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 API Interfaces to Strengthen Open Data / Sebastian Grabowski
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API Interfaces to Strengthen Open Data / Sebastian Grabowski


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II Konferencja Naukowa : Nauka o informacji (informacja naukowa) w okresie zmian, Warszawa, 15-16.04.2013 r. Instytut Informacji Naukowej i Studiów Bibliologicznych, Uniwersytet Warszawski …

II Konferencja Naukowa : Nauka o informacji (informacja naukowa) w okresie zmian, Warszawa, 15-16.04.2013 r. Instytut Informacji Naukowej i Studiów Bibliologicznych, Uniwersytet Warszawski

The 2nd Scientific Conference : Information Science in an Age of Change, April 15-16, 2013. Institute of Information and Book Studies, University of Warsaw

Published in: Technology

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  • 1. Sebastian GrabowskiService Platforms & Middleware Division DirectorOrange Labs Poland (Centrum Badawczo Rozwojowe TPG)
  • 2. Idea of Open DataOpen data is the ideathat certain data should befreely available to everyoneto use and republishas they wish, withoutrestrictions from copyright,patents or othermechanisms of control ** Auer, S. R.; Bizer, C.; Kobilarov, G.; Lehmann, J.; Cyganiak, R.; Ives, Z. (2007). "DBpedia: A Nucleus for aWeb of Open Data". The Semantic Web. Lecture Notes in Computer Science 4825. p. 722
  • 3. How to expose Open Data- Centralized or distributed system ?- Using most popular protocols and standards based onWWW or specific technologies ?- Exposition Web Services based on SOAP protocol or usingRESTful architecture style ?- Simple objects data representation: XML, JSON, TXT- Complex objects: files, XML+ files etc. (e.g. Maps)- Maybe should support Programming Language orientedobjects (e.g. Enterprise JavaBeans objects) ? and offer SDKpackets ?
  • 4. How to collect Open Data1) Data sources- Science- Government- Communication Service Providers2) Collection tools for societies- Web portals- Dedicated applications- Mobile applications3) Collection Tools from different sources: web portals,databases *,* Gawrysiak, Ryżko: Retrieval and Management of Scientific Information from Heterogeneous Sources2012 – Springer
  • 5. API – how does it works ?API – (Application Programming Interface) –component which allows developers in easy wayto integrate functionality one ICT system with 3rdparty systems and applications.API = „building blocks” for applications
  • 6. Why Open APIs are importantAccess via the Internet !We use the Web Services in RESTful. This interface mostly(for HTTP GET method) can be called using typhical webbrowser e.g: SMS sending: 515 086 915&msg=„test message”Easy to use !
  • 7. Why Open APIs are important“All teams will henceforth expose their data and functionalitythrough service interfaces. Anyone who doesn’t do this will befired. Thank you; have a nice day”.Jeff BezosCEO of Amazon, 2002Erik-de-Kroon_The-API-driven-culture-shift, SDP Summit, Rome 2012
  • 8. Open Telco APIsSMS APIMMS APIUSSD APIMNP APITerminalLocationVoice CallControl APIData ConnectionProfile APITerminal StatusQoS APICustomer Profileand Identity APIPayment API Device Capability APINetwork Connection Profile APIRBT APIOTAAPIFemtocellfunctions APIPresence APIVideo APIBroadcastinfo APIVirtual number APIUC API MultimediaConference APIAccount Management API
  • 9. How to build interesting application ?-Combine different APIs from different sources-Add open data or collect open data-Attractive design-Rich fncionality-Low Hardware requirements-Low energy usage for mobile applications-Low price ;-)
  • 10. LifestyleOpenMiddleware 2.0New TelcoTechnologiesSMS APIMMS APIUSSD APITerminal Status APITerminal Location API…Telco 2.0Unified CommunicationCloud ComputingM2MInternet (Web 2.0)Social NetworksOpen…Google MapsGoogle Earth…Dedicated applicationsteleworkingWork timee-healthhealth carework environmentsocial environmentWeather, climatepollution …HealthReligionGovernmentOpen - governmente-governmentRaw dataExisting APIsHow to build interestingapplication ?
  • 11. Open Middleware
  • 12. Service Delivery Platform/API
  • 13. Example applications(mashups Telco APIs & Open Data)
  • 14. Emergency Buttonhttp:// USSDSend SMSGoogle MapsdataA. Podziewski, K Litwiniuk, J. Legierski, Emergency Button – a Telco 2.0 application in the e-health environment,Conference FedCSIS/FINANS, Wrocław, 2012, IEEE Explore
  • 15. SDP MobicentsMySQL DatabaseBackbone networkGSM/UMTS Operator BusStop End UserUSSDUTRAN/GERANSMSUser’s PhoneJDBCTelco 2.0 APIs (REST)Application serverUserUserRequest (USSD Message)Response (SMS Mesage)The BusStop serviceBus StopLocationReceive USSDSend SMSZTM Open DataK Litwiniuk, T. Czarnecki. S Grabowski J. Legierski, BusStop – Telco 2.0 application supporting public transport inagglomerations, Conference FedCSIS/FINANS, Wrocław, 2012, IEEE Explore
  • 16. From open data to paid dataHow operator can expose their data:1 case – infrastructure topology- Open data: BTS localization and Cell ID- Paid data* - BTS localization and Cell ID + Base StationIdentity Code neithbor cell, BCCH (Broadcast ControlChannel id)2 case – CDR information- Open data aggregated and anonymised information abouttraffic between large cities- Paid data - anonymised information about traffic betweenBTSs* B. Zacharuk, A. Tylman, P. Pątek, S. Grabowski J. Legierski, NMR API – nowy interfejs programistycznyw modelu Telco 2.0 i propozycje jego zastosowań, KKRRiT 2012
  • 17. Summary-Open data is one of the key elements of the broadInternet ecosystem-Open Data and Open APIs mashup = source of newapplications and services-Observed trends in technologies : Web Services, RESTful,XML-Communication service providers should offer open andpaid data for developers and discover new business modelsfor sell them
  • 18. Thank youproj. art. Natalia Borowicz