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Chris Widuch - Hoerbiger KT Asia Pacific - An Introduction to Hoerbiger Compression Technology
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Chris Widuch - Hoerbiger KT Asia Pacific - An Introduction to Hoerbiger Compression Technology


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Chris Widuch delivered the presentation at 2014 Gas Compressor Stations Conference. …

Chris Widuch delivered the presentation at 2014 Gas Compressor Stations Conference.

The Gas Compressor Stations Conference is the only conference specifically dedicated to the design, build and maintenance of gas compressor stations.

For more information about the event, please visit:

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  • 1. Compressor Technology Group We set Standards.
  • 2. 4/29/2014 Introduction to HOERBIGER 2 HOERBIGER Group - Corporate Culture Family Involvement ensures Consistency. Hanns Hörbiger invents the HOERBIGER Steel Plate Valve Design Center in Budapest, Hungary Transfer to Vienna, Austria 95 Percent Export Rate Destruction of the main factory in Vienna, Austria Successful rebuilding and internationalization of business Begin of production of compressed air components Begin of production of drive train components Reorganization into 3 Strategic Business Units Foundation of HOERBIGER Holding AG Martina HörbigerAlfred HörbigerHanns Hörbiger 1895 1900 1925 1945 19891903 1937 19711950 1958 1997 HOERBIGER Holding Christiana Hörbiger
  • 3. 4/29/2014 Introduction to HOERBIGER 3 HOERBIGER GLOBAL HOERBIGER maintains worldwide more than 100 individual companies and operating offices in 46 countries. North America Canada Mexico USA South America Argentina Bolivia Brazil Colombia Venezuela Asia China India Indonesia Iran Japan Kuwait Malaysia Saudi Arabia Singapore South Korea Taiwan Thailand UAE Australia Australia New Zealand Africa South Africa Europe Austria Belgium Czech Republic England France Germany Italy Lithuania Netherlands Norway Portugal Russia Sweden Switzerland Slovakia Spain Yugoslavia
  • 4. 4/29/2014 Introduction to HOERBIGER 4 HOERBIGER KT ASIA SERVICES Regional Headquarters Singapore Australia China India Indonesia Japan Korea New Zealand Singapore Malaysia Taiwan Thailand Philippines Vietnam Pakistan Myanmar Production & Service Major Service Company Minor Service Company Representatives
  • 5. 4/29/2014 Introduction to HOERBIGER 5 HOERBIGER Group - Strategic Business Units Securely balanced on three Pillars. Strategic Business Unit Compression Technology Key technologies and services for compressors and engines. Strategic Business Unit Drive Technology Components and systems for shift and clutch operations in vehicle drive trains of all kinds. Strategic Business Unit Automation Technology Pneumatic and hydraulic systems for vehicles and mechanical engineering.
  • 6. 4/29/2014 Introduction to HOERBIGER 6 HOERBIGER Group – Business History A long Tradition of Successful Innovations. Patent Applications - Oil and Process Industry  1956 Pneumatic capacity control system for reciprocating compressors  1987 Compressor valve for high-speed compressors (CT valve)  1994 Actively controlled compressor valve (HydroCOM)  1999 Oil wipers for reciprocating compressors (OT wiper rings)  2000 Gas injection system for large bore gas engines (HyperFuel valve)  2000 Non water cooled packing (Thermosleeve packing)  2001 Glass fiber reinforced material for compressor sealing elements (HP material)  2002 Direct wear monitoring for rider band wear (WearCOM)  2007 High-performance, high-speed ring valve (CM valve)  2009 Low emission packing ring seal (BCD)  2010 High-efficiency, profile plate valves (CP & CPs valves)  2013 Oil Film Dynamics wiper (OFD)
  • 7. 4/29/2014 7 Hoerbiger Compression Technology - Innovation and tradition OT oil wiper packings Efficient, safe and environmentally friendly, 100% oil tight HydroCOM The high-tech system for continuous compressor control Check valves and Explosion relief valves Protection of man and machine Packing cases and packing rings State-of-the-art in material and design Compressor valves The core of the compressor Cylinder rings and rider rings For all compressor models and operating conditions RecipCOM The extensive monitoring system for the protection of compressors Introduction to HOERBIGER
  • 8. 4/29/2014 Introduction to HOERBIGER 8 Energy losses in the reciprocating compressors
  • 9. 4/29/2014 Introduction to HOERBIGER 9 Product positioning - HydroCOM CE CECX CP Technological leadership: The pioneer in reverse flow control with  largest & variable control range  fastest response  independently from variation in suction pressure and molecular weight.
  • 10. 4/29/2014 Introduction to HOERBIGER 10 Product positioning - RecipCOM CE CX CP DV temperature  pV-diagram  Rod-drop  SV temperature  Vibration
  • 11. 4/29/2014 Introduction to HOERBIGER 11 Product positioning - Valves  CM The premium valve for high pressure, heavy gases  CE / CX The premium refinery valves  CS / HDS The traditional refinery valve  CP / CPs The nonmetallic valve for all standard compressors  R The metallic valve for all standard compressors  CT The traditional valve for NG  HPV The high pressure nonmetallic valve CE CECX CP CM HPV
  • 12. 4/29/2014 Introduction to HOERBIGER 12 Hoerbiger - Best Practice Natural Gas Traditional plate type with glass fibre filled PEEK plate, or metallic plate Profiled plate valves with latest generation 3X materials CE Advanced ring type valve with high performance compound rings Advanced ring valves / profiled plate valves for superior performance in a high speed environment CPCT
  • 13. 4/29/2014 Introduction to HOERBIGER 13 Hoerbiger - Best Practice Refinery Traditional plate type with glass fibre filled PEEK plate and steel damper plates Advanced ring type valve with high performance compound rings for H2 & H2 Rich gas service CX CE Standard ring type valve with carbon filled MC rings for H2 service Advanced ring valves with high performance materials are superior in a demanding environment CS / HDS
  • 14. 4/29/2014 Introduction to HOERBIGER 14 Product positioning – Check Valves CE CX CP  Protection against dangerous and damaging results of flow reversals in piping systems  Minimal pressure losses  No back-flow  Non-slamming  Maintenance free  Extreme Reliability
  • 15. 4/29/2014 Introduction to HOERBIGER 15 Product positioning – Explosion Relief Valves CE CX CP Protection of personell and machine  Crankcases of reciprocating compressors  Crankcases of diesel and gas engines  Exhaust systems of engines  Tanks and silos
  • 16. 4/29/2014 Introduction to HOERBIGER 16 Setting the Hoerbiger R&P Design Standards
  • 17. 4/29/2014 Pressure BCD (Balanced Cap Design) packing ring - type 0315 Packing Ring Styles – Hoerbiger New Design Simple and robust one-ring design very low leakage (static / dynamic) optimum utilization of ring material - predictable wear pattern - additional material in regions of higher wear - higher lifetime compact design - easy to install - less axial space required - pressure balancing - less frictional heat generated 17Introduction to HOERBIGER
  • 18. 4/29/2014 Introduction to HOERBIGER 18 Oil Wiper Development V1 V2 V3 V4 V5 V6 V0 V1 V2 V3 V4 V5 V0 Implementation of throttle ring and OT wiper design  Reduction of oil flow V1 – oil sticktion  Better conformity to the rod Next generation…. Controlled oil film dynamics vs. Sharp scraping edges! OFD wiper
  • 19. 4/29/2014 Introduction to HOERBIGER 19 Next generation sealing ZEP offers…  Zero gas leakage  Gas tight static seal  No purge gas required  No water cooling required  No packing lubrication required  Monitored packing can be realized (status of seals) HOERBIGER’s breakthrough technology -> ExperSEAL system pcyl HOERBIGER oil barrier seals poil-in oil wiper Oil recovery dynamic gas seals buffer volume poil-out How to eliminate gas leakages?
  • 20. 4/29/2014 Introduction to HOERBIGER HOERBIGER Upgrade & Revamp Projects  HOERBIGER offers according to qualified procedures  Target definition with the customer  Feasibility Studies  Risk analysis – Health & Safety Check  Definition of requirements  Proposal development and reporting  Compressor Engineering  Compressor simulation and Drive Train Analysis  Torsional analysis  Pulsation calculation  Compressor part engineering  Dismantling  Repair and Production  Shipment & Installation Basic Directives - EN1012-1 safety requirements for compressors - EM12100-1 and -2 safety requirements – basics - MACHINERY Directive 2006/42/EC - EMV Directive 89/336/EEC - ATEX Directive 94/9/EC - LOW VOLTAGE Directive 73/23/EEC - API 618 5th Edition Basic Directives - EN1012-1 safety requirements for compressors - EM12100-1 and -2 safety requirements – basics - MACHINERY Directive 2006/42/EC - EMV Directive 89/336/EEC - ATEX Directive 94/9/EC - LOW VOLTAGE Directive 73/23/EEC - API 618 5th Edition 20
  • 21. 4/29/2014 Introduction to HOERBIGER Engineering of compressor parts Preclamping forces for piston/piston rod connection Fatigue strength analysis  Finite Element Calculation (e.g. for hollow, 2- or 3-piece pistons) 21
  • 22. 4/29/2014 Introduction to HOERBIGER 22  Lubricated to Non lubricated conversions  Non lubricated to lubricated conversion  Piston conversion to rider band type design  Packing cases non cooled to cooled  Compressor reconfiguration  Pulsation studies  Vibration Studies  Snapshot Monitoring HOERBIGER Upgrade & Revamp Projects
  • 23. 4/29/2014 Introduction to HOERBIGER 23 Spare Parts Supply & Repair Services Compressor valves  including unloaders and actuators Rings & Packings, Packing Cases
  • 24. 4/29/2014 Introduction to HOERBIGER 24 Reconditioning of Valves and Packing cases Hoerbiger has located throughout the region fully equipped workshops for the reconditioning of compressor valves, unloader and packing case assemblies. Advanced work standards which are considered to be the benchmark in the industry ensure all work carried out is to an exceptional standard.
  • 25. 4/29/2014 Introduction to HOERBIGER 25 Reconditioning of Pistons and Piston rods KT Asia has developed procedures for the full repair of worn compressor components. The repair of these parts is extremely cost effective and it also has the benefit of improving on the life time of the standard components. Using techniques such as “tungsten carbide” coating of piston rods and the hard anodising of aluminium pistons etc component life time can be extended dramatically.
  • 26. 4/29/2014 Introduction to HOERBIGER 26 Two halves Aluminium piston replacement of the original hollow cast piston. Design & manufacture of pistons.
  • 27. 4/29/2014 Introduction to HOERBIGER 27 Operation & Maintenance Packages Maintenance Planning & Execution  Overhaul Inspection Procedure for “Basic Service” and “Major Services”  Definitions of major service activities applying project management  Resources planning  Project execution  Service data reports Drawn Date Scale Drg. No. N.T.S. North Cylinder Assembly Detail Pignone 2HC/1 Nuovo Pignone Compressor - 2HC/1 BILL OF MATERIALS ITEM SAP # PART DESCRIPTION QTY 1 2 3 4 7 6 PISTON ROD 1 3PISTON RING 5 8 SUCTION VALVE (includes finger unloader assy) DISCHARGE VALVE, LP 8GASKET, VALVE COVER 2 1 CYLINDER BORE READINGS A = ................... mm/ inches B = ................... mm/ inches C = ................... mm/ inches 1 = ................... mm/ inches 2 = ................... mm/ inches 3 = ................... mm/ inches C Legend A B 1 2 3 Head Crank 8 7 24/ 7/ 2001 PISTON ROD RUN-OUT HORIZONTAL = inches VERTICAL = inches 0.10 mm max. 0.15 mm max. 11 12 RING, SEAL, UNLOADER SPRING, UNLOADER 4 13 SEAL RING, UNLOADER 4 14 GASKET, UNLOADER 15 4 BILL 0F MATERIALS "VALVE UNLOADER" `O' RING, UNLOADER PISTON 4 4 11 12 13 14 15 16 18 17 19 20 21 16 17 SEAL, UNLOADER CIRCLIP, UNLOADER 8 18 `O' RING, UNLOADER 4 19 BUSH, UNLOADER 20 4 GASKET, UNLOADER ASSEMBLY 4 8 2 4 SCREW, VALVE JACKING GASKET, JACKING SCREW LOCK NUT 32 32 200.00 mm Bore (max = 200.40) STEM, UNLOADER21 4 4 6 5 SET SEAL LUBE 15 drops/ min. 9 Torque setting 54 ft-lbs SUPERIOR COMPRESSOR SERVICE KJT 2RIDER RING 3 Piston Rider Ring Min GAP = 0.4 mm SET CYLINDER LUBE 8 drops/ min. Set piston bump clearance (CRANK 1/3 … HEAD 2/3) T RT RT RT R Lube Flare Vent T RT TT T T R
  • 28. 4/29/2014 Introduction to HOERBIGER 28