Charlie Dowsett - NSW Trade and Investment - Rebuilding the economy - The Role of Resources and Energy


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Charlie Dowsett delivered the presentation at the 2014 Mining NSW Conference.

Mining NSW Conference is the premier event focused on base metals exploration, building regional skill, and promoting economic development.

For more information about the event, please visit:

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Charlie Dowsett - NSW Trade and Investment - Rebuilding the economy - The Role of Resources and Energy

  1. 1. NSW: Rebuilding the Economy The Role of Resources & Energy Charlie DowseD August 2014 ExecuFve Director Industry Investment & Export Support Division of Resources & Energy
  2. 2. Industry Investment & Export Support  Create awareness and promo.on of investment in explora.on, development and mining services  Promote and grow investment in resources and energy in NSW.  Engage the mining and mining services sector to understand current issues in NSW.  Assist companies with projects to successfully achieve development outcomes.  Advise investors on in the resources and energy sector in NSW. NSW: Resources & Energy Silver, lead & zinc mine, Broken Hill
  3. 3. Key Issues  Economic importance of resources and energy  Challenges facing the sector  Ac.ons Government is taking to lessen impact of challenges NSW: Resources & Energy Silver, lead & zinc mine, Broken Hill
  4. 4. Rebuild State Finances  Mining industry contributed $1.3 billion in to NSW (2012-­‐13)  from coal alone were $1.2 billion  Mining industry directly employs about 33,000 people, and supports more than 130,000 jobs indirectly. NSW: Resources & Energy
  5. 5. Statewide Mineral Resource Audit The Department recently completed a long term project to map the loca.on and nature of all (non-­‐energy) mineral and construc.on material deposits in NSW which are of state and regional significance. This informa.on is primarily used to inform land use planning decisions to avoid sterilisa.on of important resource areas. The map you see shows iden.fied resources in red and resource areas in orange hatching. NSW: Resources & Energy
  6. 6. Statewide Mineral Resource Audit This informa.on can also be used for project genera.on by explorers in iden.fying parts of the state which represent mineral provinces such as the:  silver-­‐lead-­‐zinc province around Broken Hill (• purple dots)  copper-­‐gold province in the Central West (• gold dots)  .n province in New England (• pink dots). NSW: Resources & Energy
  7. 7. NSW’s Investment ADracFveness Most recent Fraser Ins.tute survey shows:  NSW’s investment aXrac.veness has slipped -­‐ NSW ranked 39th out of 112 interna.onal jurisdic.ons  NSW lowest ranked Australian state on the Policy PercepFon Index NSW investment in explora.on and mining capital expenditure also decreasing:  In 2011/12 NSW mining investment = A$5.9 billion  In 2012/13 decreased to A$5.5 billion  In 2011/12 NSW mineral exploraFon = A$242 million and decreased to A$150 million in 2013/14 NSW: Resources & Energy
  8. 8. NSW: Resources & Energy
  9. 9. NSW Mining Industry AcFon Plan  10-­‐year Industry AcFon Plan to be developed by industry-­‐led Taskforce  Taskforce will recommend strategies to drive growth, innova.on and produc.vity in resources sector A Practice Leader, Health & Human Factors, onsite with an industry worker at a quarry in Lithgow. NSW: Resources & Energy
  10. 10. NSW Minerals Quarterly Reviews The quarterly reviews will provide  A geographical map of where the mineralisa.on has been discovered in NSW.  An in depth review of the forma.ons and mineralisa.on that have proven to host the mineral in NSW.  A review of the current market par.cipants that are invested in that mineral − Explorers − Producers  Investment that are available in that mineral. This review will be made available on the website emailed to the Departments contact list and distributed globally through NSW overseas trade commissions and Austrade NSW: Resources & Energy
  11. 11. NSW Trade & Investment: a key regulator  Mineral .tles: 835 explora.on licences, NSW: Resources & Energy 6 assessment leases, 628 mining leases  Coal .tles: 183 explora.on licences, 6 assessment leases, 357 mining leases  Petroleum .tles: 39 explora.on licences, 1 assessment lease, 1 offshore explora.on permit, 6 produc.on leases  14 coal projects = $7 billion  15 mineral projects = $5 billion  4 gas projects = $2.4 billion
  12. 12. Reducing ExploraFon Risks and Costs  Core library loca.ons: – Broken Hill and Londonderry (Geological Survey of NSW) – Gunnedah, Gulgong, Wyee and Yerrinbool (Coal & Petroleum Resources) NSW: Resources & Energy A piece of core in the hands of a geologist
  13. 13. Common Ground: informing community NSW: Resources & Energy
  14. 14. Geophysical and Geochemical Surveys NSW: Resources & Energy Maps available for download
  15. 15. Tin and Rare Earths  New mapping program in the Wagga Tin Belt NSW: Resources & Energy
  16. 16. CooperaFve Drilling Program  “New Fron.ers” Drilling Program in NSW  $2 million to fund up to 50% of explorers’ drilling costs up to $200,00  Applica.on forms – NSW: Resources & Energy
  17. 17. New Service Delivery Standards Average processing timeframes (business days) NSW: Resources & Energy
  18. 18. ExploraFon AcFvity Approvals (SDNs) NSW: Resources & Energy
  19. 19. ExploraFon AcFvity Approvals (REFs) NSW: Resources & Energy
  20. 20. Review of Land Access ArbitraFon Process  Independent review of land access arbitra.on process underway in response to community concerns  Leading NSW barrister Bret Walker SC overseeing review  Final report and recommenda.ons completed by end of 2014 NSW: Resources & Energy
  21. 21. And there is sFll more to be done….  Implementa.on of ICAC Recommenda.ons – Coal release areas & methodologies  Community Engagement – Community Liaison Officers – re-­‐vamp – BeXer on-­‐line .tles and other informa.on – Water data  Processing Efficiencies – Con.nued focus on achieving and improving against KPIs  Red Tape Reduc.on – Review of condi.ons, remove duplica.on (eg. Environmental reports) NSW: Resources & Energy
  22. 22. NSW: Resources & Energy
  23. 23. NSW: Resources & Energy Charlie DowseD ExecuFve Director Industry Investment & Export Support Division of Resources & Energy NSW Trade & Investment +61 2 8281 7309