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Programa Científico del Foro Europeo de Trastorno Bipolar Más información en

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Programa Científico IRBD 2012

  1. 1. The 12th International Review of Bipolar Disorders 21 - 23 May 2012 Nice, France www.irbd.orgDay 1 - Monday 21 May 2012 - Proposed Programme08.30 Registration/POSTER SET UP09.00 IRBD 2012 Welcome and Introduction President: Prof J M Azorin (Fr) Chairman: Dr E Hantouche (Fr) Local committee: Prof J Allilaire (Fr), Prof D Pringuey (Fr), Dr P Robert (Fr)09.15 Opening Plenary : The Future of Bipolar Spectrum Chair: Dr E Hantouche (Fr) Speaker: Prof H Akiskal (US)09.45 Plenary 1: Bipolar Spectrum from Bridge Study and International Studies Chair: Prof A Young (UK) Speaker: Prof J Angst (Ch)10.15 Coffee10.45 European Bipolar Forum I: New Insights in Soft Bipolarity and Emotion Regulation Chairs: Prof J M Azorin (Fr) Validating cyclothymia in youth Prof E Youngstrom (US) / Dr A Van Meter (US) Intra-bipolar dichotomy: specificity of cyclothymia Dr E Hantouche (Fr) The affective and emotional composite temperament model and scale (AFECTS): utility for the evalua- tion and treatment of mood disorders Dr D Lara (Br) Temperaments across the spectra of mood disorders Prof J Angst (Ch)12.45 Lunch POSTER VIEWING13.45 Plenary 2: Stress and Bipolar Disorder Chair: Prof A Swann (US) Speaker: Prof A Young (UK)14.15 Plenary 3: Subsyndromal Bipolar in the New Nosology Chair: Prof E Karam (Lb) Speaker: Prof A Okasha (Eg) Cont../... A Cortex Congress Conference PROGRAMME CO-CHAIRS
  2. 2. The 12th International Review of Bipolar Disorders 21 - 23 May 2012 Nice, France www.irbd.orgDay 1 Cont../...14.45 Science Update 1: Bipolar Disorders: Poised for Interactive 1: Mania Phenotypes discovery? Chair: Prof D Pringuey (Fr) Chair: Prof J Allilaire (Fr) Mania phenotypes: findings from cluster analy- Addressing the likelihood to express clinical ses symptoms from a genetic tendency Prof J Azorin (Fr) Prof J Kelsoe (US) Hyperthymic vs clyclothymic BP-I disorder New perspectives from research to care and pre- Prof G Perugi (I) vention Prof M Leboyer (Fr)15.45 Interactive 2: Management of difficult cases in Science Update 2: French Networks: Research Bipolar Disorder on Affective Disorders Chair: Prof F Bellivier (Fr) Mania in neuropsychiatric disorders. Focus in post-stroke mania French Expert Centre Network: first data Prof M L Figueira (P) Prof C Henry (Fr) Mania Dr J Cookson (UK) Functional brain imaging of unipolar and bipolar depression: differences and similarities ADHD/bipolar patients; distinctions and similari- Prof Fossatti (Fr) ties Dr V Syrstad/Dr K Odegaard (No) Comorbid addiction in Bipolar Disorder: results Postpartum Depression from the French Expert Centre Network Dr J Masmoudi (Fr) Prof F Bellivier (Fr)16.45 Refreshments17.15 Interactive 3: Assessment of Hypomania: Interactive 4: Geriatric Bipolarity Methodological Issues Chairs: Prof J M Azorin (Fr)/Dr P H Robert (Fr) Chair: Prof E Karam (Lb) Introducing “BP-VI” within the Bipolar Spectrum BP-II recognition in primary care Dr D Lara (Fr) Prof Z Rihmer (Hu) Treating late onset Bipolar Disorder Correlates of under-diagnosis of Bipolar Disor- Dr A Kaladjian (Fr) ders Prof E Karam (Lb) Plenary 4: Pathophysiology of psychosis and Plenary 5: How much bipolar schizoaffective novel approaches to treatment disorder is?18.15 Chair: Dr J Cookson (UK) Chair: Prof E Vieta (Es) Speaker: Prof A Grace (US) Speaker: Dr A Murru (Es)18.45 Evening Lecture: Tackling stigma through theatre - “That’s Just Crazy Talk” by Victoria Maxwell Speaker: Prof Erin Michalak (Ca)19.30 CLOSE Day 120.30 Closed Committee Meeting & Dinner A Cortex Congress Conference PROGRAMME CO-CHAIRS
  3. 3. The 12th International Review of Bipolar Disorders 21 - 23 May 2012 Nice, France www.irbd.orgDay 2 - Tuesday 22 May 201209.00 European Bipolar Forum II: Bipolar Spectrum in special conditions Chairs: Prof L Dell’Osso (I)/Prof H Akiskal (US) Sub-threshold Bipolar and reaction to stress and grief Prof L Dell’Osso (I) Affective temperaments and alcoholism Prof A Erfurth (At) Criminal conviction, impulsivity and course of illness in Bipolar Disorder Prof A Swann (US)10.10 Science Update 3: Risk and Bipolar Disorder Interactive 5: Bipolar Breakthrough: “BP-II B” Chair: Prof L Dell’Osso (I) Chair: Prof A Erfurth (At) Speaker: Prof J Scott (UK) Speaker: Dr R Fieve (US)10.30 Refreshments11.00 Debate Forum: Lithium Use for Bipolar Disorder - does the LiTMUS trial change anything? Chair: Prof A Young (UK) Speaker For: Dr P Grof (Ca) Speaker Against: Dr R Fieve (US)11.45 Lundbeck-sponsored Symposium Bipolar I disorder: Early and accurate diagnosis and treatment Chair: Allan Young (UK) Clinically relevant subtypes of Mania Giulio Perugi (I) Taking a broader view: New perspectives on the functional outcome Lars Häggström (Se) Asenapine, a multifunctional antipsychotic. From pharmacology to clinical benefits Eduard Vieta (Es)13.15 Lunch Cont../... A Cortex Congress Conference PROGRAMME CO-CHAIRS
  4. 4. The 12th International Review of Bipolar Disorders 21 - 23 May 2012 Nice, France www.irbd.orgDay 2 Cont../...14.15 Plenary 6: Functional Remediation of Bipolar Oral Platform Session I Disorder Temperaments as mediators of suicide risk, hopelessness Chair: Prof E Vieta (Es) and psychopathology in bipolar disorders Speaker: Dr A Martinez-Aran (Es) Maurizio Pompili The association between impulsivity and behaviour in indi- viduals who screen positive on the Mood Disorders Ques- tionnaire Burden, J. Corcoran, R. Morris, R. Objective versus Self-Report Measures of Impulsivity and History of Suicide Attempt in Youth with Bipolar Disorder Sally M. Weinstein, Ph.D., Woo-Young Ahn, B.S., Amy E. West, Ph.D., and Mani Pavuluri, M.D., Ph.D.14.45 Bipolar disorder understanding: bridging evidence-based medicine and daily practice Chairman: Prof Jean Michel Azorin (Fr) Wave BD : a 360 degree real world evidence bipolar disorder perspective Prof Eduard Vieta (Es) Bipolar depressive polarity care: the challenge of translating EBM in clinical practice Prof Philip Gorwood (Fr)15.45 Comfort Break16.15 Plenary 7: A 3-year, open label study of adjunc- Oral Platform Session II tive Memantine in Treatment-resistant Bipolar Can sophisiticated methods of evidence synthesis offer bet- Disorder ter clinical decisions for treatment of bipolar mania? Chair: Prof M Pompili (I) Aysegul Yildiz, Eduard Vieta, Mateusz Nikodem, Christoph U. Speaker: Prof G Serra (I) Correll, Ross J Baldessarini Deterministic dynamics of daily mood over 5 years in a pa- tient with affective disorder João Guilherme Ribeiro, Carlos Lourenço16.45 Plenary 8: Mixed states: diagnostic and thera- Creativity and Bipolar Disorder: Family Study of 300,000 Pa- peutic implications tients Chair: Prof E Vieta (Es) Mikael Landen Speaker: Prof I Pacchiarotti (Es) Prevention of Postpartum Psychosis in Women at High Risk Veerle Bergink, Paul F. Bouvy, Jeroen S.P.Vervoort, Kathelijne M. Koorengevel, Eric A.P. Steegers, Steven A. Kushner Cognitive inhibition and affective priming effect in Major Depressive Disorder B Gohier, D Denes, M Briere, CR Mesu, G Fournis, SA Surgu- ladze, D le Gall, JB Garre Mood Variability in Adult Women Sarah Romans, David Kreindler, MD; Eriola Asllani MSc., Gillian Einstein, PhD; Sheila Laredo, MD; Anthony Levitt, MD; Brenda Toner, PhD; Donna Stewart, MD Cont../... A Cortex Congress Conference PROGRAMME CO-CHAIRS
  5. 5. The 12th International Review of Bipolar Disorders 21 - 23 May 2012 Nice, France www.irbd.orgDay 2 Cont../...17.15 Clinical Practice 1: Selecting best treatment for Clinical Practice 2: Unmet Needs in Treating BP- the Bipolar Spectrum II Spectrum Chair: Prof A Erfurth (At) Chair: Dr E Hantouche (Fr) Changes in DSM-V for Bipolar Disorder type II Think Effectively About Mood Swings (TEAMS): Prof O Pinto (Br) the science and practice of novel CBT in BDs Dr W Mansell (UK) Antidepressant resistant depression and suici- dal behaviour: the role of underlying bipolarity Psychoeducation for cyclothymics Prof X Gonda (Hu) Dr C Majdalani (Fr) Cognitive and temperamental correlates of lith- Current role of psychodynamic treatment in Bi- ium response polar Disorder Prof J Rybakowski (Pl) Dr R Bush (US)18.15 Comfort Break18.30 Evening Lecture: The Presentation of Bipolar Disorder in Historic and Contemporary Cinema Chair: Dr E Hantouche (Fr) Speaker: Prof D Wedding (US)19.00 CLOSE Day 220.30 Gala Dinner and Presentation of EBF Lifetime Achievement Award A Cortex Congress Conference PROGRAMME CO-CHAIRS
  6. 6. The 12th International Review of Bipolar Disorders 21 - 23 May 2012 Nice, France www.irbd.orgDay 3 - Wednesday 23 May 201209.00 Plenary 9: Receptor targets for antidepressant therapy in bipolar disorder: an overview Chair: Prof H Akiskal (US) Speaker: Prof K Fountoulakis (Gr)09.30 Plenary 10: The Potential Clinical Benefits of the Glutamate Neuromodulator N-acetylecysteine in Bi polar Disorders and Associated Psychotic Conditions Chair: Dr J Cookson (UK) Speaker: Dr R McCarthy (US)10.00 Interactive 6: Severe Bipolar Disorder - Pathol- Interactive 7: Early Manifestations of Bipolarity: ogy and Sequelae From Prodromes to Real Risk Chair: Prof Z Rihmer (Hu) Chair: Prof G Faedda (US) Suicide and Bipolar Disorder Paediatric Bipolar Disorder: an update Prof P Courtet (Fr) Prof B Birmaher (US) Smoking, suicide and BP-II Early interventions in Bipolar Disorder Prof Z Rihmer (Hu) Prof P Conus (Ch) The severe part of BP-II Spectrum Advances in assessment: Fast and Frugal meth- Dr J Deltito (US) ods of detection without over diagnosis Prof E Youngstrom (US)11.30 Refreshments12.00 Round table: Clinical Neurobiology of Bipolar Disorder Chair: Prof K Fountoulakis (Gr) Relationship of body mass index, symptoms and cognition in mood disorders and schizophrenia Dr M Siamouli (Gr) Neurobiology of disability in bipolar disorder Dr M Mageiria (Gr) Bipolar disorder in the frame of dementia Dr D Kontis (Gr) Dopamine pathways in Bipolar disorder and Schizophrenia Dr E Tsapakis (Gr)13.30 Conference Closing Address and Close A Cortex Congress Conference PROGRAMME CO-CHAIRS