Specialist CASE STUDY: Improvements at the Royal Victorian Eye & Ear Hospital


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Jane Habgood Nurse Unit Manager Preadmission from the Royal Victorian Eye & Ear Hospital delivered this presentation at the 2012 Elective Surgery Redesign Conference. For more information about our wide range of medical and health events covering a broad range of industry issues, please visit www.healthcareconferences.com.au

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Specialist CASE STUDY: Improvements at the Royal Victorian Eye & Ear Hospital

  1. 1. Date Short subtitle heading Presenter name / Presenter title Date Short subtitle heading Date Surgical Assessment Centre (SAC) Jane Habgood
  2. 2.  We are a teaching and research hospital specialising in Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat surgery  Founded 1863 – More than 140 years continuous service to the Victorian community  One of about thirty hospitals world-wide devoted exclusively to diseases of the eye, ear, nose and throat Our History
  3. 3.  One of fifteen Metropolitan Health Services  Provide State-wide specialist Health Services  A busy hospital providing elective & emergency services • 46,000 Emergency Department attendances • 13,500 Operations • 175,000 Outpatient appointments Our Services
  4. 4. Hospital Layout Operating Theatre Suite & SPC Day Surgery Short Stay Care Centre Pre-admission Medihotel Ward 8 / Bed Management Admissions GF 3rd 4th 6th 7th 8th Basement Entrance Smorgon Family Wing Peter Howson Wing ENT outpatient General eye outpatient Special eye outpatient SAC 3rd GF 1st 5th Surgical Bookings
  5. 5.  With redevelopment of ED the SAC process was reviewed.  A Project Team mapped the current SAC patient flow & process.  The aim was to develop a patient centred care approach that would reduce delays at all stages of the process.  Better understanding of patient flow, bottlenecks and constraints allowed a new surgical assessment process to be implemented. Background
  6. 6.  Check consents are complete.  Check Health Questionnaire complete.  Identify which pre-admission clinic the patient attends  Send Category 1 patients to pre-admission clinic  Give Category 2 patients pre-admission appointments  Explain waiting times for all categories Previous Role of SAC Nurse Surgical Assessment Centre (SAC)
  7. 7.  Increased appointment time due the patient having to attend SAC Disadvantages  Location and staffing  Patients reading or taking their Medical History home
  8. 8. Outpatients SAC Home Outpatients SAC Pre- Admission Home Patient Journey
  9. 9.  Streamline process of patient referral for surgery  Improve patient experience using a more patient centred approach  Reduce risk of patient reading or taking their Medical History home  Reduce appointment times Project Aims
  10. 10. Changes  checks consents are completed  gives Health Questionnaire to complete and post back & stamps consent to confirm it was given  sends Cat. 1 patients direct to Pre-Admission  sends Medical History to Surgical Bookings Outpatients Clerk Surgical Bookings.  Registers patient on the waiting list  sends Medical History to triage Nurse in Pre-Admission
  11. 11. Triage (SAC) Nurse in Pre-Admission Dept.  checks and files the returned Health Questionnaire into Medical History  follows up any outstanding Health Questionnaires  allocates Pre-Admission clinics and appointments for Cat. 2 patients  attends VRU Outpatient clinics and pre-admits any Cat. 1 patients Changes
  12. 12. Outcomes No Metric / KPI Baseline Post Go-Live Evaluation 1 Transfer of Patient Histories to SBU 2 x daily 2 x daily good 2 % questionnaires returned within 2 weeks no baseline 85-87% good 3 Number of consents stamped in OPD no baseline 90% good 4 Histories going to HIS and not to SBU 0-2 /week 4-5 /week poor 5 Length of combined appointment time 150 mins 130 mins good 6 % Cat. 1 patients not pre- admitted on day of consent 0% 0% good
  13. 13. New Patient Journey Outpatients Home Outpatients Pre-Ad Home Cat. 1 All others
  14. 14. Outcomes
  15. 15. Any questions?