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Helen Thomas - Department of State Development - South Australia’s land access policies and developments

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Helen Thomas delivered the presentation at the 2014 Land Access Forum. …

Helen Thomas delivered the presentation at the 2014 Land Access Forum.

The 5th annual Land Access Forum brought together Government departments, coal, CSG, UCG mining and exploration companies, mining and petroleum industry associations, landholders, law firms and consultants to discuss the new and emerging regulatory reforms, practicalities, challenges, and future directions of land access.

For more information about the event, please visit: http://bit.ly/landaccess14

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  • 1. South AustraliaMinerals Land Access Policy Developments Presented by: Helen Thomas Director, Resource Land Access Strategy Land Access Forum, Brisbane, 27 August 2014
  • 2. Sustainable Exploration and Mining World Class Regulatory Systems One Stop Shop Approvals Commitment to Multiple Land Use Community Confidence
  • 3. South Australian Mining Industry Dimensions (July 2014) Mineral Tenements •Mining Leases (ML’s) 866 •Extractive ML’s (EML’s) 655 •Private Mines (PM’s) 235 •Major Operating Mines~20 •Opal Mining Claims 391 •Advanced Mineral Projects~30 •Former Mines3500 Commodities mined •copper, gold, coal, iron ore, zinc, lead, silver, uranium, heavy mineral sands •Industrial Minerals -salt, silica sand, gypsum •Extractives, dimension stone, opal & other gemstones, Mining Methods: open cut, underground, in-situ recovery Processing Methods: flotation, carbon in pulp, crushing and screening, cyanide leaching, ion exchange, magnetic separation, salt harvesting, solvent extractionMiddlebackRanges iron ore operations (courtesy ArriumMining)
  • 4. Mineral Exploration
  • 5. Leading Practice Regulatory Framework Mining Act 1971 Regulation & Compliance Social License Economic Growth Environmental Excellence • Mining Act 1971 amended on 1 July 2011 • COAG Principles for Leading Practice Regulation in Australia • Triple Bottom Line assessment • Sustainable legislation • Effective consultation with stakeholders • Proportionate government actions • Performance-based Regulation • Adaptable to individual mine sites to ensure “fit for purpose” regulation • Focus on what should be achieved (outcomes) not how it should be achieved – only outcomes and measurement criteria are approved • Stakeholder input is critical to setting outcomes • Assess capability to achieve outcomes (management systems)
  • 6. Department of State Development Minerals Regulatory Policy Regulatory Principles •Effective and Efficient •Accountability •Enforcement •Engagement
  • 7. DSD RegulationValue ChainLandowner Interactions DSDAssessment •Exploration PEPR •Inspections •Compliance Reports •Mining PEPR •Ongoing Inspections •Annual Compliance Reports One Stop Shop -Whole of Government Approach, Information, Tenement Management, Case Management, Land Access Other Assessment & Regulation •Enforcement Tools –Directions / Penalties •Rehabilitation Bonds •Liability InsuranceLeading Practice Regulatory Framework, Mining Act 1971Environmental Assessment, Social Licenceand Economic GrowthExploration Regulation Environment Protection Act 1993, Radiation Protection and Control Act 1982, Natural Resources Management Act 2004, Native Vegetation Act 1991, Native Title Act 1993, Aboriginal Heritage Act 1988, Mines and Works Inspection Act 1920, Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999, National Parks and Wildlife Act 1972 Mining RegulationMine Development Environmental Assessment Exploration Environmental Assessment •Exploration Program •DSD Assessment Process •Public notice •LicenceConditions / PEPRInformation •Mining Lease Proposal •Public Consultation on Mining Proposal •DSD Assessment Process •Lease Conditions / PEPR •Ongoing Communication •Notice of Entry •Declared Equipment •Waivers •Access Agreements •Compensation •Native Title •Stakeholder Identification •Stakeholder Engagement •Development of Mining Proposal •Ongoing Project Engagement
  • 8. Leading Practice RegulatoryFramework
  • 9. Leading Practice RegulatoryFramework
  • 10. Resource Land Access Strategy
  • 11. COAG Multiple Land Use Framework
  • 12. Extractives IndustryResource Area Management and PlanningProgram Objectives: •Identify and address key interface issues relating to urban development and the extractive industries. •Informed land use planning decision makingKey Stakeholders: •Cement, Concrete & Aggregates Australia, SACOME, the Urban Development Institute of Australia and the Local Government AssociationStatus: •Report released in July 2014 •Developing implementation roadmap
  • 13. Eyre Peninsula Land Use Support Program
  • 14. Eyre Peninsula Land Use Support ProgramProgram Objectives: •Shared commitment to multiple land use •Build capacity of Eyre Peninsula communities, farming businesses and local industries •Provide tools and support to fully understand and realise the opportunities for agribusiness by working collaboratively with the explorers and mine developers •Knowledge and understanding for landowners to effectively participate in the land access negotiation process. http://www.pir.sa.gov.au/eplus
  • 15. 15Future Farm Landscape WorkshopsTargeted workshops to assist potentially impacted landholders to assess the overall impact of exploration and mining on their sustainability and identify the opportunities for their farming business. Landholders will be provided with an aerial map of their property and guided through identifying profitability (H/L/M) across their farm landscape and risk areas (H/L/M) . This is then overlaid with potential impacts from exploration, mining or associated infrastructure to determine priority actions required to ensure long-term viability of the enterprise.
  • 16. Land Access Community Engagement Program • Resources & Energy Group Stakeholder Engagement Framework • Community Landholder Workshops • Field Days • Premier’s Community Excellence Awards in Mining and Energy • Local Government workshops • Booklet “Understanding Mineral Exploration” & “Understanding Dryland Farming”
  • 17. THANK YOU! Helen Thomas Director, Resource Land Access Strategy Branch Department of State Development