Dr Pâl Haremo - Statoil ASA - Statoil’s shale interests in Northern Australia


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Dr Pâl Haremo delivered the presentation at the 2014 South East Asia Australia Offshore and Onshore Conference (SEAAOC).

SEAAOC is Northern Australia's largest and longest established petroleum conference and brings together major players involved within Australasia's oil, gas and petroleum industries. The event is run as a partnership between Informa Australia and the Department of the Chief Minister - Northern Territory Government of Australia.

For more information about the event, please visit: http://bit.ly/SEAAOC2014

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Dr Pâl Haremo - Statoil ASA - Statoil’s shale interests in Northern Australia

  1. 1. Statoil's shale interests in Northern Australia Pål Haremo Vice President Exploration SEAAOC Darwin 21 August 2014 2014-08-07Classification: Internal
  2. 2. Copyright©Statoil 2012.10.23 RDI Beijing: Recriutment campaign / 5
  3. 3. License overview 3 304 km Seismic Lines Pre 2013 Seismic Lines acq 2013, 304 km 2014 Drilling Program
  4. 4. Drilling Operations Oz-Alpha-1 2014-02-074 Classification: Internal
  5. 5. 5 2013-11-16Classification: Internal HSE Overview Statistics: • Total Man hours 148 000 • Total flights 94 • Land transport (km) 150 000 • Safety Inductions 262 Incidents; • First Aid Cases 3 • Equipment Damage 8 • Environment 3 minor spills No Serious Incidents
  6. 6. 2014-02-106 Classification: Internal Select well site location Apply for CLC Sacred Site Clearance Certificate and notify pastoralist Drilling Approval Process Commission environmental study and archaeological study Submit application to drill including drilling program and environmental management plan Revise application to meet specific requirements of the DME Receive approval and submit EMP summary for publication on DME website Conduct operations and submit daily report to DME Complete drilling and submit application to plug and abandon Receive approval and conduct abandonment operations Submit well completion report Rehabilitate site and commission report on rehabilitation Submit rehabilitation report and receive security bond refund
  7. 7. Main risks • Risk 1; Operational Logistics – Road Transport • Risk 2; Operational Logistics – Air transport Main mitigations • Mitigation 1; ERP,Statoil Australia driving policy, Outback Logistics Journey management, Satellite phones, Experienced Contractors , Risk consiousness • Mitigation 2; Flight safety equipment operated by trained personnel. Compliance to internal requirements and CASA standards. Accredited Flight operators approved by Statoil Flight Safety group. 2014-05-167 Classification: Internal Managing logistics
  8. 8. Operational status so far: Excellent performance 2014-04-268 Classification: Internal • US Onshore Knowledge transfer (Unconventionals) • Local lessons learned incorporated • Procurement achievements record time • Project schedule on track • Statoil / DME relationship • More than 121k man hours (June16th) • Close costs control / daily monitoring
  9. 9. SGB 2014 wells: data collection program 2014-01-219 Classification: Internal Information type Method Presence of movable oil Single stage small scale flow test (1-3 wells) Stress/fraccability Stress test (incl. DFIT) Rock mechanics on core Mineralogy from core (XRD) Wireline logs Permeability System permeability: DFIT (max 3 wells) Core analysis (challenging!) STOOIP / Pay zone Core analysis (porosity, saturation) Wireline logs Oil quality PVT of test oil (if possible) Geochemical analysis of oil and core extracts Source quality / maturity Core analysis • Wells will be selected for testing (DFIT, stress, production) based on: − Presence of oil in core (visual, core data, petrophysics) − Adequate reservoir properties (core data, petrophysics) − Production test dependent on DFIT results
  10. 10. 2014-06-1610 Classification: Confidential Core under white and ultraviolet light Core data Core under white and UV light
  11. 11. Image Log 2014-05-1511 Classification: Internal Analysis of the Image logs gives information regarding the horizontal stress directions Breakout (WNW-ESE) High confidence 20cm
  12. 12. Testing • More than sufficient vertical distance to Potable Water • Frac Gradient 0,95 psi/ft • Frac Height 107 m • Propped Lenght 60 m • Fluid volume > 600 Barrels • Prod Testing 12 days 2014-08-0712 Classification: Internal > 1000m
  13. 13. Presentation title Presenters name Presenters title E-mail address ……@statoil.com Tel: +4700000000 www.statoil.com 2014-08-0713 Classification: Internal