Building your career powered by open source


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Building your career powered by open source

  1. 1. InfoAxon Technologies Limited INDIA’s First Open Source Integration Company Building a Successful Career With Open Source 1
  2. 2. Talking Points You & Open Source Key Open Source Winning Career Opportunities with Open Source Where to Questions start? 2
  3. 3. Lets really understand open source beyond the technology Understanding Open Source 3
  4. 4. General Belief Free and Available Source code • Downloadable software for free (or not) • Play with it easily Open Source Applications & Products • 1000’s of applications ; Source Forge downloads Pro-Linux and Anti-Microsoft • Ahh !! Open Source – Do you mean Linux? • Hey !! Open Source has squashed Microsoft 4
  5. 5. The Real Open Source Choices Innovation Open Flexibility Source Distribution 5
  6. 6. What open source really means for Young India? You and Open Source 6
  7. 7. Open Source for Young Workforce Jobs Industry Contacts You Business Insights 7
  8. 8. Open Source Offers Become Open Source Get visibility as Entrepreneurs Pioneers and Innovators in the Implement eye of Business innovative ideas Stakeholders and get them funded from Build things in organizations your own labs and project work and distribute Ability to them as show Experiment cases & Learn concepts in a practical manner 8
  9. 9. What industry is saying where the Key Opportunities in Open Source are Key Opportunities in Open Source 9
  10. 10. Future of Open Source Model 10
  11. 11. Some Tips Content & Knowledge Business Intelligence Search Management Drupal Pentaho BI Suite Apache Lucene Liferay Portal Talend Apache Solr Engine Alfresco ECM Jasper Reports NUTCH Alfresco Share Jfree Report Apache Jackrabbit Plone Wordpress (start with it !!!) 11
  12. 12. What career options are with dedicated Open source focus starting today Winning Career with Open Source 12
  13. 13. Career Path with Open Source Focus Chief Technology Officers Research and Development Heads Product Managers and Architects Open Source Architects and Design Consultant Open Source Development & Research 13
  14. 14. Domains to Focus Specialist Open Source Companies Open Banking Source Government Domains Education Sector 14
  15. 15. How to start building a career with Open Source Where to Start 15
  16. 16. Jumpstarting Your Career •Key Open Source Join •Find Mentors Frameworks •Showcase Your work •Experiment and Share •Communities Actively •Get Involved in Pilot Code •Tell about Your work Projects from Industry •The 2 Community Rule •Attend Open Source Business Conferences Adopt Network 16
  17. 17. Structure & History Business Domains & Geography People & Infrastructure • InfoAxon Group • Services • Government • 8000 sq. ft. Innovation • InfoAxon • Innovative Open • International Human Center – NOIDA Technologies INDIA Source “Platforming” Development Sectors Electronic City Limited • Open Source • Telecom & Media • 80 Passionate Open • InfoAxon Integration Services • Financial Services Source: Technologies UK • Open Source • Start Ups • Architects • Successful Track record Consulting & Strategy • Developers of 8 years • Solutions • Artisans • Geography implementing Open • Knowledge • Project Managers Source • 30+ customers Management worldwide • Offices • Origins as Offshore Solutions • United Kingdom • Electronic City, Software Development • Business Intelligence • INDIA NOIDA, INDIA Company • Content Management • Bracknell, United • Changed Focus to Open • South Africa Kingdom Source Niche since • United States 2002 • INDIA’s FIRST Open Source Integration Company • Pioneers in Open Source based business model in INDIA 17
  18. 18. Who we are INDIA’s leading & innovative Open Source Solutions Provider of Knowledge Management & Business Intelligence Solutions We provide “enterprise ready” solutions and services to bridge the gap between Open Source and business needs. • Specific Industry Domain Solutions • Government & International Development sector • Telecom & Media • BFSI (Financial Services) • White Label Open Source powered SaaS / PaaS platforms (Microsoft/Open Source) • Open Source Integration & Customization • Open Source Development, R&D & Consulting INDIA’s First Open Source Integration Company 18
  19. 19. The spade What it Who was work !! led to !! it for !! Six Large platforms developed ; 250,000 Housing aspirants in Leading London Social Housing More than 50 custom applications London use services running Service in or around open source through our Platforms UK’s Second Largest Telecom 85,000 sales quotes; Annual Provider Thousands of Lines of original Revenue GBP 300 million passes OSS Code through our Pricing Platform Worlds Largest Human Development Organization More than 4000 man months of Largest Open Source ECM uses Development using Open Source InfoAxon Calendar Component Leading Indian Banks 12,000 UN Solution Exchange More than 100 separate Open Members use our Platform to Source Technology Integrations AIDS Development Organizations capture Knowledge Adopted and Developed in almost 30,000 AIDS community members all leading Open Source use our knowledge management World 3rd largest Air Force Development Technologies solution
  20. 20. Our ability to integrate open source technologies as “whole product” solutions is through our innovative open source integration expertise and development model within our business Open Source Integration 20
  21. 21. Open Source Integration – The Big Picture •Solution and Services •Domain Specific Solutions •Enterprise Solutions for Knowledge Management and Business Intelligence •Custom Solutions •White Label SaaS Platforms for: Our Ability to •Startups Services “Innovate” and •SaaS Service Providers •Cloud Computing “Integrate” using Open Source and Mixed Source Solutions components drives Platforms powered by everything we Open Source do leading to Open Source Integration “Whole Product” •Core Open Source Integration Expertise solutions for •Research and Development Businesses •Integration •Technology Platforms 21