Transform your live webinar audience into active participants


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Transform your live webinar audience into active participants

  1. 1. Transform Your Live WebinarAudience into Active Participants
  2. 2. Intro•Today, more people are looking to watch informationonline, rather than having to read it themselves.• However, it is still important to keep your audienceengaged during a live webinar.•When you keep your audience engaged, you are morelikely to get your message across effectively because theywill have an easier time remaining attentive throughoutthe event.
  3. 3. Ask for Feedback•As a business, it is important to showyour clients or customers you care aboutwhat they think.•You can do this by encouraging them toprovide you with feedback before, duringand after your live webinar.•Before the event, use social media togather ideas for what your audiencewould like to learn through your webinar.•Afterward, send out a survey to learnwhat your audience felt about thepresentation.
  4. 4. Give Recognition•Everyone loves to be recognized. Look atall the situations where names areannounced – graduations, radio contestsand even sporting events.•You can use this fact during your livewebinar to make your audience feel asthough they are a real part of your event.•For instance, if your webinar is being heldboth in person and online, you can makesure to mention the number of onlineattendees who are also watching soeveryone is aware of the true size of youraudience.
  5. 5. Create Online-Only Content•Hybrid webinars, which are those thatincorporate both a live audience and aremote audience, are becoming morepopular.•If you are holding this type of livewebinar, it can be helpful to createcontent that is only available to youronline audience.•Provide your online audience withrecorded messages, such as interviewsand special messages.
  6. 6. •Many webinar hosts seem to feel as if theaudience should simply know they can orshould interact with each other. This isoften not the case.•Provide the audience with plenty ofopportunities for interactions, such aschat abilities, break-out rooms and socialmedia feeds.•Remember to break the ice and get yourparticipants talking to each other before,during and after your event.Initiate Interaction
  7. 7. Different Presentation Methods•Webinars quickly become boring if theyonly involve showing slides and someonetalking through the entire presentation.•Most live webinar programs allow you tocontrol what your audience sees on theirdevices.•For instance, if you are showing slidespertinent information, show those slideson a majority of the screen and minimizethe speaker video into one corner.• If you are using a poll or Q&A session,make sure that portion of the screen ismaximized so it becomes the focal point.
  8. 8. Closing•Holding webinars is meant to provide value for the audience.•While it is a good way to get the word out about yourbusiness and what you offer, this should not be your primaryfocus.•Instead, you need to focus on how to keep your audienceengaged and provide them with the information they require.•When you use these webinar tips for your next live webinar,you will be able to get your message across loud and clearwith an audience filled with active participants instead ofpassive listeners who may quickly lose interest.
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