Transitioning from Technical Services to Center for Digital Scholarship and Services / Richard Sapon-White


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II Konferencja Naukowa : Nauka o informacji (informacja naukowa) w okresie zmian, Warszawa, 15-16.04.2013 r. Instytut Informacji Naukowej i Studiów Bibliologicznych, Uniwersytet Warszawski

The 2nd Scientific Conference : Information Science in an Age of Change, April 15-16, 2013. Institute of Information and Book Studies, University of Warsaw

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Transitioning from Technical Services to Center for Digital Scholarship and Services / Richard Sapon-White

  1. 1. Richard Sapon-WhiteApril 15, 2013Second Scientific Conference Information Science in an Age of Change
  2. 2.  About Oregon State University Traditional Technical Services Changes to Traditional Workflow New Services The Future
  3. 3.  OSU founded 1876
  4. 4.  nearly 2 million volumes add ~20,000 monographs annually Purchase ~39,000 current serials Millennium ILS (from Innovative Interfaces) Participates in NACO, SACO, and CONSER(name authorities, subject authorities, serialrecords) Member of Orbis-Cascade Alliance
  5. 5.  Acquisitions◦ Ordering◦ Receiving Cataloging◦ Copy cataloging◦ Original cataloging Physical preparation and shelving Separate Serials Unit (sometimes)
  6. 6.  Tangible resources: books, journals, video- andaudiotapes, disks, etc. Selection, ordering, cataloging performed by in-house expertise◦ High per-unit cost: salaries & training◦ High time investment per unit Turnaround from selection to availability slow
  7. 7.  2007 Strategic Plan◦ Deliver information resources whenever and whereverthey were needed Replace paper serial subscriptions with electronic(and weeding of paper collections) Purchase e-monographs whenever possible◦ Mid-2008, began contracting with publishers and vendorsfor e-book packages EBL, Springer Verlag, Morgan & Claypool, …
  8. 8.  Increased communication with CollectionDevelopment Delivery of bibliographic records for e-books Reduction of cataloging burden andtransformation of cataloging  downloadingbibliographic records Preparation of tangible resources reduced◦ Adoption of shelf-ready books
  9. 9.  Order profile “tightened” to provide 75% of orders Receipts and cataloging performed by “fastcat”technician in acquisitions >95% of receipts arrive shelf-ready and cataloged Highly automated procedures◦ books on shelf within a week of order or within 24 hoursof receipt
  10. 10.  Reorganization(s): 2007-2009 Reduction in workforce via attrition Refocus of purpose to new digital services 2009: Name changed to the Center for DigitalScholarship and Services
  11. 11.  Skilled in database searching and construction Understand controlled vocabularies and authoritycontrol Dedicated to quality:◦ Bibliographic and authority records◦ Other metadata◦ Scanned images
  12. 12.  Download bibliographic records for packages of e-books Catalog e-books purchased for Kindles◦ 18 Kindles for loan – ca. 500 titles Patron-driven acquisition programs◦ EBL contracts with OSU and Orbis Cascade Alliance Purchase of books for interlibrary loans – 24 hourturn around: “Buy Request” program Catalog finding aids from the University Archives
  13. 13.  Digitize on demand: OSU publications, out-of-copyright resources, archival collections… Promote open access to the OSU community◦ Growth of ScholarsArchive@OSU◦ Faculty submission of curriculum vitae  check againstSHERPA-ROMEO, ingest preprints/postprints intoScholarsArchive@OSU◦ Campus mandate to gather intellectual output of thecampus
  14. 14.  AACR2  RDA Orbis Cascade Alliance: New ILS
  15. 15.  Transition to new cataloging code Application of code to all resources Providing better access to locally producedpublications and other resources
  16. 16.  Consortium of 37 academic libraries in the PacificNorthwest Hosts the Northwest Digital Archives Union catalog and Interlibrary loan (includingcourier program) Consortial purchasing of databases
  17. 17.  For past 6 years, OCLC’s WorldCat navigator Replacement for local catalogs and betterintegration of multiple collects New Integrated Library System (ILS) for Orbis-Cascade Alliance◦ Shared cataloging◦ Shared circulation and ILL◦ Consortial purchasing and processing◦ Non-MARC metadata and electronic resources First cohort of libraries will go live this spring
  18. 18.  Reduction or elimination of traditional tasks Reapplication of staff skills to new tasks Birth of new digital initiatives Preparing for the future now
  19. 19. The support of the Polish-U.S. FulbrightCommission and the CIES Fulbright Program isgratefully acknowledged.Contact:Richard Sapon-White,