Business Planning & Performance Management System for Castrol Bike Zone - Case Study


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Business Planning & Performance Management System for Castrol Bike Zone - Case Study

  1. 1. Case Study Business Planning and Performance Management System (BPPMS) Castrol Bike Zone BI Solution Marketing Contacts:Castrol Bike Zone BI Solution Vineet Dahiya InfoAxon Technologies Ltd Mob - +91-9810425760 Email
  2. 2. Case StudyOverviewCastrol Bike Zone (CBZ) is an initiative of Castrol India Limited (CIL) which is a part ofBritish Petroleum (BP) - A Fortune 5 company operating more than 28000 retail sitesglobally.Castrol India (through its initiative CBZ) has launched a revolutionary new concept toprovide a quality, hi-tech, personalized service experience for the Indian biker, backedby Castrol brand.Bike Zone Outlets are motorcycle servicing outlets operated by 3rd parties franchisedand closely monitored by the Bike Zone core team. It is a unique venture so far in themotorcycle servicing space in India by Castrol.Business Need / ChallengesCastrol Bike Zone (CBZ) Management was looking forward to improve its business planning & performance management systemsto better address evolving business needs in a complex and geography dispersed Franchisee led environment.The challenges faced by CBZ were how to syndicate the information available in disparate systems like excel sheets, disparatebusiness applications and people‟s head on to a single intelligent platform and to be able to intelligently analyze data and presenta single truth of information to business stakeholders at all times. This had its repercussions in the form of delays in reporting,further delaying the decision making process. On many occasions, a manual collation of data was required, which was thenprepared in Excel sheets and given to the users.Other Key challenges were to gain a more insightful view of current Key Performance & Profitability Indicators (KPPI) ofthe Franchisees and enable Sustainable Performance & Profitability to be able to take quick, proactive and informeddecisions and/or corrective measures.In order to gain efficiencies in the business CBZ was required to: Measure and ensure current performance and profitability by setting targets for individual franchisees on basis of : Revenue Gross Margin Productivity Track actual performance against targets for individual Bike Zone. Enable sustainable performance and profitability Track key metrics which will act as lead indicators as to whether the franchisee will be able to meet its targets. Four key metrics will be tracked to capture the performance of a franchisee. Based on these four metrics a final sustainability index will be calculated. These metrics will be updated on a monthly basis. Track the OUTLOOK (whether the sales/operations team be able to achieve the „new operational sites‟ targets depending upon the pipeline and the work in progress indicators) as green, yellow status.
  3. 3. Case StudyDecision Making ProcessIn this competitive scenario, it was clear to the stakeholders of CBZ that they require not only the analysis of historical data butproactive analytical information to achieve the plan of opening number of stores/franchisee over a period of time. This would helpthem not only to identify the right Action Plan for the franchisee depending upon the indices but also help them take timelyCorrective Actions in case it becomes evident that the performance and target achievement are going to slip.Being a unique and first of its kind initiative in the country, the company didnt want to spend too much on software solutionsinitially till it becomes a profit center. Also they wanted to start small and scale up leveraging on the results achieved. Also theyneeded a solution which could be easily customized to match their changing market requirements. Moreover the solution shouldhave small footprints to sit easily on their hardware.InfoAxon‟s Business Intelligence suite “fusionBI” suited them perfectly purely because of its open source model which offeredthem all the BI functionality of Reporting, Analysis, Dashboard, ETL etc. with the flexibility to customize and extend the BI solutionas per their unique industry requirements and a Service based cost model as opposed to exorbitantly priced License based costmodel in case of other proprietary options.InfoAxon SolutionA 3X3 matrix chart was delivered as a solution for the CBZ which was drawn based on certain scoring methodologies (KPPIs) andcolor scheme to view the performance of the franchisee and drill down is provided on the matrix to the minimum level to find theroot cause of the performance issue.
  4. 4. Case Study Based upon the high level understanding of the CBZ requirements, InfoAxon delivered BI solution „Business Planning &Performance Management Solution (BPPMS)‟ which has: Capability to capture and store the relevant data coming from both manual entry as well as other business software like CBZ Portal, SiteBuilder, Feedback Management system etc. Capability to generate and store various Indexes like CSI, TPI, BPI and Sustainability Index based on certain business logic / formulae. Capability to provide a top view by plotting the franchisees on a 3X3 metrics based on business performance and sustainability scores. Identify the Action Plan based on this representation. Capability to Drill down to various levels of details from the above top view down to discrete data level which has been aggregated to provide this top view. Capability to generate reports based on various business criterions. Capability to generate alerts / escalation mails based on business logic. Capability to take input and extract data from excels sheets and other data sources. Web Portal based access to users based on roles and permission.The 3X3 Matrix was drawn based on various scoring methodologies and the data from different sources was pooled in andintegrated using ETL Tools through scheduled and manually invoked process. The extracted data was analyzed to draw the above3X3 Matrix.
  5. 5. Case StudyCustomer BenefitsThe BPPMS BI Solution provides following business benefits to it various users:Castrol Bike Zone Stakeholders:  Provides Management with more control over all the franchisees.  Provides Management with the ability to drill down and analyze the reason behind any shortfalls against plan.  Enables better forecasts for the management by allowing them to set and monitor targets for individual franchisees.  Enables management to: ensure franchisee profitability. draw up an action plan to ensure performance of franchisees. benchmark its franchisees against each other. rank its franchisees in terms of performance and draw up a rewards and recognition scheme accordingly.  The BPPMS was designed for extensibility. This meant that there was a framework in place for further enhancements. The benefit for Castrol Bike Zone was a much lower cost of total ownership over a period of time since the software development costs for enhancements was more predictable.Franchise:  Ensures that objective targets are set for each franchisee thus giving them a clear goal.  Provides franchisee with benchmarks for performance and its own standing vis-à-vis other franchisee.  Provides franchisee clear idea of what is to be done to achieve profitability.  Provides a feeling of belongingness to the franchisee as a part of a larger systemTechnology StackThe table below lists the components of technology stack used for developing the solution. OSS Components Details Data Integration Kettle ETL Database MySQL BI Platform Pentaho BI Platform Operating System Windows
  6. 6. Case StudyOur Customer Showcase OSS Components Details Data Integration Kettle ETL Database MySQL BI Platform Pentaho BI Platform Operating System Windows
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