DB connectivity • Hbase • Cassandra • HANA –XS interface integration • Greenplum HD (Pivotal DB???) • Oracle Fusion • Microsoft Office 365 22
    23. 23. Virtual Data Machine: Integration Flexibility via Map Once. Deploy Anywhere. 23 • Key integration fabric for Informatica • Abstraction layer on top of current and future data platforms • Hadoop • Data virtualization HADOOP Cloud ServerDesktop Data Virtualization Embedded DQ in apps Data Integration Hub Data Virtualization Embedded DQ in apps
    24. 24. 24 Start small. Start now. Scale fast. PowerCenter Express New PowerCenter Express Edition • Personal Edition: Free • Professional Edition: $8K/user/year • Purchase and download from Informatica Marketplace • Fast, easy installation with embedded database • Easy-to-use, graphical design and development environment • Video training + built in “Cheat Sheets” • High performance data integration engine (Informatica VDM) • In-line data profiling • Compatible with enterprise class PowerCenter editions
    25. 25. Management Confidence 25
    26. 26. Core PowerCenter Updates: 9.6 • High Availability • PowerCenter HA now supported on a wide range of file systems 26
    27. 27. Security Trends • Security concerns began in Federal Government and Financial institutions • Has rapidly grown in importance for all customers • Key trends: • Vulnerability testing and scans done on systems traditionally behind the firewall • Increasing need for stronger authentication and authorization systems • Conforming to security regulations & policies by using 3rd party solutions to augment product capabilities 27
    28. 28. Informatica’ s Continued Focus on Security • Ongoing security tests against our products • AppScan • Check against National Vulnerability DataBase (NVD) • Etc. • Core components upgraded within our infrastructure architecture • Address and prepare for future security vulnerabilities • Examples: TLS communication, Tomcat 7 • Continuous improvement of coding and testing guidelines within our products division 28
    29. 29. 9.6 Security Enhancements • Industry Standard Single Sign On • Kerberos Authentication & SSO for Informatica clients & connectivity • Authentication • Two factor authentication: Windows auth. integration – smartcard & USB tokens • Audit & Compliance • Audit reports for domain activity • Fine grained access control for IDE, IDQ, IDS, Hadoop and PC Express 29
    30. 30. • Prebuilt Rules to Monitor Informatica PowerCenter • Delivers Alerts to people, dashboards and systems • Complete Operational and Best Practices • Extensible – build unlimited number of new rules Detailed Insight into the Runtime Data Integration Process Proactive Monitoring for PowerCenter Operations: 30 Go to break out room xyz at abc time
    31. 31. Proactive Monitoring of PowerCenter Development • Automated Best Practice Enforcement • Better Development Quality and Consistency in PowerCenter Development • Understand production impact of development choices • Fewer Production Errors and Downtime • Monitor Everyone, Everywhere All the Time • Easily Monitor Remote and Offshore Development Work • Quantify and Monitor Development Efforts – less Subjective 31 Go to break out room xyz at abc time
    32. 32. 32 1 2 3 Join our exclusive Potential at Work Communities. Visit the kiosk. Get a PowerCenter Express demo! Visit the Pavilion kiosk. Tell us what you think. Click on Evaluations in the IW13 Mobile App.