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Prof. Geoff Prince, Australian Mathematical Sciences Institute: The AMSI PhD Industry Internship Model and exploring opportunities to expand on innovative and collaborative partnerships

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Professor Geoff Prince, Director, Australian Mathematical Sciences Institute delivered this presentation at the 2013 Towards Research Excellence conference. In its 3rd year event attendees met under …

Professor Geoff Prince, Director, Australian Mathematical Sciences Institute delivered this presentation at the 2013 Towards Research Excellence conference. In its 3rd year event attendees met under the theme “From Impact to Excellence – An analysis of the challenges confronting the research sector.” From the challenges of refining regulatory frameworks toward research standards to the concepts of measuring real world impact and funding/investment returns, bridging the gap between current research output and productivity whilst securing the long term sustainability of the research workforce, remains a critical priority for securing Australia’s future prosperity. For more information about the annual event, please visit the conference website: http://www.informa.com.au/researchexcellence

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  • 1. The AMSI PhD Industry Internship Model Professor Geoff Prince AMSI Director Towards Research Excellence Conference, 10 December 2013
  • 2. Motivation
  • 3. Motivation “…work-readiness of our PhD students, and the links between industry engagement and national productivity, are critically important matters for this country …The AMSI Intern program is one such shining example.” Prof. Ian Chubb, Chief Scientist of Australia (2013)
  • 4. Definitions An industry partner with an important research project that matches the PhD An academic mentor, normally the PhD supervisor A HDR student working full-time on the project for 4-5 months AMSI Internship
  • 5. Outcomes University-Industry collaboration established Transformative research training experience for student Innovative solution to industry problem
  • 6. Features IP stays with industry partner Student not on the industry payroll IP licensed to university for research and teaching Results can be published Fast contract turnaround
  • 7. Features For a 4 month internship: $3k pm stipend $5k mentor consultancy payment $5k transaction charge (legal, training, etc) State Government assistance may apply R&D tax concessions apply
  • 8. Evidence
  • 9. Evidence IMPACT ON INTERN SKILLS & TRAINING:  95% of interns indicated an increase in their skills and experience level, the main areas being: o Knowledge of their discipline o Ability to conduct research to address private sector needs o Analytical techniques and experimental methods o Critical and creative thinking  Interns gave a 5.7/7 rating (where 1 is none, 4 is moderate, and 7 is high) to the program improving their career prospects
  • 10. Evidence EMPLOYMENT OUTCOMES:  47% of interns who are now in the workforce are employed in the private sector; of these: o 30% are with the company where they interned o 53% are in research-intensive positions o 59% indicated that the internship was important in obtaining their position  16% of all interns were hired by the company where they interned  85% of Canadian interns stayed in Canada; 60% of foreign interns stayed in Canada
  • 11. Evidence IMPACT ON SPONSOR ORGANIZATIONS:  21% of sponsor organizations report hiring one or more interns  Sponsors gave the following average ratings, on a scale of 17 (where 1 is none, 4 is moderate, and 7 is high): o Effectiveness of the internship was in addressing their needs: 5.3 o Impact of the internship in helping address a real business problem: 5.7 o Increase in the knowledge and/or technology base: 5.2 o Increase in R&D capabilities: 5.1
  • 12. Evidence IMPACT ON UNIVERSITY-INDUSTRY COLLABORATIONS: Two-thirds of sponsors and professors reported that the internship facilitated further collaboration between industry and academia
  • 13. Evidence of large organisations and government would 100% return to the intern program; 80% of SMEs would return to the program. of industry partners responded that the 100% university mentor had a positive influence on their intern experience
  • 14. Evidence of mentors regarded the whole experience as >85% positive 60% of mentors identified an improved relationship with industry 100% mentors would participate again
  • 15. Evidence of HDR students agreed that the program >80% better prepared them for employment of students rated the program as enjoyable 100% and worthwhile
  • 16. Recent Internships
  • 17. Recent Internships
  • 18. Recent Internships
  • 19. Recent Internships
  • 20. Recent Internships
  • 21. Contact AMSI Intern Manager: Cate Ballard e: cate@amsi.org.au t: 03 9035 5037 m: 0422 518 465 www.amsiintern.org.au
  • 22. ISSUES FOR THE FUTURE How do we achieve scale? Working efficiently with universities. Surviving in a busy environment. Canadian lessons.
  • 23. QUESTIONS? Prof. Geoff Prince director@amsi.org.au 0407 546 336 (03) 8344 1779