Ai Wei Ng & Staphanie de Vincentis, Melbourne Health - A Melbourne Health Wound Champion Program: WReN


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Ai Wei Ng & Staphanie de Vincentis, Melbourne Health delivered the presentation at 2013 Reducing Avoidable Pressure Injuries Conference.

The 2013 Reducing Avoidable Pressure Injuries Conference featured a comprehensive case study led program covering topics such as prevention of pressure injuries during the surgical patient journey and in people with Spinal Cord Injuries, meeting Standard 8, translating research into clinical practice and more.

For more information about the event, please visit:

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Ai Wei Ng & Staphanie de Vincentis, Melbourne Health - A Melbourne Health Wound Champion Program: WReN

  1. 1. A Melbourne Health Wound Champion Program: WReN “A Network of Far-Reaching Tentacles” Presenters: Ai Wei Ng & Steph De Vincentis Clinical Nurse Consultants- Wound Management
  2. 2. What is WReN? • Nominated ward nurse that champions evidence based wound management at the ward level • Fulfils a wound management portfolio as a professional developmental opportunity • Involved in QI projects and ward education
  3. 3. Brief history of WReN 2004-2009 2011-2013 2008-2010 65 WReN members (27 RPC, NWMH & 38 CC) Across 30 inpatient and 3 outpatient units Crossing City, RP and NMWH aged care sites ~9 members RPC ~10-15 members RPC
  4. 4. WReN 2012-2013 Portfolio position summary: “The WReN is also referred to as the “Wound Champion”, who advocates wound management for their respective ward. WReN advocates and implements best practice in wound management, assists and facilitates audits/quality improvement activities in collaboration with NUM, CNE, and CNC”
  5. 5. What is a Wound Champion? An individual: •Who is available as a resource person for their ward •Who practices within their scope and diligently applies evidence based wound care •Who identifies areas of improvement for their ward and works with the CNC’s, ward Educators and NUM to implement strategies to address these •Most important: passionate about wound care and patient centred care
  6. 6. Achievements to date Numbers •Significant Increase of WReN members from 2004 to 2013 Collaboration and Communication •Improved communication with NUM’s and ward Educators to assist with the success of the WReN portfolio and assistance with WReN ward based quality activities • This has been achieved by consistent communication with the NUM’s and ward Educators with many email reminders • Increased regular attendance to the monthly meetings. •WReN Intranet page updated to include WReN members, portfolio with a future view to have more electronically available resources for everyone in MH to access •WReN Monthly newsletter (commenced Feb 2013)
  7. 7. Achievements to date Collaboration and Communication WReN Wound Board (centralised area of communication) • Features latest WReN activities • Poster profiling names of the wards WReN’s • WReN Newsletter • “Stop Pressure Injuries Poster” • And other Wound resources of interest •WReN “introduction to role” presentation set for completion at the commencement of this year
  8. 8. Wound Boards (5 North & CJH)
  9. 9. Wound Boards (3 South & 5 SE)
  10. 10. Achievements to date Team Work • WReN’s involved in data collection for the 2012 Point Prevalence Survey conducted over two days at the RMH, RPC and NWMH sites • WReN’s as first line assessors of patient’s wounds on their wards, notified by the CNC as non-urgent triaged wounds • WReN’s will be involved in completing monthly ward audits on patients identified as high risk for pressure injuries • Winners of the International Nurses Day awards night for “Team Excellence”
  11. 11. International Nurses Day 2013 Winners of the team award
  12. 12. Achievements to date Education •WoundsWest modules a biennial competency completed by all members •WReN wound study day held in June annually •Journal club every second month •Company representative presentations (updates of wound products) •Key presentations during the year (Prof. Santamaria, Stomal therapist, Podiatry) •Conferences, AWMA (Vic) association education nights • VVNSIG education evening, WReN’s invited to attend • Industry product launch nights, WReN’s invited to attend
  13. 13. 10 more outstanding posters Hannah Tudor Title: Wound Referral Guide Samantha Eddison Title: Wound Swab Poster Title: Wound Swab technical guide Rebecca Shelton Title: Drain tube management Meagan Marmara, Rosanna Ferrerras and Skaidi Ritchie Title: Improving Wound Care Practice on our wards Sue Dunn & Juliet Spencer Title: “Every Minute Counts Pressure Ulcer Prevention” Lorraine de Kleuver Title: WReN Link keeping everyone in the loop Title: When assessing a wound take the T.I.M.E
  14. 14. More posters Olina Moore and Cyndi Cao Title: CJH Wound gang newsletter Liz Aslimoska & Jennie Kent Tile: Correctly applying topical barrier creams
  15. 15. Individual Achievement • Wound Awareness Week winner, Lorraine De Kleuver • Lorraine spoke to 212 people about leg ulcers and the campaign
  16. 16. Outcomes •Recognition of the WReN portfolio by colleagues (Nursing staff, ward Educators, ANUM’s, NUM’s and Medical staff) •Executive support (eg: WReN pin sponsorship, Quality initiatives, Education days) •Education and confidence building transferred into x13 outstanding evidence based best practice posters
  17. 17. Outcomes WReN feedback quotes “most important was meeting other WReNs and getting to know the WReNs from the other group” (SSL WReN) “our approach will be 'What influence has WReN Nurses had on nursing staff & wound management ‘ It's challenging, but we need to show evidence of where we're going”(SSL WReN) “We have been able to provide the staff with support in pressure ulcer prevention strategies, wound management and dressing choices” (CJH WReN) “We are improving patient education” (CJH WReN) “Having an interest in wound care is paramount, it is a passion, a passion that wound CNC’s have devoted many years in raising it’s importance and awareness” (SSL WReN)
  18. 18. Challenges • Competing demands with other clinical duties • WReN’s do not have formalised dedicated (protected time) to undertake WReN tasks • WReN’s need to be self motivated. As a group we only meet once per month • Inconsistency in wound management practices from ward to ward eg: documentation, audits • Physical distance of other sites (SSL, Broadmeadows, Weighbridge nursing homes) • Barriers in providing face-to-face consultation and support to the role at distant sites
  19. 19. Sustainability • Ongoing support from the Nursing Executive and NUM’s for the WReN’s to attend the meetings • Meeting at the same time every month • Being available to the WReN’s when they need help • Celebrating wins and acknowledging achievements
  20. 20. Future Direction • Aim for consistency in conducting audits across all sites • Involve WReN’s in research conducted within MH • CNC’s to share the success of the WReN program through a journal publication •WReN’s to take a leadership role in facilitating meetings in the future •WReN’s to represent MH at conferences, with poster presentations, abstract submission and oral presentations
  21. 21. Thank you