Jessie Lopez & Jonathan Leschinski - Bareport


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Jessie Lopez & Jonathan Leschinski delivered the presentation at 2014 Student Housing Forum.

The 5th annual Student Housing Forum brought together university planners and managers with designers and student accommodation experts to look at the ways in which universities can provide distinctive, affordable, secure, supportive and inclusive campus living. It examined the features that distinguish best practice, considers the challenges for supply and affordability and beyond that explores the ways in which student accommodation goes beyond a residence to an environment that offers the best campus experience.

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Jessie Lopez & Jonathan Leschinski - Bareport

  1. 1. ▲▲ BAREPORT The Melbourne Student & Youth Housing Co-operative Affordable, intercultural, community-focussed living for youth and students
  2. 2. VISION To create a not-for-profit housing co-operative in Melbourne that offers affordable community-focused living for students and young people. The Co-op will cater to Melbourne’s young multicultural population by facilitating cross-cultural integration. Bareport will address the lack of affordable living options while providing youth with personal development opportunities and adding value to the surrounding community.
  3. 3. GOALS 1. Create a living environment centred around ideals of community, collaboration and sustainability. 2. Operate in a participatory and democratic way that ensures member empowerment and encourages member responsibility. 3. Be recognised as an inclusive and diverse community that fosters personal growth. 4. Provide residents with unmatched housing affordability and security. 5. Provide youth with short-term and/or emergency accomodation.
  4. 4. STUDENT HOUSING CO-OPS ● The Berkeley Student Cooperative (est. 1933) in California USA has 1300 students living in 17 houses and 3 apartment complexes
  5. 5. SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA STUCCO est. 1982 ● Australia’s first self-managed, not-for-profit student housing co-operative ● Pioneered by USyd staff & students ● Currently, $73 p/wk in Newtown ● Re-purposed glass factory ● Initial funding was provided by the USyd and the NSW Department of Housing
  6. 6. CANBERRA, AUSTRALIA CSHC est. 2009 ● Began with one unit within the Havelock House government supported housing complex ● Now, five units accommodating 29 residents ● Vegetable gardens, workshops, social events open to the wider community ● $150 p/wk in Braddon
  7. 7. SO FAR.. ● Define Vision and Goals ● Outreach ● First meeting of interested youth & students ● Meeting and correspondence with other interested groups ● Feasibility study ● Business proposal
  8. 8. OUR NEXT STEPS & CHALLENGES ● Engage with local councils, educational institutions and other community-minded organisations ● Registration of Co-op ● Location ● Funding
  9. 9. THE ROAD AHEAD ● Bareport recognises the many difficulties of Melbourne’s diverse student and youth populations encounter ● We are driven to create a holistic solution to their living and wellbeing needs.
  10. 10. Comments, Questions, Feedback? Current vision and goals THANKS!