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delivered this presentation at the 2012 WA Transport Infrastructure Summit in Perth. For more information on the upcoming event, please visit

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Collene longmore

  1. 1. Pilbara spotlightInfrastructure Australia’s report to COAG in June 2011.“The further development of the Pilbara is a vital initiative for thenation. The opportunity for industry, and the Australian, State andlocal governments to work to increase the wealth created from thisregion cannot be missed. It is clear that the development of majorinfrastructure, particularly ports, transport and freight corridors andenergy and water to support this growth requires a holisticresponse”.
  2. 2. Pilbara SpotlightPilbara in Context
  3. 3. • $4.9billion in royalties• Earnings vs GDP = $71b represents:o 6% of Australias total GDPo 51% of New Zealand’s GDPo Greater than the individual GDPof 104 of the world’s 184nations• Resources industry exports$100billion for first time• Employment in the sector ⇑ 100,000• $135billion resource projectscommitted or under consideration inthe Pilbara• $10billion in the Mid West (mostlyiron ore)• $30billion LNG project in theKimberley
  4. 4. Pilbara Oil and Gas Production ($m) (1980–2010)Iron Ore Production Value ($m) (1980–2010)
  5. 5. Project Company Location Status Expected Start-upCapital Expend.Billion $AustEmployment -ConstructionEmployment -OperationalGorgon LNGChevron / Shell /ExxonMobilBarrow Island, WANew project, underconstruction2015 43 3000 600Macedon LNGBHP Billiton / ApacheEnergy100 km W of Onslow,WANew project, underconstruction2013 1.55 300NWS LNG WoodsideWoodside Energy /BHP Billiton / BP/Chevron / Shell /Japan Australia LNG150 km NW ofDampier, CarnarvonBasin, WAExpansion, underconstruction2011 1.5 0NWS North Rankin BWoodside Energy /BHP Billiton / BP /Chevron / Shel l/Japan Australia LNG150 km NW ofDampier, CarnarvonBasin, WAExpansion, underconstruction2013 5.3 700Pluto (train 1) Woodside EnergyCarnarvon Basin/Burrup Peninsula,WANew project, underconstructionlate 2011 14 3000 200Chichester IRON OREHub 55-95MtpaFortescue MetalsGroupPilbara, WAExpansion,committed2013 1.55Sino Iron Project CITIC Pacific Mining Cape Preston, WANew project, underconstruction2011 5.4 450 800Cape Lambert portand rail expansionRio Tinto / RobeRiver40 km N of Karratha,WAExpansion, underconstruction2013 3.2Brunello / Julimar(supply forWheatstone LNGproject)Apache / Kufpec NW of Dampier, WANew project,feasibility studyunder way2016 3Gorgon LNG T4Chevron / Shell /ExxonMobilBarrow Island, WAExpansion, EIS underwayna 43 3500 300
  6. 6. Pilbara SpotlightOverview of Pilbara transport links
  7. 7. INBOUND 2012(Mtpa)2020(Mtpa)2030(Mtpa)Project Cargo 1.5 1.0 0.5Mining Equipment andTyres3.8 4.5 5.0Ammonium Nitrate 0.3 0.7 1.3IndustrialConsumables0.4 0.8 1.5General Freight 0.4 0.8 1.5Roads
  8. 8. Strategic Uses – Road FreightPERTH – PILBARA260 road trains/dayGREATH NORTHERNHIGHWAY200 loads/day160 oversized loads/dayNORTH WEST COASTALHIGHWAYMajor freight route due tooversize delays GNHMajor tourism routeOne over-sized load EVERY 15 minutes
  9. 9. Regional Freight PlanOakajeeOnslowCapePrestonDampierAnketellCapeLambertPortHedlandJamesPrice PointNorth WestCoastal HighwayTom PriceParaburdooNewman
  10. 10. Strategic Uses – Pastoral & AgriculturalPilbara livestock (cattle) exports2009• 8687tonnescattle2010• NA2011• NA2012• Planned forlate July2012SOURCE: Port Hedland Port Authority
  11. 11. Visitors Centre Annual Visitor Numbers(approximate)Karratha 45,000Karijini National Park 65,000Millstream/Chichester National Park 60,000Newman NAOnslow 40,000Port Hedland 76,000Tom Price NARoebourne 15,000Strategic Uses – TourismSOURCE: Pilbara Visitor CentresSpend approx $208.7m visiting the Pilbara in 2010-11
  12. 12. Major Road Challenges and Major Projects Underway• Congestion• Seasonal Flooding November – March• Non-Sealed RoadsAustralian Government’s National Building Program• Stage 2 Realignment of Great Northern Highway (PortHedland)• Upgrade of Great Northern Road (Port Hedland)• Dampier Highway Duplication• Great Northern Highway Realignment (Port Hedland)
  13. 13. RailThere is more than 2000 kilometres of privately-owned, heavy haulage railways across the Pilbara.Did you know? The Pilbara is home tosome of the world’s longest and heaviesttrains. Trains are usually up to 2.8kilometres in length andweigh up to 26 000 tonnes.Company KmBHP Billiton 636kmFortescue Metals Group 310kmRio Tinto 1400kmHancock Prospecting* 303kmHope Downs 4 JV* 52kmAPI* 282km*ProposedSOURCE: Bureau of Infrastructure, Transport and Regional Economics 2011
  14. 14. AirSince 2010 the Pilbara has benefitted from accessto an expanded flight network with direct flightsbetween regional towns and major capital cities.Pilbara Airport Passenger MovementsROUTE 2011 2012Karratha toPerth601,300 686,100Perth to PortHedland335,000 414,300Newman toPerth210,300 279,200SOURCE: Bureau of Infrastructure, Transport and Regional Economics 2011
  15. 15. PortsWA Ports Review (February 2012)• Consolidate eight ports into four regional port authorities• Pilbara Port Authority Port Hedland Dampier Anketell, Ashburton North and Cape Preston Port Walcott, Varanus Island,Barrow Island, Thevenard Island andOnslow.
  16. 16. Pilbara Ports – Port HedlandPort Hedland Shipping and CargoStatistics 2011-12Total Cargo – 1,270,025 tonnesSulphuric Acid, Caustic Soda, Cement, Fuel Oils, General CargoTotal Exports – 197,732,054 tonnesIron Ore, Manganese, Chromite, Copper, Salt, Scrap, General Cargo2011-12 Total Vessels – 1474On average four ships a daySOURCE: Port Hedland Port Authority
  17. 17. Pilbara Ports – DampierDampier Shipping and Cargo Statistics2011-12Total Cargo – 128,356,086 tonnesTotal Exports – 127,646,105 tonnesIron Ore, Salt, Condensate, LNG, LPG, Ammonia, General CargoTotal Vessels – 1813On average five ships a daySOURCE: Dampier Port Authority
  18. 18. Pilbara Ports – ForecastPort 2012 2020 2030Port Dampier/Cape Lambert 229 320 380Anketell Port 0 25 70Port Hedland 221 453 630Cape Preston 0 22 70SOURCE: WA Department of State Development, Bureau of Resource and Energy EconomicsCommodity 2012 2020 2030Iron Ore 450 820 1150LNG 20 80 100TOTAL 470 900 120Iron ore forecast 2012-2030 (Mtpa)Iron ore/LNG forecast 2012-2030 (Mtpa)SOURCE: WA Department of State Development, Bureau of Resource and Energy Economics
  19. 19. Pilbara Ports – Cape Preston, Anketell Port, Ashburton NorthCape Preston•100km south-west of Karratha•Citic Pacific’s Sino Iron ProjectAnketell Port•30km east of Karratha•WA Government•Multi-user, multi-commodity deepwater portAshburton North•Near Onslow•WA Government•Multi-user, strategic industrial area
  20. 20. Pilbara SpotlightConnecting the NorthWest
  21. 21. Growth!
  22. 22. Future role of the North WestPilbara, Kimberley and Mid West• Integrated economies• Floating construction workforce• Supporting service sector• Movement of goods•Catch up•Initialprivateinvestment2012-2020•‘New’ NorthWest•StrategicInvestment2020-2030•Majorpopulationgrowth•Internationalisation2030-2040
  23. 23. Strategic BenefitsA cooperative North West alliance between the Pilbara, Kimberley and Mid West will deliver anumber of strategic benefits, including:• Improve linkages and connectivity between towns from Geraldton to Broome;• Supports major private investment in urban infrastructure and amenity;• Supports staged/phased project construction and service delivery (floatingworkforce);• Supports spanning in small to medium sized businesses facilitating growth anddevelopment;• Encourage specialist hubs to be used as international platforms e.g. freight andlogistics/health (Port Hedland), tertiary education/transport (Karratha), specialisedFIFO services (Geraldton)
  24. 24. The Challenge!!Cheers