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Prezentare Scoala 1 Piscu Galati
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Prezentare Scoala 1 Piscu Galati






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Prezentare Scoala 1 Piscu Galati Presentation Transcript

  • 1. PISCU_GALATI_ROMANIA September 2010
  • 2. Location of Romania on green– on the European continent (light green & grey)– in the European Union (light green)
  • 3. COUNTRY ROMANIA România is a country located at the crossroads of Central and Southeastern Europe, north of the Balkan Peninsula, on the Lower Danube, within and outside the Carpathian arch, bordering on the Black Sea. Almost all of the Danube Delta is located within its territory. Romania shares a border with Hungary and Serbia to the west, Ukraine and the Republic of Moldova to the northeast, and Bulgaria to the south
  • 4. COUNTY GALATIDevelopment regionSouth-EastHistoricregionMoldaviaCapital cityGalaţiTotal area4,466 km2.
  • 5. Galati city is a harbour
  • 6. Galati city seen from the Danube.
  • 7. GalatiGalati Danube cliff River station on Danube
  • 8. Tourist sightsGalaţi has a fine 20th century RomanianOrthodox cathedral- St. Nicholas (Sfântul Nicolae)and another particularly striking fortified church(that of St. Mary- Sf. Precista) on the bank of theDanube, which was built in 1647 by Vasile Lupu(legend has it that a tunnel was dug from the Romanian Orthodoxchurch and under the river).Other features of the Church Cathedral of St.city include a botanical garden, several museums, Nicholas.a television tower opened to the public andoffering full view of the city, the newly-restoredGalaţi Opera House, and a sculpture park lining apromenade of several kilometres along the bankof the Danube.
  • 9. Central Street ,, Braila”
  • 10. Prefecture building( regional county muncipality )
  • 11. Church ,,Precista” sec XVII
  • 12. Education in Galati"Dunărea de Jos"University was founded in1951 as a Naval andMechanical EngineeringInstitute and givenuniversity status in 1974,by merging thePolytechnical Institute (thesuccessor of the initialInstitute) with the Collegeof Education (founded in1959).
  • 13. Danubius UniversityBuilding History  “Danubius” University, established in 1992, is a non- profit institution of higher education, a juridical person of private law and public utility, part of the National Education System. "Danubius" University trains specialists, researchers and leaders in the legal, economical and social domains.
  • 14. Teachers House GALATI  The city is also a host to other educational and cultural institutions; among these, the "Vasile Alecsandri" and "Mihail Kogălniceanu" National Colleges rank as the first pre-university level educational institutions in Galaţi and in the country.
  • 15. Dramatical Theater The Musical Theater
  • 16. Remarkable architectural structuresGalaţi TV Tower a 150-metre hightelecommunicationtower built ofconcrete, also usedfor FMbroadcasting.
  • 17. Danube Promenade at night
  • 18. Natural Sciences Museum Galati
  • 19. Braila Boulevard
  • 20. The entrance area in Galati
  • 21. EconomyThe city has the largest iron andsteel plant in Romania theArcelor-Mittal Galaţi, state-owned until 2001. It is stillcommonly referred to under theold name "Sidex". Also, the countrys largestshipyard on Danube is locatedhere, benefiting from the goodaccess Galaţi has to the BlackSea through the Danube andthe short distance between itsfacilities and the Mittal Plant.Galaţi is also a bordercheckpoint to Moldova.
  • 22. PISCU VILLAGEIt has the followingconstituent villages:Piscu and Vameş.Population (2002) 5,070
  • 24. Our folk group of mennamed ,, Jienii”The monument of ,, Stefancel Mare” , a great rulerwho founded the village.
  • 26. Manager and headmaster : Anisoara Vrinceanu School is located in the center, next town hall, police station, human dispensary. Evaluation of existing vehicles: the commune is located on both sides of the national road DN 25 and the track, at a distance of 30 km. From Galati and 47 km from the city Tecuci. Means of communication: telephone-line, Internet, fax.
  • 27. ,, Quality EDUCATION isOur values: made by quality PEOPLE”ProfessionalismIntegritySympathyCommunicationUnity School team
  • 28. SCHOOL MISSION:  School will conduct an educational environment based on trust and openness to the social partners: students, parents, local community members  School will offer students the best opportunity for academic and social integration in a society which changes permanently.  School will help to preserve local conditions to enable students to recognize their national identity in the great family of European nations.
  • 29. Materials Human resourcesresources Construction: 2 buildings Primary Secondary building A-inv.gimnazial; building B-inv.primar Students 109 154 Classrooms-12 Teachers 5 15 Laboratory: biology, School 1 computer science, physics, secretary chemistry Librarian Part time Other features: -Library - 11,500 volumes Chief 1 -Cabinet media - television, accountant video, DVD, video camera, Minibus 1 fax, PC 25 driver Cleaning 1 2 staff Plumber 1
  • 30. SCHOOL PROJECTSCOORDINATOR OF THE PROJECT TEAMS 1999-2002 ,, Educatia 2000 +” PILOT SCHOOL in NATIONAL PROJECT "Education 2000+” School development project for teachers and students This program was built on a macro system objective, namely to trigger the reform of the Romanian education system by drafting "grass root" change implementation models and patterns, which, in their turn, can be replicated later on nationwide. Our "grass root" philosophy has contributed to the development of a new education reform "culture" in Romania.
  • 31. Environmental & Civic Education 2003 - Environmental Project  Community action projects ”Water-living community‘ on environmental issues, partners EarthFriends, Galati , conducted in partnership Powerful Information, United with NGO Earth Friends Kingdom from Galati. 2004 - environmental project, “  We improved teaching The world that we are partners” and environmental EarthFriends -Galati and Powerful education, and helped Information, United Kingdom; Prize students become better I county stage, Phase II national citizens through hands-on award environmental projects . 2005 – Project ”Organic agriculture, alternative local  Funding for those projects development partners was provided by The EarthFriends-Galati and Powerful Alice Ellen Cooper-Dean Information, United Kingdom; Prize Charitable Foundation in county phase; Mention Award Project Powerfful National Phase Information Moldavia 2005 - Intercultural Project in Moldova,”Togheteher in Europe‘ partners l Friends of the Earth- Galati-UK PowerfuInformation
  • 32. School development projects: 2006 "LOCAL JOURNALISM  All of the projects were CENTER- INFOPRESS PISCU„„ carried out by multi- conducted by the Rural Education disciplinary teams of Project, grant 10.000 Euro PIR teachers, and a number 2007-Project Grant "VALUING involved collaborations LEISURE THROUGH between teachers from EXTRACURRICULAR ACTIVITIES different schools. The work as AND CLUBS‟‟ Grant MECT a whole was designed to 10,000 Euro build confidence, encourage initiative and improve the communication skills of students and teachers, as well as strengthening links between schools and their local community
  • 33. Science projects: “Science and Environment!” 2007- “Discover the science in a…bottle of juice!” 2008-  We initiated the project called “Discover the science in”Food additives in the…bottle of juice!” within the national contest of out-of-school microprojects called “Science in society”. The contest was our food. started by the “Earth Friends” environment association in Galatz and “Powerful Information” organization in Great Britain with the help of the Environ foundation.  6 teachers and 40 students from the Vth to VIIth grades (aged between 11 and 14) developed the connection between Chemistry, Biology and health education elements and the students’ daily life through out-of-school activities. Another intention is to develop a positive change in the children’s nourishment together with their parents and other members of the community with long term benefic effects on their health.
  • 34.  Under the pretext of studying the chemical composition of juice we want to stimulate the pupils’ scientific curiosity, to develop the skills of making simple and attractive chemical experiments after their school programme.
  • 35. Contest "Young Ambassadors againstClimate Change” Organized by the Terra Foundation Third Millennium, ALMA-RO Association and Climate Action Network Romania (RAC-RO) First prize at the county national finals 2008 Gelu Musca , class VIII, Sch. No1 Piscu TITLE: "Together for the future of the planet Slogan: BE GREEN... our future and the Earth is in your hands! 2009 Silvia Radu , class VIII, Sch. No1 Piscu CAMPAIGN TITLE:,,Nature needs friends, especially today and tomorrow.” Slogan: The Sun would extinguish if nobody loved nature anymore. The campaign will start with a debate on "If the world refuses sun light, brightening the last day would come soon." http://www.rac-ro.ngo.ro/concurs08/?cmd[312]=c-1- %22Lucr%E3rile%20finali%BAtilor%22
  • 36. 2009-2011  SPARE is much more than a usual school program, as it not only gives knowledge, but invites schoolchildren to conduct independent investigations, and stimulate interest for applying various scientific achievements. SPARE assists in practical matters to increase the effective use of energy in the school and at home. The results of the investigations and practical findings of school children in the International educational program sphere of energy efficiency can for school children SPARE (School be useful for all - parents, Program for Application of friends and neighbors. Resources and Energy). www.spareworld.org http://rac-ro.ngo.ro
  • 37. Work shop
  • 38. Romanian small communities, schools and NGOs,promote friendly climate solutions ! Project description The project is the initiative of Prietenii Pamantului – PP (Earth Friends) association(RO), Norge Naturvernforbund – NCSN (National Society for protection of Nature)(NO), and Reteaua de Actiune pentru Clima - RAC-RO (Romanian Network for Climate Action) (RO). It will be implemented in 6 different Counties in Romania in cooperation with the Norwegian partner in the next two years. The project continues and develops activities of the partners aimed for mitigating climate changes and will contribute to the Romanian NGOs capacity building to address so complex issues in cooperation with local authorities and the public, especially from rural areas and small communities. Pilot activities in a defavorised area will demonstrate practical solutions and a new concept of participative decision-making for improving the energy planning and management will be replicated in other locations in Romania.
  • 39. 2010GREEN COMUNITIES SPARE SCHOOLS Local Energy Planning  “ Energy and Environment” Committees (LEPC) Piscu We apply the model of International SPARE Contest local energy planning committee and project  Six students from the two management and the Rural Sustainable Development schools from Piscu Centre in Brusturoasa, participated in SPARE Bacau county, equipped and able to run training competition. and practical demonstrative activities on Chiric Marian, student from bio-and solar energy for villagers,schools and local Sc.nr.2 Piscu was selected for authorities. the international stage
  • 40. 2011The main expected results of the project are: Developing of educational manuals and teacher training to assist Schools in implemeting energy issues, extracurricular activities and dissemination about the participative process and climate change issues. Establishment of 10 pilot schools and having at least 30 schools involved in the program.http://www.comunitativerzi.ro/img_upload/df57e4e 5da9428101a8c16673fd66e05/the_project.pdf
  • 41. Happy school