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Peggy MacTavish, Australian Association for Unmanned Systems - UAV utilisation in Northern Australia


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Peggy MacTavish, Executive Director, Australian Association for Unmanned Systems delivered this presentation at the inaugural Northern Australia Defence Summit. Bringing together key figures from the …

Peggy MacTavish, Executive Director, Australian Association for Unmanned Systems delivered this presentation at the inaugural Northern Australia Defence Summit. Bringing together key figures from the NT Government, senior military figures, and senior industry representatives, this conference is all about the continuing development and support of Defence in the Top End.

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Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. Australia Association for Unmanned Systems AAUS
  • 2. AAUS Geopolitical Position Air 7000 Acquisition Military to Civilian Search & Rescue Adoption Path CASA
  • 3. AAUS Military to Civilian Northrop Grumman – Global Hawk InsituPacific – Scan Eagle General Atomics – Reaper (Predator) Aerosonde - Aerosonde
  • 4. Geopolitical Position of Australia Largest Border perimeter globally Coordination between Defence & Border Protection Services Testing Geographic Advantage South East Asia
  • 5. Border Protection Situational Awareness Persistent secure barrier Live information Reduce Risk to personnel Reduce collateral damage Defence Capability
  • 6. Nano Systems Size Matters 15 to 60 grams This includes: Payload Structure Propulsion Processing Internal Sensors Digital Data links
  • 7. Nanocopter Less than 1 kg 200 x 85 x 50 mm Rotor span 120 mm Speed 10 m/s Endurance up to 25 minutes GPS or Visual navigation Autopilot, Hover & Stare Auto Search Patterns Preplanned Routes Live Video & Snap Shot
  • 8. Nano Systems Hand held visuals
  • 9. Defence Border Protection Safety Operators Employing State-of-the-Art Technology
  • 10. Unmanned System Applications • Northern Threat • Combined defence portfolio • Australian capability • Dual purpose - Defence, Customs & Border Protection • Land & Sea deployment • Military applications – Terrestrial, Aviation/Aerospace & Maritime • Army – Ground – Aviation • Air Force – Aviation • Navy – Aviation, Maritime
  • 11. Advantages • Manned systems subject to fatigue • Large distance coverage • Advanced on-board technology • Risk Mitigation • Human factors • System failure • Collision • Threat determination • All equal cost savings – human & economic
  • 12. Search & Rescue Remote Location of People Safety to Pilots – Haze, Fog, Fire, Smoke, Wind, Rain, Fatigue, Fuel Extended Search capabilities of UAS Light weight, easily deployed
  • 13. Search & Rescue COST effective - Manned vs Unmanned Economic & Human Cost
  • 14. Disaster Management Aftermath of natural disaster Rotary-wing used - Cyclones, Christchurch earthquake Japan’s post-tsunami nuclear disaster Equipped with sensors – Radiation, Infrared Thermometers GPS locational pin point accuracy
  • 15. Civil Aviation Safety Authority CASA Group A: 0-2 Kgs – Low Kinetic Energy, VLOS non-populated areas, below 400ft Group B : 2-7 Kgs – Airworthiness must be conducted Group C: 7-20 Kgs – Greater risk assessment & UOC required Group D: > 20 Kgs – Training license, UOC Risk assessment
  • 16. Civil Aviation Safety Authority CASA Standard (default) Conditions VLOS, Below 400ft, Not over populous areas, Day Visual Meteorological Conditions (VMC), Outside of control airspace (OCTA), No greater than 3NM from an aerodrome, any deviation from these criteria requires risk assessment. SES deployment authority to operate outside of Standard Conditions Immediate area approval in Emergencies Defined applications within CASR Part 101 regulations Ability to affected Public Safety and ensure Operator Safety
  • 17. Privacy Concerns Currently the law governs the use for Government & Industry but there is a gap with respect to unmanned systems if used as or deemed as a surveillance device, with intent or with reckless disregard Federal Privacy Act currently does not cover activities of Individuals using surveillance devices Federal and State legislators must review and work in coordination with entities such as AAUS to ensure legislation is created that reflects reality
  • 18. Privacy Concerns In the hands of private citizens – CASA governs use over 2 kilos in public air space and under that weight it is deemed hobbyist and restricted to defined aerodromes and unpopulated areas Subject to the law – Privacy and CASA Civil Libertarians & Human Rights Commission are working in coordination with AAUS to define the use of unmanned systems in legal commercial activities.
  • 19. Thank you Questions