Felipe Ong - BS&B SAFETY SYSTEMS, ASIA PACIFIC - Upgrading an old plant with new equipment for better prevention


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Felipe Ong delivered the presentation at the 2014 Dust Explosions Conference.

The 2014 Dust Explosions Conference examined industrial hazards, the means to control or eliminate dust and analysed the latest technology to ensure the maximum protection and safety of organizations. The event also featured recent industrial case studies and new safety recommendations.

For more information about the event, please visit: http://www.informa.com.au/dust14

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Felipe Ong - BS&B SAFETY SYSTEMS, ASIA PACIFIC - Upgrading an old plant with new equipment for better prevention

  1. 1. Upgrading of Old Plant to new Equipment to mitigate Dust Explosion Risk! Present by Felipe Ong, Asia Pacific Product Manager, BS&B Safety Systems (AP) Pte Ltd Tel: +65 6513 9780 (office) / +65 9829 0345 (Mobile) Email: felipe.ong@bsb.com.sg website @ www.bsbipd.com Vented Dust Explosion: 6 pounds of Corn Starch ignited in a 100 cubic foot test vessel
  2. 2. 2 Brief Introduction of BS&B • BS&B Safety Systems: • Founded in 1931; – the originator of Rupture Disks & Explosion Vents – Leader in Pressure Relief Technology • Head Quarters in Tulsa, Oklahoma with Mfg Facilities in Tulsa, Minneapolis, Ireland, Brazil, Canada, Mexico, India & China. • Support Network Hubs in Singapore (AP), China (Shanghai), UK (EMA), Germany, Holland, Japan, US , Brazil with worldwide representation. • Explosion Prevention & Protection Technology combines the expertise of BS&B and IPD (Industrial Protection Devices – FM approval), from their Tulsa & Minneapolis, USA Manufacturing and Test locations. IPD is a 100% Affiliate company of BS&B. • Our technologies encompasses: Explosion Venting, Explosion Suppression, Explosion Isolation, Sparks detection & Extinguishing System, Dust Testing, Site Safety Audits.
  3. 3. BS&B Corporate Video
  4. 4. UR WORLDWIDE PRESENCE Edmonton, Canada Tulsa, OK Monterey, Mexico Sao Paolo, Brazil Limerick, Ireland Chennai, India Tokyo, Japan Suzhou, China Moscow, Russia Singapore Manchester, UK Factory cum sales office Sales office Shanghai, China Abu Dhabi, UAE Minneapolis Our Global Presence!
  5. 5. The Case. Centralised De-Dusting Unit protected with Indoor direct Venting (OEM made membrane) & no provision of Explosion Isolation Devices OEM made Membrane No Isolation at inlet No Isolation at outlet
  6. 6. The consequences - Risk of Building Failure! Direct Venting will create Pressure Wave along with Fire Ball. In front of the intended Vent path, there is a wall with a stairway behind! In the event of the Vent activation, the pressure wave generated will cause Building failure! Deduster Equipment Pressure wave along with fire Ball may cause building failure And this may lead to Secondary Explosion! Direct Venting
  7. 7. Risk of Explosion Propagation through Interconnected Duct Flame Propagation Through interconnected duct
  8. 8. Option 1. To construct a Vent duct to lead the pressure pulse & flame ball Outside! Add Isolation at inlet & outlet duct! Issues: 1. The ceiling height is very high. 2. There is a bend of the duct. 3. Vent area need to be increased considering the effect of the vent duct. 4. The Duct may need to be protected as well! This option is not viable! Solution Options
  9. 9. Option 2. Protect by Flameless Vent. & add Explosion Isolation on inlet & outlet! Solution Options
  10. 10. Inlet Outlet Option 3. Convert to Suppression & Chemical Isolation System! Benefit. 1. Easiest to retrofit. 1. No civil work involved. protection! 3. Offer highest level of protection! Solution Options
  11. 11. Cost & Technologies comparison of available options. Technology Budgetary Remark Flameless Vent Chemical Isolation 18K 15K Total 33K Retrofit cost – higher. Protection level – moderate. Post fire risk! Long down time! Suppression System & Chemical Isolation. 25K Retrofit cost – lowest Offer highest level of Protection! Recommended Option!
  12. 12. Project Implementation. 1. New mounting plate was created to match the exact of the existing membrane frame – this is use to house the sensor and the suppressing cannon. No hot work was required on the De- duster equipment. 2. An extra section of the duct was fabricated to house the bracket for mounting the isolation cannons on the inlet & outlet duct of the de-duster unit. 3. Mechanical retrofit job was carried out and complete with a day and new suppression system was commissioned and turn on the following day. 4. We’ve complete this project within 2 days (Even though we were given 4 days to do so!) 5. Gain of production for 2 days actually cover the cost of this investment!
  13. 13. 13 Problem- Indoor Venting with OEM Made Membrane Solution: Apply Suppression Protection Technology
  14. 14. 14 Problems: No isolation on inlet & outlet Ducts Solution: Chemical Isolation Barrier Installed together with Suppression Systems.
  15. 15. Protection Options
  16. 16. Other Plants upgrade projects we’ve carried out! Outdoor silo / Dust collector protected by Explosion Vent EFBD protected by Suppression System Indoor Dust filter / silo protected by Flameless Vent Dust Collector protected by Suppression system
  17. 17. Questions? Thanks you very much for your kind attention! For further information, please visit our website www.bsbipd.com Or contact: Felipe Ong Product Manager, Asia Pacific BS&B Safety Systems (AP) Pte Ltd 123 Penang Road, Regency House Singapore 238465. T: +65 6513 9780. F: +65 6484 3711 M: +65 9829 0345 E: felipe.ong@bsb.com.sg W: www.bsbipd.com Or our local Agent: HMA - POGC Jeremy Moore Product Manager – BS&B T: +61 2 9428 7322 | F: +61 2 9428 7399 | M: +61 488 726 088 E: jmoore@hmagroup.com.au | W: www.hmagroup.com.au