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Brian Nye delivered the presentation at the 2014 New Zealand Rail conference.

The 2014 New Zealand Rail conference explored issues that would help to secure the economic development of New Zealand. With a focus on new projects and balanced funding, this event discussed ways to ensure the seamless growth of the next 10 years.

For more information about the event, please visit:

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Brian Nye OAM - ARA - Rail industry update from the ARA

  1. 1. ABN 64 217 302 489 NZ Rail 2014 Bryan Nye, CEO ARA June 2014
  2. 2. The ARA • Who we are: a member-based association that represents the interests of the rail sector • Our purpose: to create an environment that will permit the Australasian rail industry to prosper • Who we represent: all rail operators, both private and government, track owners and managers, manufacturers of rollingstock and components, and other aspects of the rail industry
  3. 3.
  4. 4. Passenger Operators • Transdev, Auckland • KiwiRail, Wellington
  5. 5. NZ Investment: 2014-2015 Budget • Funding for Rail = 11% of the Vote or around $513 million, mainly: – $198 million for the KiwiRail Turnaround Plan - put the freight business on a commercially viable footing – $192 million to assist with the funding of the Electric Multiple Unit package (Loan) – $90 million to assist with the funding of the Electric Multiple Unit package (Grant) – $16 million for metro rail projects in Wellington. – $10.7 million for New Zealand Railways Corporation Loans – $500,000 for rail safety
  6. 6. National initiatives • Draft Government Policy Statement on land transport released in June 2014 • KiwiRail Turnaround Plan for freight (infrastructure upgrades, new wagons, IT systems)
  7. 7. Patronage • Approximately 21 million / year – Over the past five years, patronage has more than doubled in Auckland to approx 10 million / year – Wellington rail patronage has been consistent around 11 million / year since 2009
  8. 8. The Auckland Rail Upgrade • Electrification of the network • Signalling renewal • 57 x 3 car EMU fleet – To boost capacity and use of the network – April 2014 - mid 2015 • 23 Station upgrades
  9. 9. Wellington Metro Upgrade Project • $88.4 million over 8 years – Slope stabilisation – Overhead electrification hardware – Signalling upgrades – Tamping
  10. 10. Challenges • Patronage growth - Meeting continuing growth in Auckland - Generating patronage growth in Wellington • Future proofing the network • Continuing to entice investment – Government level – Private partnerships
  11. 11. Environment Change Marchetti Travel Principle Relative change 2004 – 2008 Petrol price +31% Population +6% Private road vehicle use +1% Heavy rail +23% Light rail +10% Bus +11% Public transport +18%
  12. 12. Rail freight – The big picture News Zealand rail freight differs to Australia in that: • Government (through KiwiRail) owns and controls the tracks, as well as the majority of rollingstock • Same gauge- avoiding many of Australia’s issues with differing gauges between and within states • Rail carries approximately 15 per cent of freight moved in New Zealand (tonne-kilometres). In Australia it moves 46 per cent of bulk freight and 25 per cent of non-bulk freight Sources- Meeting the 2050 Freight Challenge, IPA and NZ Ministry of Transport.
  13. 13. Rail Freight
  14. 14. Rail Freight Market Share
  15. 15. TrackSAFE
  16. 16. Aims: 1. Reduce suicide and suicide attempts; 2. Decrease trespass incidents; 3. Improve level crossing safety education and awareness; and 4. Provide best practice trauma support for rail employees. Structure: • funded by Australian rail industry, 19 members • independent Board, the Hon Tim Fischer AC
  17. 17.
  18. 18. ABN 64 217 302 489 Update on Australian Rail
  19. 19. Passengers That means an additional 80 million trips taken on our trains over the last 4 years! Urban Passenger Rail 767.68 million journeys in 2012 (11.8% increase since 2008) Non-Urban Passenger Rail 16.51 million journeys in 2012 (23.4% increase since 2008)
  20. 20. Coal Ore Sugar Bauxite Grain Other Bulk Source: Royal Bank of Scotland Transport Equities Update (2012) Grains 3-4% Bulk Commodities 931 million tons Non-Bulk Commodities 20 million tons Rail Freight Rail Freight moves nearly 1billion tons of goods p.a. (2011) Coal Ore Sugar Bauxite Grain Other Bulk
  21. 21. Rail Freight 0 200 400 600 800 1000 1200 1400 1600 1800 Y2012 Y2020 Coal and Iron Ore Source: Royal Bank of Scotland Transport Equities Update (2012) 818 million tonnes 1530 million tonnes
  22. 22. Rail – on the national agenda • Massive investment in national network • Funding for urban projects – Cross City Tunnel, Melbourne Metro, electrification of Adelaide’ s urban network, Perth expansion Untangling freight and passenger networks • Access to ports • New train control technology (ATMS)(GSMR) • Light Rail emergence • Intermodals being developed • Level Crossings being upgraded • Inland Rail • Rolling Stock Orders, Vic, Qld NSW and WA
  23. 23. Federal Government – Budget 14/15 New South Wales • Northern Sydney Freight Corridor $691.6m • Road underpass at General Holmes Drive $40m • Maldon – Dumbarton Rail Link $10.8m (for detailed design) • Port Botany Rail Access $67m (for ARTC) • Port Botany Rail Line Upgrade $75m • Scone Level Crossing $45m Tasmania • Freight Rail revitalisation $119.6m • Bell Bay Intermodal Terminal $4.9m • Rail Capacity improvements at Rhyndaston $13.3m Queensland • Moreton Bay Rail Link $518.4m • Northern Territory • Rail overpass south of Alice Springs $13m Western Australia • Kewdale Intermodal Rail Supply Chain $17.2m • Portland Inland Freight Corridor Concept Plan $0.9m • Nicholson Road Grade Separation $18m • Trial of low profile concrete sleepers on WA Grain lines $2.9m Victoria • St Albans Road Rail Level Crossing $151m • Ballarat Avenue of Honour Rail Crossing opening $1.0m • Melbourne Metropolitan Intermodal System (port shuttle services) $38m South Australia • Goodwood and Torrens Junctions $232m + $300M for Melbourne – Brisbane Inland Rail project No $$ for public transport projects
  24. 24. Inland Rail A $4.4 billion Melbourne – Brisbane 41% existing, 25% upgraded, 34% new track
  25. 25. NSW – Key Investment Projects Funding TfNSW Capital projects $2B Country Rail Capital Maintenance $67M Light Rail – CBD and South East $75M Light Rail Inner West $67.4M Opal Delivery $132M ‘Fixing the train’ investment $116M Automatic Train Protection System $61.8M Digital Train Radio $130.3M Lidcombe – Granville Corridor Upgrade $76.7M Northwest Rail Link $805M South West Rail Link $353M Northern Sydney Freight Corridor $313M Transport Access Program $177M Waratahs $833M
  26. 26. QLD Investment Projects Funding Public Transport Rail Infrastructure Fund $1B Bus and Train project $1B Moreton Bay Rail Link (Already underway) $1B (committed $378M for 2014/15) New Generation Rolling Stock $ 25.4M The QLD aims to raise $33.6B from the privatisation of state assets. $8.6B of this revenue will go into infrastructure.
  27. 27. VIC – Key Investment Projects Funding Victrack New projects $121M Existing projects $1.5B These Include: Regional Rail Link $577M Metro rail infrastructure renewal program $127M Level Crossing Blitz (rural and Metro) 86M Metropolitan and Regional Rolling stock $83M
  28. 28. SA – Key Investment Projects Funding Goodwood and Torrens Rail Junction Upgrade $110M Lonsdale Pedestrian Rail Crossing Safety Upgrade $800K Rail Revitalisation project $243M Railcar Upgrade $6.4 Seaford Rail Line $59M Train Protection System $11M
  29. 29. WA – Key Investment PROJECTS FUNDING Country Passenger Rail and Coach Services $52.4M Extension to the northern suburbs railway to Butler $26.5M Fremantle Port Rail Service $3.7M Perth City Link $99.6M Rail Corridor Upgrades $108.7M Rail Station Upgrades $31.1M Rail Cars Upgrades $60M Forrestfield Airport Link $12M Port Infrastructure Enhancement $3.7M
  30. 30. TAS and ACT Investment Projects Funding TAS Tas Rail projects $16.5M ABT Rail $600K Rail Safety $531K ACT Capital Metro Light Rail project $614M
  31. 31. Future Train Control Control Centre Voice comms On board train detection Movement authority Advisory speed Key nodes Limited signalling Limited train detection Intelligent Traffic Management Satellite navigation?
  32. 32. Passenger Challenges • An increasing transport demand • Climate change • Need for integrated and sustainable planning for all transport modes to ensure seamless connectivity • Lack of strategic and long term planning and investment • Potential to improve operations to meet customers’ needs
  33. 33. Information
  34. 34. Manufacturing Challenges • No more Government design • Off the shelf options • Financing • Limited support for Australian made • Industry Assistance minimal
  35. 35. Sector Response • Refurbish and Refit • Fit out • Maintain • Chinese impact • Keeping Trade Skills
  36. 36. Rail… • Travelling to work • Sending freight • Getting there safely • The impact on the environment • Costing less • … it’s better
  37. 37.