Arto-bh 2012 Portfolio - Mahmood Al A'ali


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Arto-bh 2012 Portfolio - Mahmood Al A'ali

  1. 1. Arto Senior Creative Designer The New Updated 2014
  2. 2. B CREATIVE.
  3. 3. My Name is Mahmoud Al A'ali, born on Tuesday, 22 Dec 1987, And I grown up in A'ali Village, (Bahrain / Manama), I'm a Graphic Designer, I have got many hobbies such as Designing, Painting, Photography, Reading and everything that is related to art, My favorite kind of music is pop, since I was young at the age of ten I liked designing and I used to practice on it step by step, I always looks for the best and the biggest Advertising companies, I would like to become a master in creativity in my field, such as Albert Einstein, Newton, Picasso, Van Gogh, Leonardo da Vinci and Michel Angelo. "I meant to be crazy in art"
  4. 4. RELEVANT EXPERIENCE Da De Do “As a Senior Creative Designer ” Current TRIMEMEDIA “As a Senior Creative Designer & Jounior Creative Director” Working In Al Waraqoon “As a Senior Creative Designer” Working In RAWNAQ Advertising & Promotion “As a Senior Creative Designer” Working In Miracle Graphics (Publishing) “As a Graphic Designer” Working In Global Touch Advertising “As a Graphic Designer” Working In Hawia Co. “As a jounior Graphic Designer” Working In Mareative Associates “As a Art Worker and jounior Graphic Designer” SKILLS Corporate Identity and Branding Advertising Brand Guideline Design & Layouting Book, Magazine & Brochures Web & Mobile App Design Creating Arabic and English Font Finalize Press Artwork Artwork Production Create Dummy PROGRAMS • Illustrator • In Design • Photoshop • Light Room • Font Lab; OTHER INFORMATION Work Harder and AbilIty to Communicate With People And Understand Them. Flexibility to Perform Jobs as Part of a Team. Quick Learner With Ability to Easily Forward Information. Positive Behavior Under All Conceivable Circumstances. The Sincerity in Working. Patient in Works Compression. Love Communication & Electronics. LANGUAGES English, Arabic HOBBIES Reading, Drawing, Photography, Shopping, Fashion. MAHMOOD ABBAS ABDULLAH Senior Creative Designer M +973 39202933 E Address R.3627 – H.1408 – B. 736 A`Ali - Kingdom of Bahrain Nationality Bahraini Sex Male Marital Status Married C.P.R 871208865 Birth Date 22/12/1987 Passport 1370536 WHY ME? Always exceeding my clients expectations. Working together with the best people to find the best ideas. Challenging myself to achieve more. Creating work with real depth, vision and insight. I am honest, professional and passionate.
  5. 5. Clinte Angham Beurit Sector Food Components Corprate Brand Identity
  6. 6. Sector Advertising Components Corporate Brand Identity Clinte Rawnaq
  7. 7. Clinte Jood Chocolate & Nuts Sector Sweet & Gifts Components Corporate Brand Identity
  8. 8. Clinte National Oil & Gas Authority Sector Oil & Gaz Components Corprate Brand Identity for 5 yeas celebration
  9. 9. Clinte Ali Al Mulla Sector Elevator Services Components Corprate Brand Identity
  10. 10. Clinte innovira Sector Recycling Components Corprate Brand Identity
  11. 11. Clinte Dara Sector Real Estate Components Corprate Brand Identity
  12. 12. Clinte Elevation Burger Sector Fast Food Components Collaterals Design
  13. 13. Clinte 2024 Sight Sector Real Estate Consulting Components Corporate Brand Identity
  14. 14. Clinte Assiri Fitness Sector Sport & Fitness Components Corprate Brand Identity
  15. 15. Clinte Emanz Cup Cake Sector Sweets & Gift Components Corprate Brand Identity
  16. 16. Clinte Fathalla Property Development Sector Real Estate Components Corprate Brand Identity
  17. 17. Clinte Ideal Body Weight Sector Sport & Fitness Components Brand Identity & Campaign
  18. 18. Clinte TRA Bahrain Bahrain Domain (.bh) Sector Telecommunications Components Corporate Brand Identity
  19. 19. Clinte Mansoori Dental Center Sector Health Care Components Corporate Brand Identity
  20. 20. Clinte Marina Sky Sector Event Mangment Components Corporate Campaign & Brand Identity
  21. 21. Clinte Nass Group Sector Constraction Components Corporate Brand Identity Celbration for 50 years
  22. 22. Clinte NHTNS Sector Technology Components Brand Identity
  23. 23. Clinte Omega Sector Painting & Decorations Components Branding & Puplication
  24. 24. Clinte Ziyad Al Moataz Sector Corporation Components Corporate Brand Identity
  25. 25. Clinte Delmon Health Care Mangmwnt Sector Education Components Corporate Brand Identity
  26. 26. Clinte Jood Chocolate & Nuts Sector Sweets & Gifts Components Website Designing
  27. 27. Clinte Lumineux Interiors Sector Interior Design Components Website Designing
  28. 28. Clinte Bu Yousif Traditional Sweet Sector Sweets Components Website Designing
  29. 29. Clinte BIC - GCC Report Sector Sport Components Book Dsigning
  30. 30. Clinte Durrah Sector Luxury Magazine Components Magazine
  31. 31. Clinte Batelco Sector Telecommunications Components Annual Report
  32. 32. Clinte VIVA Bahrain Sector Telecommunications Components Corprate new Design & Layout for News Letter
  33. 33. Clinte Bahrain Gov. Sector Teypography Components New font Creation
  34. 34. Logos Design Scope of Logos
  35. 35. Logos Design Scope of Logos
  36. 36. Logos Design Scope of Logos
  37. 37. Logos Design Scope of Logos
  38. 38. M. +973 39202933