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Platforming Open Source

  1. 1. White PaperBeyond Open Source Customizations– “Platforming” Open Source Shubham Nagar Chief Executive Officer InfoAxon Technologies Ltd.
  2. 2. White PaperBeyond Open Source customizations – “Platforming”Open SourceSo you have downloaded the most famous open source software community version and here you are all excited with it. Thehype is built and vendors that can help support are searched frantically. If you have a brilliant IT team and hopefully you havesomeone championing this within your business. However what are your chances of success? What will this evangelism lead to?Businesses do not react to technology trends as individuals do. Every business therefore looking to implement open source willwant an assurance, coverage of risks and potentially not compromise with any lack of functionality provided by the open sourcesoftware. How then the open source innovation can be ushered in within an enterprise? Is it worth attention?The basic premise of this article is whether for organizations adopting open source customizing the open source software isenough or whether there is a need to look beyond and do simple things and appreciate simple process and solution approachesthat are part of any IT solution. For success to be achieved with open source one has to go beyond the realms of being able toplay with the source code and ensure that the overall solution has been put in place.We now detail further what it means to go beyond Open Source customization.Open Source Customization – The simple storyThe typical story of open source within an enterprise follows many times this flow: You download the software or more than one open source solutions. You open them up and install and configure. You get excited and run down to your IT manager suggesting what a great alternative it can become. You get some small budget sanctioned to implement the project. You look for the easiest target that will subject to your nice ideas around open source project. The scape (or scope) goat is ready and you implement the project and show case this after prodding through community and finding your answers and eventually getting some sort of the system up there.Now the trouble begins: Users use it and want more; where are the features that the world is talking about now? Support vendor for open You want to give more so you hunt for more. There is either an option of developing it all source software can give yourself or finding some new smart plugins better interaction and You end up with performance problems or scaling issues and look for a consultant understanding but will your You then get some good minds together and ensure that solve the problem for now; But it software become reappears in a different form and you customize further institutionalized like any Ultimately you have your own fork, your own patch work of open source code which only good piece of software you will touch and not even the open source vendor that provided the software in the first does. How best then to place through the community. depend on open source for You quit your job and then someone either takes it over or the entire implementation your organization. stagnates The system is never fully adopted within your business and ultimately fails
  3. 3. White PaperPlatforms Vs ApplicationsOpen source has “commoditized” the applications market. One after the other we find It is also becoming clearerseveral open source alternatives going stronger and stronger. However this trend that organizations need toappears something refreshingly new the fact remains that most software has beenbuilt as applications till date and its simply getting “freer” and “open” to develop. We think of their IT strategy asare seeing a mega trend towards commoditization of standard applications. “Platforms” since applications and productsAmidst this the software industry is growing at an amazing speed and churning out come and go but having asoftware products or SaaS enabled services one after the other. Moreover the value “Platform” at the centre ofof IT is shifting increasingly towards services and solutions instead of the core business operations within aproduct technology often locked with the product itself. particular domain will help faster development ofSome areas where this strategy has shown particular use are: services Content Management Collaborative document management with integrated web front end portals Social Network based Corporate Intranets that host multiple user applications Vertical SaaS (Software as a service) solutions Business Intelligence and Dashboards E-Commerce platformsThe good news is that Open source can be used to build the right platforms as the basis to integrate other open sourceapplications.Therefore here is the healthy balance. Platforms can be built using open source and integrating them well and for platforms tosucceed innovative applications that are either already open source or integrate with other open source can lead to a veryinteresting model indeed.One of the ways this has started to happen is by developing Vertical market or organization specific platforms using open sourceby integrating as a matter of practice. “Platforming” is such a practice.
  4. 4. White PaperWhat is “Platforming”?“Platforming” Open source is akin to creation of an open source eco system within a business Not many realize thatdomain leading to a launch pad for new services exposed to customers, employees, or amazing number of popularassociates. brands such as Facebook, Twitter and several othersWith Platforming of open source it is possible to implement open source more aligned to the have been built brick bybusiness goals instead of driven as a technology project. Using the right system integrator brick in this manner. Theypartner that understands Platforming it is possible to bring together open source components don‟t tell you but this isin such a way that innovative software as a service models are possible within the enterprises. exactly what they haveIn particular service providers (for e.g. SaaS service providers, Cloud service providers)benefit greatly from this approach. done with superb piece of engineering thrown behindWith Platforming it is possible to standardize interface and boundaries, use less resource and it.have testable architectures that can be used to develop innovative domain specific solutions.Power of coming together – “Platforming” Open SourceOpen source choices have to “come together” in such a way that it can take the shape of a Carefully chosen best-of-lasting IT Platform within your business and even when the first phase of adoption is over breed open source(mainly ruled by hype) it actually sticks and is used by all. components based on many different criteria:This is not easy but increasingly to implement open source is the right way. maturity, readiness for production, features,Typically if you want to use open source at an IT strategy level you would find that open extensibility, quality,source itself requires integration with other open source software. Just to set the context here adoption and thethat we are talking of open source implementations that are up the stack and not really at the strength of theiroperating system or database level. We are talking about applications here since most communities can helpbusiness opportunities that exist today are up the stack or with open source within a cloud. not only pick up the right ingredients but also bring them together.
  5. 5. About InfoAxon Technologies InfoAxon is a leading provider of enterprise services and business solutions powered by open source. We design, architect and support complete “Enterprise Solution Platforms” using Open Standards, Web 2.0 next generation technologies and Open Source Frameworks providing end-to-end solutions to business problems. India‟s First Global Open Source Integration Company We are Indias First Global Open Source Integration Company providing business solutions in areas of Content & Knowledge Management, Web2.0 Collaboration and Business Intelligence powered by our unique open source „Platforming‟ expertise.INDIA OFFICE: UK OFFICE:InfoAxon Technologies Ltd. InfoAxon Technologies UK Ltd.H-189, Sector-63, Building A, Trinity Court,Electronic City, Wokingham Road,NODIA-201307, U.P Bracknell, Berkshire RG42 1PL,India United KingdomPhone: +91 120 4350040, Phone: +44 1344 668048,Fax: + 91 120 4350065 Fax: +44 1344 668148Website: | Blog: | E-mail: Slideshare: | Facebook: