Hot cakes


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Hot cakes

  1. 1. HOT CAKESINGREDIENTSServings: 4250 grams of flour1 heaping tablespoon of baking soda6 large eggs with yolks separated300 ml of milk2 tablespoons melted butterPreparation methodPreparation: 40 minutes | Cooking time: 10 minutes1.Mezcla the flour and baking soda. Add egg yolks and beatbegins to incorporate as milk. Mix well until smooth and withoutlumps.2. Dejastands for 30 to 60 minutes.3. Bate egg whites until stiff.4. Derrite butter.5. Aggregate a spoonful of whites into the pancake dough andstir slowly. Pour the melted butter while still beating. Wrap theremaining whites.6. Salient nonstick skillet or griddle or passes a napkin withbutter on a regular skillet.7.Virtue an adequate portion of the dough on the pan. Turnwhen bubbles have burst raw side.8. Cosine the crude side for 5 seconds. DO NOT crush with aspatula as this prevents puffy.
  2. 2. FLAN NAPOLITANOINGREDIENTS:6 eggs.1 can of condensed milk.1 can of skim milk.1 cans media cream.2 Tbsp. vanilla.1 tablespoon2 Tbsp. tablespoons cornstarch (corn flour).1/2 cup brown sugar (for caramel).procedure:In blender mix all ingredients, except sugar, which is set tosimmer in the container in which we will make the flan, whensugar has taken a golden color, remove from the heat and addthe mixture from the blender and placed in a water bath for 30minutes, remove from the heat and gets into the refrigerator
  3. 3. CHILAQUILESINGREDIENTS:● 10 tortillas cut in the form of chips (5 or 6 pieces per tortilla) enough goldin corn oil and allowed to drain in a colander.● 1/2 liter of water.● 3 tomatoes.● 7 serrano chilies (or to taste, depending on how spicy you want).● 1/4 onion.● 3 garlic cloves.●A small bunch of epizooty.● Salt to taste.● pepper to taste.● One teaspoon chicken bouillon powder.Preparation of the sauce: Boil the tomatoes in water,only about 30 seconds to stop the cooking and to remove the skin,returning again to boil with serrano chilies. We boiled the tomatoes andpeppers are necessary to liquefy, along with the onion and the garlic clovesin the water they were boiled above the tomatoes and peppers, salsashould be a soupy, not thick. Besides in a skillet (as they say in Mexico) orin a pan fry the sauce in a little corn oil so that the flavors blend andfinally add the bundle of epizootic, season with salt, pepper and chickenbroth powder.When the sauce is boiling, you add the pieces of fried tortillas. If you wantchilaquiles thunderous, dipped the pieces of tortilla chips only for a fewseconds, take them out and serve. If you want more watery chilaquiles, leftpieces of fried tortillas in the sauce longer by way of tender.Served with sliced onion, and cream cheese sprinkled over the chilaquiles.Serve with black beans or pinto either.
  4. 4. COLD SOUPINGREDIENTS:200 g of macaroni pasta shape• 3 slices of pineapple in syrup• 3 slices of ham• 100 grams of yellow cheese• 250 gr of cream• ½ cup mayonnaise• 2 tbsp. onion• 3 green peppers pear shaped• 1 cup corn, carrots and peas cooked pre-• 5 canned peppers morons• Pepper• SaltCook the macaroni, drain and let cool. Put them in a large bowland enamels pineapple cut into small pieces, ham diced fat, 2chopped bell peppers, 1 diced green pepper, diced onion, peas,carrots and corn and stir carefully.In a bowl of the mixer, add the cheese, cream, mayonnaise, 3 bellpeppers, 2 green peppers, salt and pepper and beat well. Thissauce is added to the mixture and stir thoroughly but gently soas not to split the macaroni.
  5. 5. MilaneseINGREDIENTS:4 chicken supremeport salutes cheesehambreadcrumbscrushed oatseggsalt and pepper to tastePreparation:.First you must cut the chicken supreme half so they arethinner. Then place a few thin slices of cheese and ham..Beat the egg with pepper sally. Dip chicken in egg andthen the breadcrumbs (mixed with some oatmeal). Nowfry in very hot oil or take them to the oven...
  6. 6. SPAGUETTI GREENINGREDIENTS:2 packages of spaghetti1 can cream-milk brand I use nestleChicken bouillon powder to taste3 poblano peppers (green)3 medium cloves garlicButter.Preparation:1 I boil spaghetti in water containing all species a little oil and2 tablespoons chicken broth medium powder once cooked isremoved and rinsed with fresh water, on the other hand aremade roasted poblano chilies on the griddle.Two were locked in a bag so that they drop the peel, then takenout of the bag and takes away the peel, on the other hand putthem in the blender chilies, garlic, cream, broth salt to taste(the broth is salty), and ground on the other side put in a pan orbowl where I will put everything to boil.3 I put it on medium heat and put butter and empty there andlet the mixture is thickened and poured half the spaghetti andstir until thickened and
  7. 7. CHOCOFLANINGREDIENTS:1 box of cake flour for chocolate1 cup flour for pancakes3 eggs1 cup condensed milk1 cup whole milkCinnamon or vanilla (optional)Caveat to tasteNuts to tastepreparationPrepare the mixture to the chocolate cake according topackage directions, further agruegue flour for pancakes.Pour into greased and floured previously.Blend eggs, milk and cinnamon or vanilla agruegue.Once liquefied, pour over the cake mix, bake for 35 minuteslonger.Démodé flan and garnish with caramel and nuts.
  8. 8. FUNA CROQUETTESINGREDIENTS:(2 people):2 medium onions,2 cans of tuna, 2 eggs,1/2 kilo of green tomatoes,5 serrano chilies,1 garlic,a bit of onion,the necessary oil to fry the pancakesPreparation: Tuna Patties1-chop 2 onions diced and drained tuna mixed with broth, put the two eggsand stir well2-boil the tomatoes with chilies and once after 7 minutes put them in theblender with the garlic and onions .liquor everything.In a saucepan add a little oil and season. Moreover, in a frying pan heatenough oil to fry the pancakes I keep adding tuna mixed with onion,turning spoon when browned on both sides finally add pancakes all thetomato broth and simmer about 8 minutes.
  9. 9. RUSSIAN SALADINGREDIENTS:Peas: 100 grPotatoes: 400 grCarrot: 200 grpeas: 100 gmayonnaiseTuna: 2 cans (optional)PreparationUna tell time with these ingredients we start with Russian saladdressing using the following instructions:Mix the peas (or any other pea), cooked and cut potatoes intosmall cubes, cooked carrots, cubed and cooked peas. Themixture should be very thick, for it, add the mayonnaise slowlyso it is not too soft. It is a delicacy.To serve molds can be made with a large cup and place in thecenter of the plate on a Juliana lettuce and tomato slices. Allthis garnished with egg slices and black olives.
  10. 10. AVOCADO SALADINGREDIENTS:500goffreshripetomatoes•2 ripe avocados• 250gofslicedmozzarellacheese•several branches offresh basil•1 tbsp.) Vinegar•3 tablespoonsolive oilPreparationRecipeTomatoSaladwithAvocado:Step 1: Cut tomatoesslicedinto thin slices, removing the centralpartStep 2:Cut theavocados in half, removing the skinandboneandfleshcutinto slices.Step3:Placealternatingslicesoftomato, avocadoandmozzarellacheese. Season withsaltand black pepper, chopthe basiland sprinkleover saladconveniently.Step 4: Mix the oiland vinegarand add.
  11. 11. TIPSRevises the vegetables are ingood conditionBrowse the caloriesavoid consuming too much fatfruits and vegetables sways
  13. 13. 2doPARCIAL