Ruth Melville - Sunshine Coast Hospital & Health Service - ACORN Update & Alignment of Standards


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Ruth Melville delivered the presentation at the 2014 Operating Theatre Management Conference.

Focusing on strategies for implementing the National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards and the importance of communication to improve patient safety and clinical practice, the 2014 Operating Theatre Management Conference brought together operating room management and perioperative professionals to review current initiatives across the country.

For more information about the event, please visit:

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Ruth Melville - Sunshine Coast Hospital & Health Service - ACORN Update & Alignment of Standards

  2. 2. Objectives • Overview of ACORN and recent activities •Brief overview of how the National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards impact Perioperative Services and their alignment to ACORN Standards •ACORN Standards – What's new? 2
  3. 3. ACORN PNAQ NSWOTA Victorian Perioperative Nurses Group Tasmanian Operating Room Nurses South Australian Perioperative Nurses Association Operating Room Nurses Association of WA NTPN 3 ORNA SAPNA TORN VPNG NSW Operating Theatre Association Perioperative Nurses Association of QLD NT Perioperative Nurses
  4. 4. ACORN Structure
  5. 5. •Standards utilising evidence based practices S •Professional growth and development P •Innovating to achieve best patient care I •Representing all States and Territories R •Influencing health policy I •Teamwork T 5 ACORN's Vision
  6. 6. ACORN Committee’s •Executive Committee •Finance Committee •Standards Committee •Journal Committee •Marketing Committee •Website Committee •Education Committee •Conference Committee
  7. 7. ACORN 2012-2014 Strategic achievements Implemented e-technology options •website upgrade •Variable modes of standards-electronic and hard copy •Webinar education •Facebook and Twitter
  8. 8. ACORN 2012-2014 Strategic achievements Financial Stability •Governance and risk management policies •Financial planning •Achieving not for profit status •Accreditation of courses •Increased corporate memberships
  9. 9. ACORN 2012-2014 Strategic achievements Members have had greater access to •Financial grants •Research scholarship •Currently exploring support for our pacific region nurses offering scholarship's to attend Australian perioperative conferences at local or national level
  10. 10. ACORN 2012-2014 Strategic achievements Strengthened international alliances •New Zealand Perioperative Nurses College – NZPNC •Asian Perioperative Nurse Association – ASIORNA •International Federation of Perioperative Nurses- IFPN
  11. 11. ACORN 2012-2014 Strategic achievements /projects Strengthened strategic alliances •Links with ACHS •Sits on the Council of National Nursing Organisations - CoNNO •Collaborated with RACS – scrubbing, gowning and gloving appendix, SAST project •Participate with ANZCA promoting standards and anaesthetic nursing roles
  12. 12. ACORN 2012-2014 Strategic achievements/projects Strengthened strategic alliances •Board members have participated in reviews of relevant Australian standards and National standards – User applied Labelling of Injectable Medicines, Fluids and Lines •Participated in project to establish the development of professional recognition scheme – credentialing •Participating as a member of the Alliance for sharps safety and needlestick prevention in healthcare
  13. 13. ACORN Standards serve as a reminder or aide- mémoire for our professional practice. help us when advocating for consistency in quality care to ensure best outcomes for all our patients. define us a community - to ourselves, to colleagues, to stakeholders.
  14. 14. ACORN Standards Review Team Formed •Editor •Team leaders •Experts •Stakeholders •Key skills Literature Reviewed •Published •Unpublished •Legislation •AS/NZS •NQSHS* Standard Revised •Review team •Stakeholders •Legal Review •Editor Standard Approved •Standards Committee •ACORN Board National Safety and Quality in Health Service Standards
  15. 15. Structure Process Outcome ACORN Standards Review Board Committee Leads Teams Editor Evidence Recommendations  Rigorous process  Outcome- focused  Evidence-based  Flexible and adaptable recommendations  End-user involvement
  16. 16. Review Leads
  17. 17. Review Leads
  18. 18. Review Teams
  19. 19. Sharps Management •Safe handling •Disposal •Infection risk © Copyright
  20. 20. Manual Handling •Back injury •Repetitive movements © Copyright
  21. 21. Fatigue •Surgical count •Medication safety •Manual handling © Copyright
  22. 22. Electrosurgical Equipment -Surgical fires -Serious injury -Deaths © Copyright
  23. 23. What’s new! •Major revisions –Electrosurgical equipment –Sharps management –Perioperative attire* –OR planning and design –Infection prevention –PNSA •New –Fatigue management* –Sustainable perioperative practice *available later in 2014
  24. 24. Perioperative Nurses Week 2014 National Perioperative Nurses week “12th – 19th October 2014 Allow Perioperative Nurses to celebrate and share their work with the theme “TEAMWORK” “POSTER”
  25. 25. To order your copy of the ACORN Standards visit our new website Follow us on Twitter and Facebook
  26. 26. Questions?