IVIG: let’s talk information literacy in the Czech Republic - Ilona Trtíková, Lenka Belohoubková, Hana Landová, Ludmila Tichá.

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LILAC 2014 Poster

LILAC 2014 Poster

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  • 1. Information Literacy Prose Literacy 55% Document Literacy 40% Quantitative Literacy 55% Language Literacy 59% Ethical and legal aspects of information usage ICT Literacy 72% IVIG: let’s talk information literacy in the Czech Republic Ilona Trtíková1, Lenka Bělohoubková2 1 Czech Technical University in Prague, Central Library; ilona.trtikova@uk.cvut.cz 2University of Economics, Prague, Centre of Information and Library Services, belohoub@vse.cz The Information Education and Information Literacy Working Group (IVIG; www.ivig.cz/en) was established in 2000 and three years later became a part of the Association of Libraries of Czech Universities (ALCU; www.akvs.cz/en). IVIG’s members are academic librarians, as well as LIS schools faculty, LIS doctoral students and librarians from the special libraries. Model of information literacy created by Working group IVIG based on the IALS/SIALS model IL level in % - result of the student IL survey Pilot survey project on the information literacy level of university students LILAC 2014, 23 – 25 April, Sheffield, UK MAIN GOAL: • To find IL level of university students • To discover gaps, conditions, and opportunity for changes PARTIAL GOALS: • To create and test a tool to measure IL of university students • To prove methods of survey and comprehensible questionnaire • To compare level of IL components • To verify factors influencing the IL level • Confirming methods for national survey STARTING POINTS/THEORETICAL BACKGROUND: • Model of IL • Standards of information literate student HYPOTHESES: • Components of IL will reach different levels • IL courses attendance influences IL level • Students’ interest influences IL level • Students obliged to use scholarly information will achieve better level of IL DOCUMENTS: Characteristics of faculty, requirements on the students, IL of teachers, textbooks availability, electronic resources availability, IL support, IL courses RESPONDENTS: • Random sample RESULTS: • Hypotheses have been confirmed FINDINGS: The level of information literacy is influenced by: • Length of studies • Attendance of information literacy courses • Frequency of library use • Level of ICT skills • Subjective perception of the IL importance Language literacy is related to document literacy and prose literacy. The field of study influences numerical literacy. WHAT DOES NOT CORRELATE: • Efficiency and effectiveness vs. a preference for consulting colleagues • Efficiency and effectiveness vs. asking librarians • Subjective evaluation of the importance of information literacy vs. ICT literacy, numerical literacy or language literacy RESULTS Definitions of group of respondents according to their level of motivation and the demands of teachers: Students x Survey results Preferences in order: Effectiveness in order: Colleagues Courses Courses Questions asked to librarians High school Library materials Questions asked to Librarians Publications Library materials Colleagues NEAR FUTURE of SURVEY 2014 – preparation of new nationwide version, based on methods and results 2015 – launching survey + evaluation INTERESTED? CONTACT US! 0,0% 10,0% 20,0% 30,0% 40,0% 50,0% 60,0% 70,0% 80,0% 2006 2008 2010 2012 Library activities in IL libriarians participation in university compulsory and optional courses compulsory and optional courses guaranteed by library library e-learning compulsory and optional courses IVIG main goal: students´development 0,0% 10,0% 20,0% 30,0% 40,0% 50,0% 60,0% 70,0% 80,0% 90,0% 100,0% 2006 2008 2010 2012 Librarians - self learning activities conferences, workshops journals acquisition of IL books electronic discussion groups IVIG main goal: support of teaching librarians/ IL specialits Results of biannual survey focusing on IL educational activities implemented and organized by academic libraries in the Czech Republic GROUP A Low motivation to use library services Low use of scholarly information 6% of respondents GROUP C High motivation to use library services Low use of scholarly information 35% of respondents GROUP B High motivation to use library services High use of scholarly information 55% of respondents GROUP D Low motivation to use library services High use of scholarly information 4% of respondents 40% IL Index 46% IL Index 58% IL Index 51% IL Index We are looking for partners for: DISCUSSION CONSULTATION COLLABORATION PARTICIPATION