Mark Burgess, Police Federation of Australia - Keynote Address


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Mark Burgess, Chief Executive Officer, Police Federation of Australia delivered the presentation at the 2014 Police Technology Forum.

The Police Technology Forum 2014 seeks to address technology innovation, evolution and development within Australia’s law enforcement industry.

In two days, a panel of experts gather to examine opportunities, initiatives and issues facing organisations both in front line policing as well as in wider law enforcement industry, including transport, border protection and surveillance.

For more information about the event, please visit:

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Mark Burgess, Police Federation of Australia - Keynote Address

  1. 1. Police Federation of Australia Police Technology Forum 13 March 2014
  2. 2. Police Technology Forum “…mobile broadband would achieve a more timely assessment of incidents, more effective command, control and co- ordination of activities, faster and more appropriate response to incidents that will lead to a more productive use of resources and improved personal safety”.
  3. 3. Police Technology Forum “…the total economic cost of natural disasters in Australia averages $6.3 billion per year and that this is expected to double by 2030 and get to approximately $25 billion by 2050. In the past five years natural disasters have also claimed more than 200 lives and devastated hundreds of thousands of Australians and their communities”.
  4. 4. Police Technology Forum Of the costs of disasters to governments, 80% falls to the federal government. Currently Australia spends $1 on pre- disaster measures and $10 on post- disaster recovery.
  5. 5. Police Technology Forum “every dollar spent on public safety returns $5 to the community”.
  6. 6. Police Technology Forum “The Government acknowledges most existing disaster funding models are weighted towards response and recovery, with a focus on immediate humanitarian and economic relief and restoration of infrastructure to its previous standard – instead of longer-term resilience”.
  7. 7. Police Technology Forum That the Commonwealth Government allocate sufficient spectrum for dedicated broadband public protection and disaster relief (PPDR) radiocommunications in Australia.
  8. 8. Police Technology Forum a minimum 20MHz should be allocated to public safety in either the 700 or 800 MHz band.
  9. 9. Police Technology Forum “Your party’s commitment to provide a minimum of 20 MHz of the 700 or 800 MHz band spectrum for a dedicated mobile broadband network for Australia’s public safety agencies so that inter-operable communications become a reality across the nation”.
  10. 10. Police Technology forum “If elected, a Coalition government will conduct a rigorous cost-benefit analysis into the question of emergency services wireless communications and consider the most cost effective means of upgrading Australia’s law enforcement and emergency services mobile broadband network
  11. 11. Police Technology Forum The Coalition will continue to carefully investigate this issue and seek to weigh the various competing public interests in consultation with stakeholders and State and Territory Governments.”
  12. 12. Police Technology Forum On a social cost-benefit basis the benefits of assigning broadband spectrum to dedicated PPDR services on an exclusive basis far outweigh the costs as measured by opportunity cost
  13. 13. Police Technology Forum There is justification on a cost-benefit basis for allocating the spectrum that is considered sufficient for national needs. In all cases the cost-benefit analysis seems to support a case for up to 20MHz and in every case except Singapore up to 30MHz if necessary.
  14. 14. Police Technology Forum The decision would need to be based upon a realistic assessment in each country of what contribution broadband would make to reducing the risk of loss
  15. 15. Police Technology Forum On a cost-benefit basis the opportunity cost is insufficient to justify market-based assignments of spectrum for PPDR purposes.
  16. 16. Police Technology Forum Thank you