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Peter Dickson, Linton Estates: A new model for LGBTI retirement villages


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Peter Dickson, Managing Director, Linton Estates delivered this presentation at the 2013 LGBTI Aged Care Forum. The two day event offers a platform for discussion on national policy issues, mental and …

Peter Dickson, Managing Director, Linton Estates delivered this presentation at the 2013 LGBTI Aged Care Forum. The two day event offers a platform for discussion on national policy issues, mental and physical health and implementing sensitive quality care and service delivery.

The forum brings together LGBTI community leaders plus senior researchers on LGBTI issues in the aged and health care sectors, to share perspectives on good practice insights for real needs as well as strategies to build community and sector capacity. For more information about the event, please visit the conference website:

Published in: News & Politics

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  • 1. The Peoples Project
  • 2. BALLAN • With a population of approx. 2700 people it is located in a very central position and is in one of the fastest growing rural corridors of Victoria. • It is 50 minutes to Melbourne and Geelong, 30 minutes to Ballarat and Daylesford the health capital of Victoria, and 14 minutes to Bacchus Marsh. • Within the town there is a supermarket, chemist, banks, post office, 3 hotels, hospital facilities, 7 doctors, as well a a district nurse and a Meals on Wheel service. • The Super Medical Centre has been built and its now fully operational
  • 3. The Most Outstanding Specific Interest Over 50s Housing Project in the World in 2011 Australiasian Over 50‟s Housing Awards Best Special Interest Development Plan for 2010 & 2011
  • 4. The history of every country begins in the heart of a man or woman - Willa Cather (1873-1947) In Romeo and Juliet, Shakespeare wrote, “What‟s in a name?” Apart from basic identification purposes, names provide a wealth of information about who we are and where we‟re from. A key to the past, names can reveal what our ancestors did for work, where they lived, where they came from, or what birth order they held in the family line. The Linton Estate Family history began when Rebecca Tasker married Alexander Maidment Linton in 1890; they had five children Winifred born in 1893, Dorothy in 1895, Bonnie 1897, Lionel 1900 and Reginald in 1903. Reginald married Lizzie Hamilton they had five children, Joan, Sylvia, Lorraine, Dorothy and Valerie. Joan married Max Dickson in 1953. They had two children Lorraine and Peter. Alexander Linton met and married Rebecca Tasker in India where he was with the British Armed Forces. Winifred was born in India. Rebecca and Winifred returned by sea to England when Winifred was one year old, Alexander went overland to England. Dorothy, Connie, Lionel and Reginald where born in England. Alexander died and Rebecca Linton decided to travel to Australia in 1922. Winifred was already in Australia, she had travelled as a companion to General Jess‟s two young boys - she had written to her mother to say Melbourne was a nice place. The family travelled over on the “HMS Benalla” in 1922. They settled in Glenhope on a small farming block west of Kyneton. Reginald Linton married Lizzie Hamilton and they remained there with their three daughters, Joan, Sylvia and Lorraine. They moved to Malmsbury in 1935 so the children would be closer to schooling. Dorothy and Valerie were born in Malmsbury. Reginald Linton was a farmer (cattle & sheep) took an interest in his children‟s schooling and church. The girls were educated at Malmsbury State School and Kyneton High School. Joan joined the CBA Melbourne (Commonwealth Banking Association) Melbourne. Sylvia trained to be a primary school teacher in Bendigo. Lorraine trained to be a Nurse at the Royal Melbourne Hospital. Dorothy trained to be a primary school teacher in Bendigo. Valerie joined CBA Bank then left and became accountant. Joan and Max Dickson met and married in 1953. Lorraine was born 1956. Peter was born 1959. Peter Dickson is the majority share holder and Managing Director of Linton Estate.
  • 5. THE FIRST PREMIER GLBTIQ RESIDENTIAL COMMUNITY IN The WORLD As everyone is aware from the media, the post-war baby boomers have started to retire. They are moving from the large cities and opting for Tree Changes & Sea Changes. With the ageing population on the move to these areas it has raised many issues requirements. How will they be catered for within these areas? Various stages of their retirement have to be planned for such as Independent living, hostel & nursing home care. Plus, within the ageing population there is group of people that, presently, are not catered for namely the GLBTIQ community. Linton Estate is for GLBTIQ people that are able to be themselves. This Residential Village with Aging in Place is giving people another option that presently have not been offered to this community before. Australia celebrates it‟s diversity of cultures, religious beliefs. So Linton Estate will continue that celebration. This safe haven will be tolerant of everyone, so all people are welcome if they respect and accept other peoples sexual choices, religion, race and colour.
  • 6. Jonathon Welch and Matt Jones • Australian of the Year Local Hero, 2008 • ANZAC of the Year - 2008 • RMIT Communicator of the Year, 2008 • St Michael's Medallion Recipient for Services to the Community As I approach my 50th Birthday later this year (2008), there are many thoughts that I reflect on and many things I am aware I have to prepare for in the next decade as I approach retirement. My partner Matt and I, along with hundreds of thousands of other Australians, particularly those in the Gay & Lesbian Community, will be facing the same dilemma of where we can not just retire comfortably, but where we feel we can be with those who are like minded and can live our lives openly as gay men, with dignity and respect, and with those who share the same attitudes and perhaps journey in life. "Linton Estate" will not be just another Retirement Village, it will be a safe place where everyone will be welcome and can live the autumn years of their life - and it is my greatest pleasure to support the concept of Australia's first Retirement Haven for the GLBTI Community - Jonathon Welch
  • 7. Jacqui Halstead and Jonathon Welch and Matt Jones Marian Caldwell • Australian of the Year Local Hero, 2008 • ANZAC of the Year - 2008 • RMIT Communicator of the Year, 2008 • St Michael's Medallion Recipient for Services to the Community Linton Estate is a fabulous development and it will give many people within the GLBTI community an opportunity to retire and share a rich lifestyle with like-minded people. It is classy and unique in that it provides for 21st century needs, catering for couples and singles in a luxurious, yet homely environment. This will perfectly suit our needs and we feel relaxed in the knowledge that we can continue to lead an exciting lifestyle, enriched by good company and plenty of fun! - Jacqui Halstead and Marian Caldwell Jacqui Halstead and Marian Caldwell
  • 8. Lorraine and Jonathon Welch Alan Cochran and Matt Jones • Australian of the Year Local Hero, 2008 • ANZAC of the Year - 2008 • RMIT Communicator of the Year, 2008 • St Michael's Medallion Recipient for Services to the Community As a straight couple we are very excited about this project, it is a wonderful concept and we are happy that it encourages everybody to live together and be happy – no matter what their choice in life is …..a haven for all. We look forward to spending time after we finish work with a collective of people who love life and enjoy their surroundings and want a quality of life that they have worked hard for. It‟s all about the quality of life and the people you surround yourselves with in your later life. For us this is perfect. - Lorraine and Jacqui Halstead Alan Cochran and Marian Caldwell
  • 9. LEASE HOLD ARRANGEMENT Residents will acquire a residence right in the form of a long term lease to occupy a home and use the facilities of the Residential Village in common with other residents for the life of the resident unless the lease is terminated earlier by the resident or because the resident is no longer capable of living in the home or is in breach of the rules and regulations of the Village. Leases will be available for purchase “off the plan” or on completion of the village. If purchasing off the plan, the purchaser will pay a deposit and enter into an Agreement for Lease with the operator which commits both parties to enter into a lease of the villa unit which commences on completion of the Village. In return for the grant of the lease for life, residents will pay: • an ingoing contribution incorporating non-refundable (lease premium); • a deferred management fee; • the usual service charges and contribution to the maintenance of the village. The lease will set out the obligations of the operator to properly operate the village and provide the agree services together with the resident‟s obligations in relation to occupancy of the villa unit and the use of the village facilities.
  • 10. “We‟re not just building structures, we‟re building partnerships”
  • 11. PARTNERSHIPS CES – Phone/Nurse call systems Nubian – Grey Water System Barry Plant Real Estate Headed by Yarraville Office Belgravia – IT System IMG Group
  • 12. Everyone that is working on the project is contributing to the heart and soul of Linton Estate. Helping to creates its WOW factor and assisting with making it sustainable.
  • 13. Linton Estate is named after my mother, and the designs are named after the five Linton Girls. „Linton Girls Home Designs‟ named after Joan (my mother) and her sisters Sylvia, Lorraine, Dorothy and Val.
  • 14. THE DEVELOPMENT WILL COMPRISE OF: • 120 single storey independent living units - Environment friendly (grey water systems, solar HWS, solar panels) - Landscaped front and back gardens • Single storey resident‟s centre - Main office - Library/Private Lounge/Games room - Consulting/Meeting rooms - Business Centre - Beautician/Hairdresser/Masseuse - Shop/Bar/Café/Restaurant - Lounge area (with Piano) - Inside Pool, Spa, Gymnasium, Dry Sauna - Boardroom/Special Function Room - Multi Purpose Room - Open Area theatre -Marquee Area for large special functions • Ongoing professional management - 24/7 emergency system - Village mini bus - Tennis Court - Bowling Green - Arts and Crafts Room - Caravan & boat storage area - Croquet green - Workshop - Storm water creek & lake area - Walking track - Residents, staff and visitor parking area - Community BBQ‟s around the lake & creek area - Entrance Gates close at night and reopen in the morning - Solar Street Light
  • 15. POINTS OF DIFFERENCE: • Wireless throughout complex • Smart TVs in homes - 10 Linton Estate private TV channels - What is happening at Linton Estate (instead of newsletter) - Schedules - Maintenance - Community Plus times • Manager is a nurse • Sensors - Gas and Water in regards to peoples homes (there will be the standard smoke detectors) • The Home Specifications Standards – Ducted vac systems, solar panels, A Grade grey water, fittings and fixtures (list goes on)
  • 16. The Site Plan
  • 17. Site Plan: STAGES Stage 1 - 27 homes Stage 2 - 23 homes Stage 3 - 25 homes Stage 4 - 25 homes Stage 5 - 20 homes Total 120 Homes (Note 1 Home is the managers)
  • 18. The Community Centre Points of Difference
  • 19. - Conference Room - Professional Suites - Pool, Spa and Gymnasium - Wet and Dry Sauna - Games/Library/Private Lounge room - In door movie theatre - Outdoor theatre - Unisex toilets and change areas - Tourism and Information Centre - Night Nurse area in main building - Open Air Events Area - Outreach Adult Learning Centre - Beauty & Day Spa Centre - Restaurant, Café and Bar
  • 20. Floor Plan COMMUNITY CENTRE
  • 21. 3D Elevations COMMUNITY CENTRE
  • 22. 3D Elevations COMMUNITY CENTRE
  • 23. 3D Elevations COMMUNITY CENTRE
  • 24. 3D Elevations COMMUNITY CENTRE
  • 25. Driving Force Behind Linton Estate Project • • • • • The changing face of society Living Longer People know what they want People want to Age in Place And Little Old Me ….. Encouragement • • • • • GLBTIQ Community Family Friends Academics Consultants on the project
  • 26. Where is Linton Estate at the Moment? All the Hard Work Has Been Done ….. Just a Few more Boxes to Tick Off Business Plan - Revision Legal Support Finance Plans – VCAT Requirements - Revision
  • 27. What Research has been done behind Linton Estate ? - Academic Research Reports - Active Research - Investigated Current Services
  • 28. Why Retirement Living is NOT WORKING ? No Flexibility GET IT JUST WAIT THE ANSWER IS COMING SOON
  • 29. The NEW Model Linton Estate has Created Point of Difference Flexibility Systems
  • 30. CareSys Belgravia Health & Care A complete software solution for the Retirement Industry. Manage your retirement village and aged care facility from idea to operations Lifestyle & Care Management • Person Centred Care • Assessments & care plans • Portable care plans Client Experience • Client billing • Comprehensive Security • Risk and incident management Asset Management • Project based • Worksafe requirements • Periodic and adhoc maintenance • Sales & Purchase Ledgers Staff Experience • Rostering • Skills and experience • Task management • Mobile devices
  • 31. Re invent the future …… - Working together - We all have started - Creating alternatives/standards/procedures (Rainbow Tick) - Reviewing standards Independent Living Nursing Homes General Hospitals Retirement Village Industry - Spell it out to the industry - Involving the society - Lobby Governments eg Research
  • 32. The Future Start‟s Today