[Webinar] Top Strategies for Successful Big Data Projects


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Big Data expert and Infochimps Product Manager Tim Gasper shares insights and explains how to effectively execute your Big Data project while avoiding the most common pitfalls.

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[Webinar] Top Strategies for Successful Big Data Projects

  1. 1. #bdsuccess top strategies for successful big data projects Tim Gasper Product Manager Infochimps, Inc. Request a Demo
  2. 2. #bdsuccess #1 big data platform for the cloud some of our customers our partners Request a Demo
  3. 3. #bdsuccess big data data science big data application development big data business intelligence Request a Demo
  4. 4. #bdsuccess agenda • why you care about big data • too many big data projects fail • 7 strategies for success • q&a Request a Demo
  5. 5. #bdsuccess poll Request a Demo
  6. 6. #bdsuccess BIG DATA • volume • scalable • velocity • intelligent • variety • agnostic • variability • holistic • veracity Request a Demo
  7. 7. #bdsuccess use cases oldies but goodies new school • website and systems • brand and sentiment analysis log analysis • targeted marketing and • large scale transaction personalization analysis • customer insights / behavior • trade performance • big data business intelligence analytics • predictive modeling • risk analysis and fraud • intelligent systems detection • large-scale data mining and • geo/spatial analysis cleansing Request a Demo
  8. 8. #bdsuccess 44% of big data projects are cancelled versus 25% for IT projects in general and many more fail to achieve project objectives Infochimps/SSWUG Enterprise Big Data Survey 2012 Dynamic Markets Enterprise IT Survey 2008 Request a Demo
  9. 9. #bdsuccess poll Request a Demo
  10. 10. #bdsuccesswhy do projects fail? • business • inaccurate scope • not enough time / deadlines busted • non-cooperation between departments • having the right talent / lack of expertise • technical • technical or roll-out roadblocks • gathering data from different sources • finding and understanding tools, platforms, technologies Request a Demo
  11. 11. #bdsuccesshow do I prevent failure? mapping common challenges to 7 simple strategies for big data project success Request a Demo
  12. 12. #bdsuccess define the problem • what are your business goals • identify the greatest opportunities and challenges • eat a frog Request a Demo
  13. 13. #bdsuccess think BIG and be SPECIFIC • what big goal are you tackling • don’t waste your time • is it specific enough • is there a project • you can’t eat an elephant in one bite • get to something you can measure • set your priorities Request a Demo
  14. 14. #bdsuccess identifying projects • new business initiatives • enhancements to current operations, systems, and processes • replacements for legacy operations, systems and processes Request a Demo
  15. 15. #bdsuccess map priorities to technologies • business value  technology • think high-level because the tech is changing rapidly • impala vs hive vs hadapt vs vertica vs … • batch vs real-time • proprietary vs open • DIY vs IaaS vs PaaS vs SaaS Request a Demo
  16. 16. #bdsuccess poll Request a Demo
  17. 17. #bdsuccess hit the ground running • avoid analysis paralysis • take a phased approach • test and iterate as you go • you’ve done your homework, you have your compass • know what to do with the data Request a Demo
  18. 18. #bdsuccess manage scope creep • manage requirements and expectations • manage complexity • manage people creep • manage technology creep Request a Demo
  19. 19. #bdsuccess embrace the cross-organizational nature of big data • who are your initial users • who else can benefit • other departments • other use cases • other data sources, systems, and tools • what are the next steps Request a Demo
  20. 20. #bdsuccess drive business value • don’t be driven by technology, be driven by business needs • what is the point of big data • NOT a cost center • time to business value • speed to insight • data driven decisions • go FAST and do AWESOME Request a Demo
  21. 21. #bdsuccess Request a Demo
  22. 22. #bdsuccessLet’s discuss your big data projects and ideas. infochimps.com/free-big-data-consultation sales@infochimps.com follow us: @infochimps Request a Demo