Agile Development at Infochimps
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Agile Development at Infochimps



Originally presented by Nathan Eliot as an Ignite talk at Devopsdays Austin (April 3, 2012) and again at Agile Austin (June 12, 2012). ...

Originally presented by Nathan Eliot as an Ignite talk at Devopsdays Austin (April 3, 2012) and again at Agile Austin (June 12, 2012).

Ties to Nathan's Infochimps blog post, This is How We Do It:



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Agile Development at Infochimps Agile Development at Infochimps Presentation Transcript

  • Big Data Made Easy
  • We use a lot of new-tech tools
  • We’ve written a lot of new tech tools Ironfan Wukong Chef specialization for Ruby library for Hadoop Big Data in the cloud Wonderdog Swineherd Hadoop interface for Workflow engine for ElasticSearch Hadoop jobs
  • But it’s not about the technology… … it’s about the culture
  • Hiring Process Technical Team Initial Full Initial Pass Phone Interview Contract Employment Interview
  • Management Structure Flat: I regularly talk with C-level folks Open: Everyone has well-understood roles Fair: Leadership leads, not orders about Understanding: Problems are addressed, not blamed
  • Employee Support Fully stocked kitchen Daily group lunches Employee joy fund and voting Company outings, both impromptu and formal Some fun and games, too
  • Employee Development Employee’s focus is largely self-directed Lack of experience is (almost) never a determining factor Common language for problems and frustration Make employees awesomely valuable, and totally uninterested in leaving
  • Technical Culture Good ideas can come from anyone Fail forward, not roll-back Repeatability is your friend Automate out of boredom or fear, not efficiency Failure from audacity is better than failure from inaction
  • Infrastructure Choices More assumed access for developers Small, decoupled, late-binding wherever possible Build anew, rather than repurpose an old Actively pull unused code and data from production
  • Beyond DevOps NoOps +1: everyone technically does part of Ops, it’s just my specialty AllOps: product & marketing can help Ops, and vise versa It’s all about removing barriers to being awesome, everywhere
  • What’s next? How do we handle the impedance mismatch between our model and our clients’ models? What do we do as the company grows beyond the size of the monkeysphere? How should we tackle user segmentation and security as we build our Platform out?
  • Contact Us – We’re Hiring! 855-DATA-FUN