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Views for hackers
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Views for hackers


Published on

Overview of Views programming for Drupal developers. Presented at Pacific Northwest Drupal Summit, Vancouver 2010. …

Overview of Views programming for Drupal developers. Presented at Pacific Northwest Drupal Summit, Vancouver 2010.

There's a module for that!

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  • 1. VIEWS for HACKERS an overview of Views programming Karim Ratib (infojunkie@drupal) There's a module for that!
  • 2. OUTLINE CONTEXT problem trivia   ARCHITECTURE overview  file structure workflow components  hooks functions   EXAMPLES from views.module and other contrib modules
  • 3. CONTEXT // problem coding node lists is boring coding node lists with filters is boring +1 coding node lists with different themes is boring +10 ... merlinofchaos chose to code all this for us!
  • 4. CONTEXT // trivia
      • First checkin: Fri Nov 25 20:33:09 2005 UTC (4 years, 10 months ago) by merlinofchaos
      • Lines of code: 95K+
       wc -l `find ./ -type f`    
      • 3rd party sub-modules: 160+  
      • 5.
      •   Usage
           235K          Drupal       343K       CCK       217K  
  • 6. ARCHITECTURE // overview SELECT n.title, fields FROM {node} n base table INNER JOIN {users} u ON n.uid = u.uid relationship WHERE n.status = 1 filters hook_menu() : nodes/list display (page) theme('item_list', $results); style (list)
  • 7. ARCHITECTURE // file structure views / Drupal façade     ./includes core: view, query, utilities, base classes     ./handlers SQL add-ons: fields, filters, arguments,                                    relationships, sort      ./plugins non-SQL add-ons: display, style, row,                                  arg default, arg validator, access, cache, query (3.x), exposed form (3.x), pager (3.x)      ./theme theme and preprocessor files      ./modules data models + specialized handlers          ./node         ./user         ./taxonomy ...
  • 8. ARCHITECTURE // workflow BUILD init components, get arguments, generate SQL view::build() EXECUTE execute SQL, store results view::execute() RENDER execute theme functions view::render()
  • 9. ARCHITECTURE // components // 1 containment relationships
  • 10. ARCHITECTURE // components // 2 plugin type relationships
  • 11. ARCHITECTURE // components // 3 handler type relationships
  • 12. ARCHITECTURE // hooks docs/docs.php grep -Er 'module_|drupal_alter' * hook_views_api() hook_views_default_views(), _alter() hook_views_pre_view() hook_views_pre_build() hook_views_pre_execute() hook_views_pre_render() hook_views_post_render() hook_views_query_alter() hook_views_query_substitutions() hook_views_analyze() hook_views_plugins(), _alter() hook_views_handlers() hook_views_convert() hook_views_data(), _alter() hook_views_exportables() hook_views_preview_info_alter() hook_views_tabset_alter() hook_views_admin_links_alter() hook_ajax_data_alter()
  • 13. ARCHITECTURE // functions views_get_view() load object by id or name views_get_view_result() execute to array views_embed_view() render to string
  • 14. EXAMPLES style plugin base type and data model field handler filter handler exposed filter summary style plugin access plugin
  • 15. Karim Ratib (infojunkie@drupal) There's a module for that! http://there is a module for Thank you!