Prof. Denise Kirkpatrick, The University of Adelaide: The Student e-Experience Strategy


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Professor Denise Kirkpatrick, Pro Vice Chancellor (Student Experience), The University of Adelaide delivered this presentation at the inaugural Student Experience conference in 2013. A quality student experience is a critical component when examining the attributes a university offers a prospective student. It is equally as important sector wide, in producing highly educated, well rounded and qualified individuals that make up the future of the national workforce. As a result, it is crucial for universities to assess not only ways they can improve their institution’s student experience but ways they can differentiation themselves in an increasingly competitive marketplace.
Factors that holistically impact student experience include the interconnections between student services, methods of course delivery and the use of technology along with all that this entails. The Inaugural Student Experience Conference will endeavour to address these complex and challenging issues within the context of the evolving Higher Education sector. For more information about the event, please visit the conference website

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Prof. Denise Kirkpatrick, The University of Adelaide: The Student e-Experience Strategy

  1. 1. Creating Virtual Spaces: the i-Hub Professor Denise Kirkpatrick, Pro Vice-Chancellor (Student Experience)
  2. 2. Why the Hub? Why the i-Hub? • Learner & learning at the heart of what we do • Students- the game changer in catalyzing next-gen learning (Milliron, 2012) • The ‘third place’ (Higher Ed in a Web 2.0 world 2009, Oldenburg, 1991) University of Adelaide 2
  3. 3. HUB CENTRAL The Learning Hub Project Transforming Student Experience Co-created with students, for students Life Impact | The University of Adelaide
  4. 4. University of Adelaide 4
  5. 5. Learning Hub Outcomes • Hub Central: the physical “heart” of student life on campus, bringing students back on campus • Co-creation demonstrated the University’s commitment to understanding & responding to what students want & fostered positive working relationships with students University of Adelaide 5
  6. 6. • Continual feedback & review • Changes to facilities & use • Creation of more Hubs around campus and on other sites University of Adelaide What Wall 6
  7. 7. Student e-Experience: The virtual student environment Co-creating a connected digital learning community University of Adelaide 7
  8. 8. Student e-Experience Engaging our students in designing their e-environment for: Administration and Support Business University of Adelaide Social Interactions Learning and Teaching 8
  9. 9. UoA student experience in a digital environment • Strengthen the shift towards a more student-centred University • Improve the student experience • Improve the attraction & retention rates • Engage students & staff in decision making related to the delivery of the student digital experience • Build on success of the Hub University of Adelaide 9
  10. 10. WCET LAAP Project: University of Adelaide 10
  11. 11. Student e-Experience: Spatial Connections Library Cafe Lecture theatres Work placement i-Hub Work Other Tutorial rooms Transport Abroad University of Adelaide Home 11
  12. 12. iHub Stakeholder Input Pro ViceChancellor (Student Experience) Support Services Strategic Working Group Learning and Teaching Strategic Working Group Library Marketing Student Reference Group Prospective Students Alumni Integrated Student e-Experience Current Students Professional Staff Technology Services Student Services Library Student Union University of Adelaide Academic Staff Deputy ViceChancellor & Vice-President (Academic) 12
  13. 13. What our students say • • • • • • More like my life Know me and act as if you do Understand my behaviours & my learning Respond to what you know about me Personalise my environment & resources Use technologies simply & well University of Adelaide 13
  14. 14. Criteria • • • • • • Personalisable Life-long connection Integrated Up-to-date & Updated Push-Pull Device agnostic University of Adelaide 14
  15. 15. Student University e-Experience comprises LMS Counselling Careers Convenient Mentoring Partner Institutions The Hub Resources Student Support Field trips Pracs The Hub Placements Work integrated learning Individual Academics LMS Mentoring University of Adelaide Student Union Clubs & Societies 15
  16. 16. The SeE Strategy  Approved by Council (Dec 2012)  Projects identified  First round of projects 2013 • • • • Learning & Teaching ( 3) Administrative services and Support (2) Student support (2) Business (1)  Round 2 projects 2014 • • • • Learning & Teaching (5) Administrative services and Support (8) Student support (1) Business (2) University of Adelaide 16
  17. 17. MyUni Appearance University of Adelaide 17
  18. 18. Challenges • Maintaining focus on student-experience across diverse but connected technology projects • Competing strategic priorities • Scale • Pace of change • Continuing engagement with students University of Adelaide 18