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With solutions built for SAP application on the Informatica platform, you’ll be able to cost-effectively manage your SAP integration, migrations, applications data growth and create a trusted view of your SAP data to lower costs, improve application performance and ensure data privacy.

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  • Built-in masking rules. Provision to create own masking rules.
  • How it is done: application submitSQL requests through the DDM layer. Based on the user responsibility, role and any other relevant context, DDM applies a SQL rewrite on this incoming SQL request in real-time to have the result set returned back to the unauthorized user masked.On the left hand side of the diagram we have again our HR manager able to see personal information while other unauthorized users will have their request changed by the DDM layer only to show masked values. All types of masking or scrambling functions are supported and no measurable performance overhead is added, as DDM ads as low as 0.15 millisecond delay which considered negligible by our largest customers.
  • Informatica for SAP

    1. 1. Informatica for SAP Informatica Solutions for SAP Applications Presented by Stefan Manns, Informatica
    2. 2. SAP Data Integration Needs of Organizations SAP applications need to be migrated and modernized SAP data is required for strategic and tactical decisions SAP data may not meet Data Quality expectations Sensitive SAP data should be protected from breaches
    3. 3. Why is Data Integration for SAP difficult? Data has proprietary format and structure Steep learning curve for developers SAP programmers are not a resource for data integration
    4. 4. Possible “Solutions” Attempt to hand code a “solution” Point solutions for small, depart mental problems Create organizational problems by relying on SAP programmers Manual “process” using Excel etc.
    5. 5. Data Matching Point of Entry DQ for SAP Data Profiling Data Cleansing Address Validation SAP Masking BW Nearline SAP Archive SAP Retirement SAP Subset Table read ABAP BAPI BCI (content Extractor) Table writerIDOC DMI (LSMW) SAP BW (OHD/OHS) Access HANA Platform Capabilities: SAP Focus
    6. 6. Informatica Solutions for SAP Connectivity • Batch access • Real-time access • CDC access Integration Patterns • Operational and analytical data integration • Data quality • Virtualization • Cloud based integration Information Lifecycle Management • Manage Test Data • Protect Sensitive Data • Improve application performance
    7. 7. Connectivity1
    8. 8. HANA Row table In memory Column table Informatica Extract HANA Cleanse, Join, Transform Any data Load HANA *) requires SAP HANA client libraries Extract and Load SAP HANA
    9. 9. ECC Cluster tables Transparent tables Pool tables Informatica Receive table data Cleanse, Join, Transform Data from SAP Operational EDW App Auto generate ABAP program Table Read (Auto Generated ABAP)
    10. 10. ECC e.g. Salesorder create BAPI interfaces e.g Customer getlist Informatica Receive response Cleanse, Join, Transform Data from SAP Operational EDW App Invoke BAPI BAPI (Business API)
    11. 11. ECC e.g. Orders05 IDOC e.g. Debmas06 Informatica Inbound IDOC Cleanse, Join, Transform Data from SAP Operational EDW App Outbound IDOC IDOC (Intermediate Document)
    12. 12. ECC BDC Batch Input LSMW Informatica Create properly structured file for LSMW or BDC Legacy Data DMI (Data Migration Interface)
    13. 13. ECC DataSource Delta DataSource DataSource Full SAP Data via Bus Content BI (BW) DataSource PSA InfoSource ODS Object Data Target InfoCube Info Provider Mapping & Transfer Rules Update Rules Update Rules Informatica SAP Data via Bus Content Cleanse, Join, Transform Data from SAP Operational EDW App BCI (Business Content Integration)
    14. 14. BI (BW) DataSource PSA InfoSource DSO Data Target InfoCube Info Provider Mapping & Transfer Rules Update Rules Update Rules Informatica BW extraction via Open Hub Destination Any data BW load to PSA via DataSource Extract and Load SAP BW
    15. 15. Summary and Properties of Methods Integration technique Direction Volume Change capture Use case HANA RW Low to high n/a Both ABAP R High Only by date stamp Analytical BAPI RW Medium no Operational IDOC RW Low/medium Only if SAP change pointer Operational DMI W High n/a Migrations BCI R High Yes Both
    16. 16. Integration Patterns2
    17. 17. Integration Patterns with SAP Analytical Data Integration Operational Data Integration Cloud Data Integration Data Quality with SAP
    18. 18. Integration Patterns with SAP • Build a Data Warehouse using SAP sources Analytical Data Integration
    19. 19. Enterprise Class Performance & Support High Availability Pushdown Optimization Proactive Data Integration Monitoring Grid Computing Real-time DW Data Marts Big Data Data Warehouse Enterprise DW Table read ABAP BCI (content Extractor) SAP BW (OHD/OHS) Access HANA HANA Building a Data Warehouse
    20. 20. Actual Customers Building a Data Warehouse A large hardware cooperative: • EDW for financial close processing • 60 MM rows/day with BCI • Meeting SLA for first time in 2 years A regulated electrical utility: • EDW combining smart meter data with customer detail from SAP • Using ABAP method and Open Hub • Customer likes ease of use, ability to get data quickly and flexibility for prototyping
    21. 21. • Combine non SAP and SAP data through Virtualization Integration Patterns with SAP Analytical Data Integration
    22. 22. Virtualized Data Access PortalBI Composite Apps Enterprise Data Sources Data Abstraction Logical Data Objects CUSTOMER ORDERPRODUCT INVOICE Data Consumers Informatica Data Services • Define physical source • Create Logical Data Object • Provide virtual schemas/tables/views • Data Consumers access virtualization via ODBC/JDBC Logical View of Underlying Resources and any non SAP data
    23. 23. Integration Patterns with SAP • Integrate daily General Ledger • Migrate into SAP • Enable MDM Operational Data Integration
    24. 24. Integrate Daily General Ledger IDOC
    25. 25. Migrate into SAP 25 Extraction Harmonization Conversion Iterative Load Migration Validation BAPI Table writer IDOC DMI (LSMW)
    26. 26. Enable MDM 26 Use extractors or “Change Pointers” IDOC BCI (content Extractor)
    27. 27. Actual Customer Using Operational DI A film and television studio: • SAP is central to business – one finance, one supply chain instance • Informatica is operational DI layer • Integrations around purchase orders, GL postings, supply chain
    28. 28. Integration Patterns with SAP • Migration from SAP to SaaS • Analysis • Synchronization of SAP data to downstream systems Cloud Data Integration
    29. 29. Example: Synchronize Data 29
    30. 30. Example: Synchronize Data
    31. 31. Customers Leveraging Cloud Services • Complete integration projects in weeks not months • Reduce Data Integration Time by nearly 85 Percent • Achieve real business impact in terms of revenue and profit
    32. 32. Integration Patterns with SAP • Analyze SAP data • Validate, match and standardize all data types • Ensure Data Quality at point of entry Data Quality with SAP
    33. 33. Directly Profile SAP Data and Get to Know your Data Value Frequency Patterns Statistics Unique Value Count Null Value Count Inferred Datatype Documented Datatype Minimum / Maximum
    34. 34. • Country specific address cleansing • Contact data cleansing (phone, email, gender, SSN etc. for many countries) • Company/corporate level data cleansing • Matching for many entities and countries Rich library of out of the box DQ rules 34
    35. 35. • Validate whether the given address is correct using reference address data 35 Point of Entry – Real Time Address Validation
    36. 36. • Retrieve records similar to a given name and address to avoid entering duplicates into the system 36 Point of Entry – Real Time Duplicate Check
    37. 37. • Perform a search using incomplete or partially incorrect information 37 Point of Entry – Fuzzy Search
    38. 38. Solution Benefits Native bi-directional access to SAP data Rapid development for all types of DI Easily and Quickly Leverage specialized SAP methods Allow business user to build SAP integrations Integrate SAP as on demand service Easily and Quickly identify Anomalies with SAP Data Eliminate or fix incorrect data Reduce duplication and achieve single version of truth DI Benefits Cloud Benefits DQ Benefits
    39. 39. Information Lifecycle Management 3
    40. 40. Manage Test Data in SAP Environments Source System Subset for SAP Target System SAP target systemSAP source system Moves master and transactional data
    41. 41. 1 TB 1 TB 1 TB 1 TB PRD 6 TB Dev 6 TB QA 6 TB Train 6 TB Benefits of Test Data Management 41 Data Subset Time Savings Here Space Savings Here
    42. 42. Protect Sensitive Data in SAP Environments Source System Masking for SAP Target System SAP target systemSAP source system Inline data masking Source System Masking for SAP SAP source system mask in place
    43. 43. Permanently Mask Sensitive Data Permanently alter sensitive data such as credit cards, address information, or names ID Name City Credit Card Tampa Hartford Modesto Plano Fresno Fresno Fresno Fresno0964 9388 2586 7310 Jeff Richards Rob Davis Mark Jones John Smith Josh Phillips Andy Sanders Jerry Morrow Mike Wilson 4198 9148 1499 1341 4298 0149 0134 0148 4981 4078 9149 1491 4417 1234 5678 9112 4198 9481 9147 0521 4298 9341 9544 9114 4981 1341 0854 0508 4417 9741 1949 9471 • Shuffle Employee ID’s • Substitute Names • Constant for City • Special Credit Card Technique Variety of Techniques:
    44. 44. Dynamically Mask Sensitive Data Role-based anonymization and real- time prevention while maintaining operational efficiency across environments Values Presented: BL**** JO**** KI**** View for authorized user Database Private Information Stored in Database BLAKE JONES KING Values Presented: BLAKE JONES KING Dynamic Data Masking Layer applies real-time SQL rewrites to mask returned result set Data is masked for the selected group of users. Masks even for SAP GUI (2)Select substring(name,1,2)||’***’ from table1
    45. 45. Customers Masking Sensitive Data • Comply with regulations such as HIPAA, PCI DSS, GLBA and many more • Control access for 100s of developers • Mask personally identifiable recruiting and HR data
    46. 46. Features Benefits • Reduced TCO Reduction of hardware costs for SAP BW (online database, BWA, and HANA). • Increased data accessibility More historical data available for ad-hoc analyses • Optimized investments based on what is important to the business Performance over storage • Lower administration, ability to meet SLAs Smaller more manageable online database which provides faster querying and data loads • First SAP certified solution • Stores infrequently used data relieving online system • Efficient storage of nearline data Up to 98% compression, average 90%+. • Fast seamless access to nearline data Via standard SAP BW access methods • 100% Indexed with no index maintenance • Ensures immutability Increase SAP BW Performance
    47. 47. Customers Using a Nearline Strategy • Move 100s GB of data to Nearline • Achieve very high compression rate (> 95%) • In one case saving $840K in 18 months
    48. 48. Integrate Archiving with 3rd Party Storage SAP ADK / Un- structured File SAP Archive ProcessSAP Master Data Scanned Images Scanning Process ARCHIVE BRIDGE 3rd Party / External Archive Store SAP certified ArchiveLink implementation Store and retrieve SAP archive files, scanned images, print lists, incoming and outgoing documents, etc. Access archive data via SAPGUI as usual
    49. 49. Retire Obsolete SAP Instances Connect Retire Verify Optimized File Archive Purged Data Access Manage Purge • Specific SAP support (e.g. pooled and clustered tables) • Validate completeness of data before decommissioning • Store retired data in a massively compressed and accessible file archive • Manage retention policies, access data, and purge data permanently • Achieve compliance with all government regulations and industry standards
    50. 50. • Bi-directional, rapid development access to SAP data • Discover and remedy data quality challenges • Achieve single version of truth for all data types • Leverage ease of use and speed of Cloud Integration • Quickly create lean, purpose built test data subsets • Control risk of data security breaches • Achieve significant cost savings for BW environments • Retire obsolete SAP instances with regulatory compliance Informatica Solutions for SAP: Benefits
    51. 51. Key Sessions To Attend with Hands on Labs Solutions for Application Owners Improve Performance PP5562 Informatica Solutions for Oracle HIT5541 Cloud ILM BP 7025: Cox Communications Improved sales Performance with Informatica PP5199: What’s New from INFA to improve DW Performance BD4641: Big Data and Its Impact on Performance Data Privacy Test Data Management HIT5541 Cloud ILM TT6659 Deploying Test Data Services and Dynamic Data Masking with HOT CISO BP7043 Accelerating Business Growth, Protecting Sensitive Client Financial Data PP5562 TDM and Data Privacy for Apps/ DW BP4966 Effective Test data management practice in complex distributed system Partner 7020 Cognizant
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