Tips for Finding the Right IT Consultant for Your Business


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Tips for Finding the Right IT Consultant for Your Business

  1. 1. Tips for Finding the Right ITConsultant for Your Business
  2. 2. Introduction In today’s world, IT or information technology is just as important as any business system. Within the structure of a standard business, IT consulting plays a big role to keep the whole information technology machine rolling along and keep the business healthy. IT consulting generally covers technical support, networking, hardware and software repair, hosting, assessment and backing up computer systems.
  3. 3. Introduction Some organizations have IT departments or employees in-house, but many bring in outside consultants to handle this task. Here are some tips for finding the right IT consultant for your business.
  4. 4. Experience in the Industry It’s wise to hire an IT consulting firm that has experience in the IT industry, and experience in your industry, if possible. As an example, IT firm Infoconsol in Toronto provide service to a broad range of industries, including:  Automotive  Energy and Utilities  Banking  Insurance Industry  Aerospace and Defense  Media  Consumer Products  Retail Industry  Electronics  Wholesale Distribution  Healthcare  Telecommunications  Financial Markets
  5. 5. Experience in the Industry Choosing an IT consulting firm that has experience over a wide range of clients increases the likelihood that they have experience in your industry and have seen all of the issues that come up on a regular basis.
  6. 6. Satisfied Clients Speaking with satisfied clients is always a wonderful gauge when you’re planning on hiring any type of consultant. Ask to speak with references before you sign on, and ask those references all the questions you’d want to know about a company that is doing your IT consulting. Most people will be more than willing to share their experiences, especially if they were bad, so if you hear a good report you can be sure they did a good job.
  7. 7. Which Approach Is Best? According to the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs, there are two basic approaches when it comes to consultants; they either provide the knowledge approach or the people approach.  The Knowledge Approach – the consultant that uses the knowledge approach works for you. This approach works well for straightforward, technical jobs like many associated with IT consulting.  The People Approach – the consultant who uses a people approach doesn’t just work for you, but works with you. If the entire community or organization should become involved, using the people approach type of consultant is typically best.
  8. 8. Which Approach Is Best? Depending on the type of IT consulting you need, either type of approach can be effective. The important part is to sit down and decide which one is the best fit before making a choice.
  9. 9. Where to Look Some of the places you might want to look for IT consulting include:  Online  Word-of mouth referrals  Accessing professional organizations  Contacting placement or consulting companies  Placing an online or newspaper ad detailing your needs
  10. 10. The Selection Process You may hit on the right IT consulting firm early on in the process, but if you are interested in a more substantial search, you may want to follow this process:  Make first contact and provide your needs.  Request proposals from the various firms.  Analyze and assess each proposal.  Create a short list. This may have three to five finalists.  Conduct interviews of the short list, being as in-depth as possible.  Check all of the references.  Choose your IT consultant.
  11. 11. The Selection Process Whether you go with an individual or a company that specializes in IT depends on your needs, the size of your organization and your budget. You don’t need to hire more than you really need, but bringing in less help than you need to save some money is also a poor decision.
  12. 12. The Selection Process Sit back and think of all the different IT elements your business uses on a daily basis, then think of the potential consequences if that system were to fail in some capacity. No company has a foolproof solution to IT, and IT consulting is always evolving. Just try to follow some of the previous guidelines and you should be on the right track to finding the ideal IT consultant to keep your system healthy into the future.