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The reports of the most recent statistics from ‘American College Health Association’ point out that 81% of the students from American Colleges suffer extreme exhaustion by the time they reach term end of their first year. You can well imagine the amount of energy remaining with them for completing their courses and getting themselves ready for the job market.

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Careers in infographics

  1. 1. Careers in infographics
  2. 2. The reports of the most recent statisticsfrom ‘American College Health Association’point out that 81% of the students fromAmerican Colleges suffer extremeexhaustion by the time they reach term endof their first year. You can well imagine theamount of energy remaining with them forcompleting their courses and gettingthemselves ready for the job market.
  3. 3. And I believe ,half of them must havebeen thinking that they should haveopted for an alternative career instead ofwhat they have been studying. Here is aninsight into an altogether different career,if you are someone with the zeal to be ina creative career , being a trendsetter.Well, this career would require a bit ofyour basic creative flairs in language andart, and a bit of sleuthing skills.
  4. 4. Did you consider having a career ininfographics? If you haven’t given it athought as yet, and are still thinking of acareer in the conventional lines, do visitthis link to have a fair idea of the earningpotentials in various careers withdegrees and certificates. It would alsogive you an insight into the fast growingcareers.
  5. 5. You would find the web thronging withinfographics of various careers which arecomparatively challenging as well aspromising if you have the nerves to go forit, instead of following the traditionalpath. However, you can really considerbuilding up a career in infographics.
  6. 6. A career in infographics would lead you toa vast pool of knowledge workers andinfluential contacts, as businesses in thecurrent digital world cannot do withoutinfographics. Visitors on the web hardlyspare 5 minutes of their life browsing onthe web, while making the mostimportant decisions of their life.
  7. 7. Hence it is very important thatbusinesses present their businessinformation crisply and attractively tothe customers with such shortattention span. It is your infographicsskills that can build or ruin a companyand push you up the ladder or throwyou down in the bin.
  8. 8. What are theessential skills thatyou require for thiscareer? An analyticmind with anartistic edge to it,and willingness tolearn and discovernew things, andbasic skills incomputers- theseare the onlyessential traits thatyou require to beinto this career.
  9. 9. If you have that creative bent of mind, and awillingness to understand the market, and howthe market works, and are open enough toresearch carefully study other people’s work, andare able to appreciate their works, and if youdevelop the capability of analyzing their workand clearly distinguishing your positives andnegatives related to that work, you have alreadyclimbed half the ladder. Employers are huntingfor talented people on the social media likefacebook, pinterestetc as well as throughprofessional networking too for their company.Does it sound interesting and lucrative enough?