Shane Fryer - Australian Dental Association


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Dr. Shane Fryer, Immediate Past President, Australian Dental Association (ADA) delivered this presentation at the 15th Annual Health Congress 2014. This event brings together thought leaders and leading practitioners from across the Australian health system to consider the challenges, implications and future directions for health reform.

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Shane Fryer - Australian Dental Association

  1. 1. Delivering Affordable Dental Care Australian Health Congress March 2014 Dr F Shane Fryer, ADA Immediate Past Federal President
  2. 2. ADA Objective to encourage the improvement of the oral and general health of the public and to advance and promote the ethics, art and science of dentistry
  3. 3. National Oral Health Plan 2004-2013 • Improved data sets • Improved oral health promotion • Greater fluoridation • Dedicated funding • Better access • Increased workforce
  4. 4. “If you build it, he will come” Field of Dreams
  5. 5. Growth in Dentists • Three new schools in 2006 • 20,372 registered dental practitioners Dec 2013 • 28% growth from15,866 in 2006 • 2% population growth • Increased numbers of students in training • Increased numbers of dentists per 100,000 pop in regional and remote areas
  6. 6. Priority Populations • Low income and social disadvantaged backgrounds • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples • People with mental issues • People with disabilities • People with complex medical needs • Residential Care
  7. 7. • Targeted to disadvantaged • Personal funding caps • Bias towards preventive and restorative dental care • Extra provision for chronically ill and special needs patients • Improved funding and direction for community oral health promotion
  8. 8. Prevention & Promotion • Fluoridation of Reticulated Water Supplies • Health Promotion • Links between systemic disease and oral health • Sugar Tax
  9. 9. CDBS • Commenced January 2014 • Replaced the MTDP • Eligibility Children Aged 2-17 • Capped funds - $1000 over two years • Limitations on services and frequency • Not aligned with the Australian Dental Schedule and Glossary • Many dentists bulk-billing
  10. 10. National Partnership Agreements • Use of Private Sector • Reduced Waiting Lists • New NPAs under negotiation • States and Territories must continue to invest • Continued investment in distribution initiatives • Supported with Targeted national schemes
  11. 11. PHI • Full disclosure of level of cover, restrictions and rebates • Improved rebate arrangements • No punitive disincentives • Increase rebate levels annually
  12. 12. Delivering Affordable Dental Care Public Dental Care PHIIndividuals Targeted Schemes