Judith Day and Eddie Harrison   simplicity from complexity
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Judith Day and Eddie Harrison simplicity from complexity



Judith Day and Eddie Harrison delivered the presentation at the 2013 eHealth Interoperability Conference. ...

Judith Day and Eddie Harrison delivered the presentation at the 2013 eHealth Interoperability Conference.

The 2013 eHealth Interoperability Conference program is a balance between updates on state-wide interoperability projects, health service eHealth project case studies, and discussions of overarching principles such as information governance, data standardisation, and the future direction of eHealth in Australasia.

For more information about the event, please visit: http://www.informa.com.au/eHealth13



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Judith Day and Eddie Harrison simplicity from complexity Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Simplicity From Complexity Judith Day [CFO/CIO] Eddie Harrison [Director Information Services] Conflict of Interest? Cabrini is client of CSC No personal commercial relationship with CSC in any form Simplicity from Complexity
  • 2. Cabrini Health • Founded in 1948 by Mother Cabrini • Owned by the Missionary Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus • Not-for-profit Public Benevolent Institution Simplicity from Complexity
  • 3. About Cabrini Health • 832 beds – 6 campuses • 1,200 accredited specialists – majority of work done by <500 • 4,000 staff • 75,000 episodes of care annually • 23,000 ED attendances • 44,000 surgical operations • In house pathology, radiology & pharmacy Simplicity from Complexity
  • 4. Patient Doctor Allied Health Admin Nurse Simplicity from Complexity
  • 5. • Electronic Medical Record • Electronic Discharge Summary The Ultimate Goal Simplicity from Complexity
  • 6. Pharmacy system electronic Clinical results Community Care mobility, Nursing workflow Order Entry Clinical Viewer Electronic Medication Management, RFID, bar-coding Clinical Decision Support Electronic Medical Record deployment Electronic Medical Record plan 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Electronic Medical Record Electronic Medical Record Clinical and Doctor empowerment via mobile devices at the point of care Ref: US Model 7 stages, Appendix B
  • 7. • PAS system • Phillips monitoring equipment – central server • PACS system for radiology • PACS system for cardiology • RIS for reports • Pathology system which is SAAS • How will we integrate all this data? Simplicity from Complexity Problem 1….so many systems
  • 8. • Reluctant to change unless value to self and patients is clear • Limited electronic capture of medical information • We have a paper based medical record • Limited budgets and competitive pressures Simplicity from Complexity Problem 2…. How do we engage VMOs
  • 9. • Limited space in the wards for IT infrastructure • How will VMOs access from offsite? • VMOs practise at other hospitals as well. How do we make it simple? Simplicity from Complexity Problem 3…. Build it and they will come?
  • 10. Our approach • Make it easier for doctors to care for patients • Instead of imposing on medical staff we wanted to support them • Provide tangible benefits • Design a system that is simple, easy to use and that makes life better • Flexible, incremental roll-out • Get it right then see what users want next • First - design a way to link clinical results to the patient record • Avoid high cost, high complexity and high risk solutions Simplicity from Complexity
  • 11. An opportunity appears • iPad launched • Rapid uptake • Why not let the doctors buy the hardware and we concentrate on software and network? • Focus on the interface Simplicity from Complexity
  • 12. Interface design.. Engaged with Cabrini Medical Director • What were the key issues he had when he was a VMO? • Each day he would arrive at the hospital and get his patient list • Go to the ward and try to find the medical record • Look for printed results – hope they are there. • If not there, need to access multiple systems for pathology and radiology • Need to call theatre for sessions and bookings He was defining the interface Simplicity from Complexity
  • 13. • Engaged with iSoft (now CSC) to develop a system • Began internal HL7 interface work using eGate • Worked with PACs vendors to build interfaces • Worked with RIS vendor to build interfaces • Worked with Pathology SAAS vendor • Worked with Phillips • Agile development cycle with Cabrini medical director reviewing at each stage • Engaged a few VMOs to test , trial and champion Simplicity from Complexity Integration work
  • 14. WHAT IT DOES Mobile Patient Information System Simplicity from Complexity
  • 15. One function per screen CSC Mobility Suite CSC Mobility Suite Simplicity from Complexity
  • 16. Call up patient list at start of round Simplicity from Complexity
  • 17. Review results - biochemistry Simplicity from Complexity
  • 18. Review results - CT Simplicity from Complexity
  • 19. Patient details Simplicity from Complexity
  • 20. Emergency Dept. Simplicity from Complexity
  • 21. Other screens we use Simplicity from Complexity
  • 22. RESULTS May 2011 – July 2012 •Go-live May 2011 •Enthusiastic response •June 2013 – 450 users •Doctors supply their own device •Most results now viewed via iPad Simplicity from Complexity
  • 23. • No additional resources required • Some doctors need advice on configuring iPad • No training manual or sessions needed Support required Simplicity from Complexity
  • 24. • CPOE – pathology test ordering • CPOE – radiology test ordering Further developments
  • 25. • Integration with MedChart - ePrescribing Further developments
  • 26. Further developments - Observations Simplicity from Complexity
  • 27. “ I have to say that this Clinical Viewer (CSC Mobility Suite), is quite simply the best IT development that I have ever seen anywhere in healthcare.” Cabrini Anesthetist Simplicity from Complexity