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Published in: Technology
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  • 1. Delicious
    Alexa Holm
    Mariel Keener
    Kari Young
  • 2. To find it you go to
    You would use this tool to bookmark your favorite sites.
    You can use it as social bookmarking.
    This is a way for you to accumulate, categorize, find, and control all the info you find from web pages.
    What does the tool do and how does one find it?
  • 3. What are the features of this tool?
    Save links to your favorite web pages
    Make your bookmark public or private
    Share your bookmarks with who you want
    E-mail your bookmarks
    View your friends bookmarks and save them to your account
    Tag specific words in your article
    Access bookmarks from other people that have the same interests as you
    Access it anywhere where there is internet
    Blog with other delicious users
  • 4. You would use this tool to save your favorite websites all in one place.
    You can use delicious on any computer that has internet so it is better then the favorites button on your computer.
    It is helpful because if you are at school or at a friends and you want to pull up a website it will already be saved on your delicious account.
    You can also use it to e-mail a friend a website that you like and it can be bookmarked through delicious.
    Why would someone use this tool?
  • 5. Great way to keep all of your favorite sites together
    Use it to discover other interesting bookmarks on the web
    Share your bookmarks with others
    Get bookmarks that you like
    Other people using this tool
  • 6. You can share bookmarks with users and non users by using email and twitter.
    The search button has improved.
    Bookmark Add On for different web browsers.
    You don’t have to be on your computer to access your bookmarks.
    What’s surprising about this tool?
  • 7. Save all your websites in one place for a paper, project, etc.
    Go to other users tags and bookmarks, you don’t always have to use Google.
    If your bored, you can always look for popular bookmarks or a popular topic of your choice with a simple dropdown button of sections.
    Using this tool in and out of the Classroom
  • 8. You do not need to install anything to use Delicious.
    There are no limitations
    Unfortunately, no downloads specifically for iPhones or Blackberrys, but can still be used.
    Delicious is strictly web based.
  • 9. Delicious is completely free.
    Signing up is an easy three step process.
    Enter details
    Add buttons to your bookmarks bar
    Import existing bookmarks to Delicious
    Is it easy to set up an account and are there different account levels?
  • 10. Delicious gives you an easier and more organized way to keep your important pages and articles in one place
    Helps you go to one place when you need to cite the pages you used
    Good to find information on a specific topic.
    Share bookmarks with your friends or subscribe to interesting users.
    Good for Academic purposes
  • 11. Yes Delicious could be improved.
    Most importantly Delicious needs to add more question and answers to their FAQs. I would have like some tutorials or more explanations of how to use features on the site.
    Do you think this tool could be improved? How?
  • 12. Would you use this tool or recommend that others use it?  Why or why not?
    I would use Delicious in and out of school.
    It’s nice for organizing a large amount of web pages so they are easy to find.
    Delicious also can be used in a variety of ways.