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CASE STUDY: An overview of Bombardier Transportation’s current projects


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Andrew Spink, Director, from Bombardier Transportation delivered this presentation at the 2013 ARA Rail Suppliers Forum. The annual conference is the only event of its kind in Australia which has been …

Andrew Spink, Director, from Bombardier Transportation delivered this presentation at the 2013 ARA Rail Suppliers Forum. The annual conference is the only event of its kind in Australia which has been specifically researched and developed for the benefit of the rail supply and rail contracting sector. For more information about the event, please visit

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  • 1. PRIVATEANDCONFIDENTIAL ©BombardierInc.oritssubsidiaries.Allrightsreserved. Introduction to Bombardier Transportation Event Rail Suppliers Forum 2013 Presenter Andrew Spink Title Industry Perspectives Case Study on Bombardier Date 3 July 2013
  • 3. PRIVATEANDCONFIDENTIAL ©BombardierInc.oritssubsidiaries.Allrightsreserved. 3 Bombardier is the world’s only manufacturer of both planes and trains, with a worldwide workforce of 71,700* people. Bombardier is headquartered in Montréal, Canada. Our shares are traded on the Toronto Stock Exchange (BBD) and we are listed on the Dow Jones Sustainability World and North America indexes. In the fiscal year ended December 31, 2012, we posted revenues of $16.8 billion USD. BOMBARDIER Overview * as at December 31, 2012 (includes 200 employees at our corporate office in Canada)
  • 4. PRIVATEANDCONFIDENTIAL ©BombardierInc.oritssubsidiaries.Allrightsreserved. BOMBARDIER A diversified company 4 Breakdown by revenues * Breakdown by workforce** Transportation Aerospace 49% 51% Transportation Aerospace 50% 50% $16.8 bn US 71,500 * for fiscal year ended December 31, 2012 ** for fiscal year at December 31, 2012
  • 5. PRIVATEANDCONFIDENTIAL ©BombardierInc.oritssubsidiaries.Allrightsreserved. 5 Global Headquarters Present in > 64 countries 64 production/engineering sites and 19 service centres In 37 countries BOMBARDIER TRANSPORTATION Global expertise – local presence
  • 6. PRIVATEANDCONFIDENTIAL ©BombardierInc.oritssubsidiaries.Allrightsreserved. OUR PRODUCTS AND SERVICES The broadest portfolio in the rail industry 6  Driverless Systems: Monorails, Metros, People Movers  Light rail systems  Metro Systems  Intercity Systems  E-mobility Solutions  Operations and Maintenance  Fleet Management  Asset Life Management  Material Solutions  Component re-engineering and overhaul  Traction converters  Auxiliary converters  Traction drives  Control and communication  Portfolio to match entire range of rail vehicles  Full scope of service over the lifetime of a bogie  Integrated control systems  Automatic train protection and operation  Interlocking systems  Wayside equipment  Services  Light rail vehicles  Metros  Commuter trains  Regional trains  Intercity trains  High speed trains  Locomotives Rail Vehicles Transportation Systems Services Rail Control Solutions Propulsion & Controls Bogies
  • 8. PRIVATEANDCONFIDENTIAL ©BombardierInc.oritssubsidiaries.Allrightsreserved. PRIVATEANDCONFIDENTIAL ©BombardierInc.oritssubsidiaries.Allrightsreserved. BOMBARDIER TRANSPORTATION AUSTRALIA
  • 9. PRIVATEANDCONFIDENTIAL ©BombardierInc.oritssubsidiaries.Allrightsreserved. 9 Bombardier Australia Perth B Series EMU A & B Fleet Maintenance Adelaide (Services) TransAdelaide Fleet Maintenance Adelaide LRVs Maryborough Electrical Assembly Harness Assembly Propulsion & Controls Dandenong - Melbourne, Head Office Major Factory Complex / Refurb & Repairs / V/Line Maintenance 840 employees + contractors Turnover €200 MEUR Gold Coast LRT Project Milton – Brisbane Engineering, Service, Spares, Project Mgt, Product Introduction
  • 10. PRIVATEANDCONFIDENTIAL ©BombardierInc.oritssubsidiaries.Allrightsreserved. Manufacturing in Australia DANDENONG (VIC) MANUFACTURING PLANT  41 acres, 28,000 square metres under roof, direct access to rail network  1 km standard gauge LRV test track MARYBOROUGH (QLD)  Electrical Assembly  Harness assembly  Electrical propulsion and control 10
  • 11. PRIVATEANDCONFIDENTIAL ©BombardierInc.oritssubsidiaries.Allrightsreserved. Bombardier Sites (Cont’d) Head office: Dandenong, Victoria Locations: VIC Dandenong (manufacturing) West Melbourne (service) Dynon (service) Geelong (service) Ballarat (service) NSW Sydney (administration) QLD Brisbane (engineering) Eagle Farm (service) Gold Coast (project) Maryborough (manufacturing) Mayne (service & product support) SA Dry Creek (service) WA Nowergup (service) Claisebrook (service) Mandurah (service) Employees: Approx 850 11
  • 12. PRIVATEANDCONFIDENTIAL ©BombardierInc.oritssubsidiaries.Allrightsreserved. DANDENONG WORK STREAMS 12 Multiple Unit Production Light Rail Production  V/Line VLocity DMU  Adelaide EMU FLEXITY Swift Melbourne V/Line VLocity DMU Overhaul Facility
  • 13. PRIVATEANDCONFIDENTIAL ©BombardierInc.oritssubsidiaries.Allrightsreserved. Melbourne Trams 13 Flexity Melbourne  Public Transport Victoria  50 trams, 33 metres long  Option for a further 100 vehicles  Development of Bombardier’s Flexity Swift platform – distinct Melbourne design, integrating elements from other Flexity vehicles  OEM maintenance contract  Overall contract sits with BT  Technical support, planning, spares etc sit with BT  Labour element subcontracted to Yarra Trams
  • 14. PRIVATEANDCONFIDENTIAL ©BombardierInc.oritssubsidiaries.Allrightsreserved. Melbourne Trams 14 First Unit Delivery  Delivery of first unit to Preston Workshops  Major project milestone  Reliability testing period over coming months
  • 15. PRIVATEANDCONFIDENTIAL ©BombardierInc.oritssubsidiaries.Allrightsreserved. Adelaide EMU 15 Adelaide A-City EMUs  DTEI – South Australia  New fleet of EMUs to support electrification of a number of lines on the Adelaide network  22 x 3-cars  Broad gauge, 25 KV power supply  Stainless steel construction  Includes 10 year OEM maint. agreement  Delivery of first unit for testing in July  Due to enter service later this year
  • 16. PRIVATEANDCONFIDENTIAL ©BombardierInc.oritssubsidiaries.Allrightsreserved. VLocity DMU 16 VLocity Extension 2012  Order from PTV for a further 40 cars  19 intermediate cars to convert existing 2-car fleet to 3-cars  7 x 3-car sets to expand the fleet to a total fleet size of 58 x 3-car sets  Further rolling stock to support the increased network capacity provided by Regional Rail Link.  OEM maintenance agreement to be integrated into current maintenance agreement for VLocity fleet.
  • 17. PRIVATEANDCONFIDENTIAL ©BombardierInc.oritssubsidiaries.Allrightsreserved. Gold Coast Rapid Transit 17 Gold Coast Rapid Transit Turnkey System GoldLinQ consortium  Partners: Bombardier, KDR, MacConnell Dowell, Plenary Group  Provision of passenger operations, infrastructure, stations and system maintenance  BT direct scope:  E&M design and installation  Supply of 14 Flexity 2, 45 metre long 7 module LRVs with BTA carrying out product introduction and maintenance  Services scheduled from 2014
  • 18. PRIVATEANDCONFIDENTIAL ©BombardierInc.oritssubsidiaries.Allrightsreserved. Gold Coast Rapid Transit Vehicle Delivery  First vehicle is in transit from Europe for system testing Civils Construction  Wayside and track construction well advanced Depot construction  BT scope has included depot design and construction  Depot construction complete 18
  • 19. PRIVATEANDCONFIDENTIAL ©BombardierInc.oritssubsidiaries.Allrightsreserved. Local Content By Project Project % Local Content # Local Suppliers Total Project Value VLocity 2001-2011 70% 100+ Approx $600M (Over 10 years) VLocity 2012 Under development $125M Melbourne Trams 50% 300+ $303M Adelaide EMU 55% 14 0+ $269M PTA B Series (BTA Scope) 60% 44 $31M (BTA Scope)
  • 20. PRIVATEANDCONFIDENTIAL ©BombardierInc.oritssubsidiaries.Allrightsreserved. SUPPLY CHAIN EXAMPLE Location of Businesses in the Train Supply Chain Cluster Estimated Businesses Location Victoria 90+ NSW 19 Aust. Elsewhere 20 20 72 businesses in Melbourne’s southeast 20 businesses elsewhere in Melb/Vic Interstate businesses NSW 19 QLD 10 WA 2
  • 21. PRIVATEANDCONFIDENTIAL ©BombardierInc.oritssubsidiaries.Allrightsreserved.