Charles Martin, GOLD COAST AIRPORT - Customer service vs security compliance


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Charles Martin, General Manager Aviation, GOLD COAST AIRPORT delivered the presentation at the 2014 Asia Pacific Aviation Security AVSEC conference.

The AVSEC conference brings together government authorities, policy makers and key industry leaders all under one roof at one time, to discuss the most pressing issues, the latest challenges and technology advancement within the aviation industry in the Asia Pacific region.

For more information about the event, please visit:

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Charles Martin, GOLD COAST AIRPORT - Customer service vs security compliance

  1. 1. Charles  Mar*n   General  Manager  Avia*on     Gold  Coast  Airport  
  2. 2. Gold Coast Airport Facts • Over 5.9 million passengers travelled to and from Gold Coast Airport in FY2013 • Gold Coast Airport is the 6th busiest Australian airport overall • The 5th busiest international airport • Gold Coast-Sydney is the 4th busiest route in the country • Gold Coast-Melbourne is the 7th busiest route
  3. 3. Gold Coast Airport Fully functioning LCC hub across Australia, New Zealand and Asia/ Japan 2000 Currently  in  2014:   Sydney  –25  flights  a  day   Melbourne  –  17    flights  a  day     Flights  to  New  Zealand,  Japan,  Singapore  and  Malaysia   2014
  4. 4.  Two  Terminals    –    Two  Cultures   GCAL  Common  User   "   Focused  on  the  Gold  Coast   "   Customer  Service  Ethos   "   Fresh  approach   "   Different  structure  to  Qantas     "   Inefficiencies  through  two   terminals       Qantas  Terminal     •  Long  term  employees     •  Focused  only  on  security   •  Qantas  centric  focus     •  Not  aligned  with  Gold  Coast   objecOves     •  Security  operaOons  inconsistent   with  GCAL  Common  User     NOW!  One  Terminal  Operated  by  GCAL   •  Reduce  Cost   •  Reduce  risk  through  improved  on  site  structure  including  stand  alone  supervisor  and  trainers   •  Customer  Service  Focus     •  Gold  Coast  Focus    
  5. 5. Old  school  queues    –  An  inglorious  past      
  6. 6. How do we change the relationship with a security contractor from supplier to partner?
  7. 7. Pride  and  Purpose     7  
  8. 8. Partner  Must  Understand  The  Customer   Journey       Customer                          Boarding   Car  Park                                              Flight  Security Screening Prohibited Items Weapons Dangerous Goods Explosive Trace Detection Safe and Happy Customers
  9. 9. Partner  Must  Have  a  Safety  Culture     9 Safety  Tools  –  How  ISS  Manages  Your  Risk…    
  10. 10. Partner  Must  Have  Security  Best  PracOse       ACI   ACI  Asia-­‐Pacific  World  Business  Partner  Program  –  Member   AAA   Australian  Airports  AssociaOon     CSIA  &  ICSS   ISS  AviaOon  &  Transport  Division  has  recently  become  a   CerOfied  Customer  Service  OrganisaOon,  accredited  by  the   Customer  Service  InsOtute  of  Australia  (CSIA)  against  the   InternaOonal  Customer  Service  Standard  (ICSS)  AS  ISO  10002-­‐2006)   ASIAL   Australian  Security  Industry  AssociaOon     IATA   Annual  aaendance  at  the  InternaOonal  Air  Transport  AssociaOon  AviaOon  Security  World   APO  Career  Path   Working  Group   ISS  aaend  and  acOvely  parOcipate       Avia*on  Security   Training  Advisory   Group  ASTAG   ISS  aaend  and  acOvely  parOcipate       Security  Technology   Working  Group   ISS  aaend  and  acOvely  parOcipate       Regional  Industry   Consulta*ve  Group   RICM   ISS  aaend  and  acOvely  parOcipate       10   ISS  AUends,  and  is  a  Member  of  a  Number  of  Key  Industry   Bodies  and  Forums  
  11. 11. 11   RelaOonship  Matrix   Quarterly Meeting Monthly Meeting Weekly Meeting
  12. 12. Participation in Gold Coast Airport Advisory meetings: •  ASCG – Airport Security Consultative Group •  AEC – Airport Emergency Committee, and Emergency Planning committees •  ASC - Aerodrome Safety Committee
  13. 13. 13 •  ISS  commitment  to  Customer  Service  is  evidenced  by  the  CSIA   accreditaOon  and  recent  success  at  CSIA’s  12th  Australian  Service   Excellence  Awards:   –  Na*onal  Winner   Customer  Service  ExecuOve  of  the  Year   –  Na*onal  Winner   Customer  Service  Advocate  of  the  Year   –  Na*onal  Winner   Training  Excellence   –  Finalist   Large  Business   Partner  Must  ConOnually  Improve     The only Aviation Screening Services Provider Accredited to this standard!
  14. 14. How do we better engage with our customers while ensuring we manage our regulatory compliance?
  15. 15. Gold  Coast  Airport  Security  Service   Outcomes   "   Compliance  and  operaOonal  excellence   "   Engaged,  effecOve  team   "   Experienced,  dedicated  management  team   "   Stable  industrial  environment   "   Customer  experience  emphasis   "   Industry  connecOon  and  insight   "   InnovaOon  and  conOnuous  improvement   "   Cost  efficiency   "   Commitment  to  performance,  with  self-­‐imposed  KPIs   Key  Components    
  17. 17. "   I  am  the  face  of  Gold  Coast   Airport     "   I  always  grow  a  grin   "    I  understand  my  “guests”   needs   "   I  wow  my  guests   ISS  HERO  SERVICE  STANDARDS  
  18. 18. Partnership  approach  to  Customer  service   training   T - together E - everybody A - achieves M – more Include airport in staff training, staff selection and recruitment program
  19. 19. 1   Total number of employees: 83 Engagement Score Benchmark Level 1 Combining Capability and Motivation gives us our Engagement Score Total number of employees: 1,546 White  Collar   N/A   First  Line  Employees   4.3   Benchmark Level 2 Total number of employees: 5,597 White  Collar   N/A   First  Line  Employees   4.3   White  Collar   N/A   First  Line  Employees   4.1   4.1 1  4.3 1  4.3 19   Employee  Engagement    
  20. 20. How do we measure successful outcomes?
  21. 21. Measuring  Success     •  ASQ •  Financial outcomes •  Meeting OTS testing requirements •  Customer feedback •  Systems testing - airport - ISS self testing •  Annual audit 21  
  22. 22. Reporting: •  Monthly Security Services Report - Monthly executive summary - Internal and external compliance and training results and initiatives •  Weekly System test Reports •  Monthly Training schedule report
  23. 23. Partnership  On  Display   The look is fresh and clean The attitude is friendly and welcoming The customer is happy and safe
  24. 24. Service culture awarded Major Airport of the Year 2010 •  Best Regional Airport Australia/Pacific 2011 •  GCAL awarded Staff Excellence Award Australia/Pacific award at the Skytrax World Airport Awards in Copenhagen, Denmark (March 2011)
  25. 25. Thank you