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Infiniti Global Media Press Kit

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  1. 1. Infiniti Global Media LLC Infiniti Global Media LLC Caribbean Media NetworkInfiniti Global Media LLC |404-455-2944 Page 1 Michael Thomas PHONE: 404-455-2944 CELL: 770-875-3167
  2. 2. Infiniti Global Media LLCOVERVIEW: Infiniti Global Media LLC is an US based multimedia firm based in Atlanta, Georgia. The firmis dedicated to multicultural activities in the Caribbean and the United States. Our team has over decadeof professional knowledge and experience, and dedication to the advancement of new design conceptsand their application with current and upcoming technologies.OUR DIVISION: Caribbean Media Network is a leading media resource organization for consumers andmedia professionals in the U.S.A. and the Caribbean. We offer a one-stop-shop for advertisers, newsoutlets, consumers, and professional organizations. Our services include from advertising sales,campaigns, programming, and special events coverage. The Caribbean Media Network currently workswith organizations in the USA, Caribbean, and the United Kingdom.Demographics 26-32 25%Male 40% 33-40 25%Female 60% 41-up 30%Black 66% 18-25k 11%White 10% 25-50K 45%Hispanic 24% 50K-up 44%Other 10% High School Diploma 45%21-25 20% College Grad and Higher 55%In 2009, US Census Data survey stated that there are over 6 million West Indian and HispanicCaribbean natives living within the United States. These cross cultural communities include Indian,Caucasian, and Asian communities.Infiniti Global Media LLC |404-455-2944 Page 2
  3. 3. Infiniti Global Media LLCSERVICES: Our services are a reflection of the talent andprofessionalism of the team here at Infiniti Global Media. Ourqualified staff includes professionals educated in their particularfield of expertise. Our services are broken into three sections,which include; interactive design, advertising, and media. Ourmedia services are supported by the Caribbean Media Network.And as a full-service agency, we provide all the services you’d Infiniti Global Media LLC providesexpect, with an unexpected level of expertise. Advertising Services: Creative Campaign Development, Media a wide range of services, which Research, Media Planning, Media Buying, Print Advertising, offer custom solutions for our Global Branding, Multi-cultural Marketing. clients. Media Relations, Advertising Campaigns, and Interactive Services: E Brochures, Website Design, Website Marketing services are offered to Development, Website Content, E-commerce. help build the brands of our clients. Design, Sales Collateral, Promotional Marketing Event Marketing, Print and Entertainment Services: Package Design, Print Online & Print Press Kits.OUR CLIENTS: Infiniti Global Media LLC dba Caribbean MediaNetwork, have worked with a variety of clients. Our commitment Infiniti Global Media LLC offers uniqueto their brands, have allowed us to build established relationship web services, which include Webin the media, entertainment, and advertising industries. Development, SEO Optimization, and Creative Design Implementation. Our web services are utilized by government and private sector organizations.GOVERNMENT: Infiniti Global Media LLC is committed toworking with government agencies throughout the United Statesand Canada. I.G.M. currently handles advertising, special events,and public relations opportunities for government agencies. Weplan on working on small business set aside, minority owned,and multicultural opportunities. Our online affiliations offer strategic methods for our clients to reach the diverse consumers5J0W0, T001, T016, 9905, T016, 541810, 541870,541840, viewing content through IGM519130,541850,541430, 711310,711320,541830, 541910,965-46, 965-30. and CMN portals. Our affiliates reach over 1.5 million uniqueInfiniti Global Media LLC |404-455-2944 Page 3 visitors monthly.
  4. 4. Infiniti Global Media LLCYOUR BRAND OUR REACH THE CONSUMEROur reach includes a vast number of consumers which are driven by strategic advertisements, withintheir given community. Caribbean Media Network relationship s and partnerships, offers the consumerthe opportunity to receive unique content, and advertisers the ability to promote products and servicesto a brand loyal unique demographic. We reach over 1 million consumers combined with the UnitedStates, Canada, and the Caribbean.Infiniti Global Media LLC |404-455-2944 Page 4
  5. 5. Infiniti Global Media LLCCaribbean Media Network AffiliatesThe Caribbean Media Network is currently working with a wide variety of media organizations basedwithin the United States, Canada, and the Caribbean. Our affiliates are comprised of print, radio,television, and online blogs. Each affiliate offers a wide variety of unique strategic services, andadvertising platform for advertisers. Some of our organizations are based upon strategic partnerships,and working relationships. – American Urban Radio Networks (“AURN”) is the only African Americanowned network radio, company in the United States. Privately held for over 36 years, they are thelargest network reaching Urban America. AURN reaches an estimated 20 million listeners each week.Through four RADAR measured networks and one marketing division, AURN reaches more AfricanAmericans than any other medium in America and produces more urban programming than all otherbroadcasting companies combined. WSTA is celebrating its 62th Anniversary in 2012, WSTA is a community icon, with theopportunity to reach the British Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, and St. Lucia. Their online radio communityreaches over 100K national audience from diverse backgrounds. Sumatra Blog Talk Radio is located on the West Coast of United states, andreaches the Urban, Caribbean, and Latin markets through strategic online weekly listeners. RedCarpetShelley.com is ranked #1 blog site for Caribbean Entertainment News,Caribbean music, videos, celebrity interviews, and regional news. Red Carpet Shelley is on the pulse ofthe Caribbean community, the blog reports on both radio and television in Atlanta and New York. Maddnesslive.com is the official blog site of the Caribbean Media Network. It currentlyhas over 300K, unique visitors monthly, and is a source for information, news, and fashion. lucky13wsta.com is the official entertainment website for WSTA radio, which reachesover 100 digital markets within the Caribbean and the United States. L3 Magazine.com is the leading online multicultural magazine in Canada, it reaches over10,000 readers, with over 40K in digital audience, and 100K unique visitors monthly.Infiniti Global Media LLC |404-455-2944 Page 5
  6. 6. Infiniti Global Media LLC This multicultural media outlet offers a unique opportunity to reach the West Indian andHispanic Markets within the Miami, Broward, and West Palm Beach area. (2 Channels|2 Stations) Lyme Time TV is broadcasted on Comcast in Atlanta, Georgia and New York City,throughout the minority community. It reaches over 500K target audience throughout the USA. Steed Media Group has a leading ON DEMAND Music station, which targetsconsumers of all ages. This show has the latest information in the urban community. Caribbean Star is the leading Caribbean and African publications in the SouthEast region. The publication reaches the densely populated city of Atlanta, Georgia with impressions inNew York and Miami, Florida. The African Star targets the growing African consumers within theSoutheast region, and offers international appeal for advertisers. The nation’s largest chain of African-American newspapers. Rolling Out is UrbanAmerica’s preferred lifestyle resource. Because of our dedication to showcasing and celebrating theurban community, our readers look forward to seeing positive images of themselves reflected within ourpages. Our audience is made up of singles, mothers, professionals, students, families and urbanites of allwalks, all of whom recognize rolling out as the arbiter of the elements that matter in the urban space.Atlanta, Georgia Tokyo, JapanBritish Virgin Islands Toronto, CanadaHouston, Texas United States Virgin IslandsMiami, Florida SF Bay Area, CaliforniaNew York, New York Newark, New JerseyOrlando, Florida Washington, D.C.Tampa, Florida Lesser Antilles, CaribbeanInfiniti Global Media LLC |404-455-2944 Page 6
  7. 7. Infiniti Global Media LLC CIRCULATION|DISTRIBUTION|REACH Toronto, Canada -50,000SF Bay Area -81,000 New York -350,000 Newark-150,000 ATLANTA, GEORGIA -150,000 ATLANTA, GEORGIA -150,000 Houston, Texas -100,000 Orlando, Florida -50,000 TAMPA, FLORIDA -50,000 MIAMI, FLORIDA -250,000 WHY UTILIZE THE CARIBBEAN MEDIA NETWORK? The Caribbean Media Network speaks to the cross cultural community within the USA and International community in a dialect that allows for integration of editorial and transmittal information, which reflect the specific missions, concerns, and interest of our consumers. Our relationships with established media organizations, allows us to ensure our clients success within the growing multicultural marketplace. Their versatility and accessibility, industries ranging from specialty retailers and cultural institutions to consumer goods and food & spirits are utilizing custom media outlets to grow their business, increase sales, connect with consumers and redefine brand perceptions. The development of a proprietary product built on custom content creates the opportunity to deliver innovative, targeted content directly to your target consumers. We can also utilize our strategic relationships; we can deliver your custom information to areas and zip codes that we select according to your desired reach. We also offer application (apps) for select clients, which can narrow in on a demographic based on age, geography, shopping/spending habits, leisure activities and other categorical designation! INVOLVEMENT Infiniti Global Media LLC customizes strategic advertising campaigns for clients, case studies, and strategic marketing campaigns, throughout the nation. Our services compliment the initiatives of the Caribbean Media Network and its affiliates throughout the year. Infiniti Global Media LLC |404-455-2944 Page 7
  8. 8. Infiniti Global Media LLCSTRATEGIC AND UNIQUE PROGRAMMING Alvin Ailey Dance Takers Movie Premiere Common Album Release Party Multi-cultural Events Special Event Coverage Celebrity Procurement Brand Placement Event Marketing.  Pre and Post Event Coverage in print,  Appearances by notable personalities online, and television  Opportunity for live streaming to the  Video Wrap-ups web  Multimedia promotion  Select Branding Opportunities  Opportunity for signage, data-  Broadcast Coverage collection, lead generation, sampling  Media Relations PromotionsInfiniti Global Media LLC |404-455-2944 Page 8