*Updated June 2013* Craigslist Used Car Marketing Tips for Car Dealerships from Infinite Prospects


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Adam Ross at Infinite Prospects shares best practices for car dealerships on how to track and convert more used car sales traffic from Craigslist and other classified websites. Topics covered are: tips, posting, automation, pricing. Visit http://infiniteprospects.com or call (201) 448-7253 for more info. http://infiniteprospects.brandyourself.com

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  • Use an image editor to create a single image that contains multiple photos... it helps you get around the 8-image limit
  • Descriptions must be written manually or lots of copy/pasting Potential for ghosting and flagging from your dealership IP address - gets your dealership banned from future posting... Costs nothing additional EXCEPT your valuable time
  • *Updated June 2013* Craigslist Used Car Marketing Tips for Car Dealerships from Infinite Prospects

    1. 1. Craigslist PostingTips for Car DealersBest Practice StrategiesAdam Ross, Managing DirectorInfinite Prospects, Inc. - http://infiniteprospects.com - (201) 448-7253
    2. 2. AreYou PostingInventory toCraigslist?It’s possible for car dealerships toautomate classified ad posting,saving time while generating high-quality used car traffic
    3. 3. Some Craigslist Stats• Ranked as the 9th most visited websitein the USA (45th in the world)*• 60 million visitors monthly in the USA**• Site navigation is text/link based - very1996... but gets more than 30 BILLIONpageviews per month.*• Automotive Listings are free; Craigslistmakes revenue thru posting fees forjobs in 28 metro areas, brokered NYCapartments, and therapeutic services.*** Alexa site rankings, 6/12/13 ** Craigslist.org facts, 3/27/13
    4. 4. Industry-Leading Methods to ConvertMore Traffic on Craigslist
    5. 5. Tip #1: Use a toll-freetracking number• Craigslist drives 80-90% oftraffic as phone calls• Helps you more accurately measurethe traffic coming in from Craigslist• Records all calls for quality andtraining
    6. 6. Use a toll-free trackingnumber (cont.)• Toll free #s can be routed tocell phones, direct lines, othertoll-free #s, orVOIP lines• Routing can be changedonline any time• Call tracking also gives youthe opportunity to re-engagemissed calls
    7. 7. Tip #2:Add A“Why Buy Here”Image toYour AdCraigslist only gives you8 photos per car to work with, soMAKETHEM COUNT.You must upload the Why Buy Here infoin photo format.Does this resonate more than a pic ofthe trunk? YES!
    8. 8. Example of embedding phone,vehicle and contact info into aphotoTip #3: Use a PhotoOverlay Including APhone Number
    9. 9. Tip #4:Enable the email link on your Craigslist adsIf you don’t enable the email link, PROSPECTScan only CALL to reach you!!(assuming you added a phone # to the ad somewhere...)
    10. 10. Craigslist sets an 8-imageupload limit.This is what atypical manual post looks likeTip #5Posting AdsManually:
    11. 11. Tip #5 (cont.):Posting AdsManually:Use an Image Editor;Create a single imageout of multiple images!
    12. 12. To Automate, or Not to Automate?Posting to Craigslist:Manual or Automated System?
    13. 13. Posting Inventory toCraigslist manually• Posting through yourpre-owned inventory host(Dealer Specialties,AutoUplinkUSA,Auction123, HomeNet,etc.)‣ Requires time to log in,access a list and manuallyclick at least 2 times pervehicle to post‣ Ad may require manipulationand customization prior toposting
    14. 14. Posting Inventory toCraigslist manually• Posting through yourpre-owned inventory host(Dealer Specialties,AutoUplinkUSA,Auction123,HomeNet, etc.)‣ Phone verification required‣ Costs nothing additionalEXCEPT valuable time
    15. 15. Posting Inventory toCraigslist manually• Posting directly to Craigslist• 8 Image Limit• Descriptions must be writtenmanually or lots of copy/pasting• Potential for ghosting and flaggingfrom your dealership IP address -gets your dealership banned fromfuture posting...• Costs nothing additional EXCEPTvaluable time
    16. 16. Using An Automated Craigslist Posting Tool
    17. 17. Which AutomatedPosting Systems areavailable throughInfinite Prospects?Inteli-Post+15-25 posts per day, toll-free numberincluded, no hardware requiredIDS Salesrequires a computer in yourshowroom dedicated, which IDSaccesses to in order to create posts
    18. 18. Automated Posting toCraigslist via a Service• Posts daily consistently –one less thing to worry about!• Added minimal monthly cost toInternet budget • Toll-free call tracking included*(*depending on which tool you use)• Frees up your time to focus onother items
    19. 19. How much does anAutomated CraigslistPosting Service cost?Pricing starts at $399/mo.* perrooftop, going up to $1500/mo.*For your dealership’s custom price,Call (201) 448-7253(*depending on which service you choose and the #of vehicles in-stock.)
    20. 20. Learn from Others!Stay abreast of the latest Craigslistupdates and network with otherautomotive professionals on• ADMCommunity.com• DrivingSales.com• dealerElite.net• DealerRefresh.comto share experiences and best practices.
    21. 21. Stay in Touch With Infinite Prospects andLearn More by Contacting Us:http://infiniteprospects.comEmail: adamr@infiniteprospects.comor call (201) 448-7253http://www.facebook.com/infiniteprospectsinchttp://twitter.com/inf_prospectsThank You!