The importance of effective speaking for your events


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The importance of effective speaking for your events

  1. 1. The Importance of Effective Speaking for Your Events
  2. 2. Intro• Whether you are presenting in an audio conference, webinar or webcast, you need to make sure you are an effective speaker in order to efficiently engage your audience.• Some people are great conversationalists, but this doesn’t always equate to being a good speaker.• Speaking in front of a large group of people in a meeting environment can be an intimidating experience.• Learning how to speak most effectively will ensure the success of your presentation so you can be sure everyone receives the message you are trying to portray.
  3. 3. The Effect of Group Size•The size of the group to which you are speakingduring an audio conference or webinar can have agreat impact on the way you speak to when tryingto get your message across.•If you have ever presented to different groupsizes, you realize how different it can be to speakto a meeting of five people versus talking to morethan 50 people through webcasts.•The small intimate experience is often mucheasier for people than the larger, less personalpresentations.•Learning to cater to larger groups is important tobecoming an effective speaker.
  4. 4. The Effect of Group Size•One of the best ways you can learn how toeffectively speak to a larger group is to attenda live meeting or webcasts that features alarger audience.•Any hand gestures should be greatlyexaggerated to make sure everyone can seethem, especially if they are a necessary part ofyour presentation.•Looking all around the room is also critical togive the impression of an effective speaker.
  5. 5. Time and Space Correlation•It is important for you to realize that speaking is muchdifferent from the way you will write.•This means you need to pay attention to the fact that anaudio conference, webinar or other online event is oftenlive.•Use language that talks to your audience in the presentinstead of in the past as writing typically conveys.•In addition, as a speaker, you will only get one chance toget your message across and ensure a good firstimpression.•Make use of an outline and notes to increase yourconfidence and effectiveness the first time around.
  6. 6. Great Writing = Great Speaker?•While it is always a useful skill to be able toportray a message clearly and effectively, doingso in writing doesn’t necessarily carry through tospeaking.•However, it also doesn’t mean you are doomedto stick to writing and leave the presenting tosomeone else.•Practice is an essential element to becoming themost effective speaker possible.•If you are able to write something that can getthe message across, you only need to study upon the ways to speak most effectively and beginimplementing them into your presentations.
  7. 7. More than Just a Presentation•Some people mistakenly think they only need to stand up in front of everyone and starttalking.•You will need to prepare for your presentation, listen and observe other similarmeetings, manage the timing of the presentation and work on being able to properlycontrol the volume and inflection in your voice.•Add in the need to balance a slideshow and at least look like you are relaxed and youwill realize how difficult being an effective speaker can be.
  8. 8. More than Just a Presentation•Being able to get your message across in themost effective manner requires plenty ofpractice and learning not what to do.•When presenting live, don’t just focus on onlythose who are in the front of the room, as yourentire audience is your target.•Take care not to stand in the way of thescreen for your slideshow during a live eventand to control the speed and volume of yourspeaking.•Learn the right balance between keeping toyour time limitations and still leaving time foranswering questions.
  9. 9. More than Just a Presentation•In addition to the content you will portray toyour audience, your webinar or webcastspeaking needs to be exciting.•The way you speak and present theinformation is often just as important, if notmore so, than what you say.•Try to smile through at least most of themeeting.•Even if it is an audio conference, youraudience should be able to hear the smile inyour voice.
  10. 10. Closing•It doesn’t matter if you will be presenting for anaudio conference or online with a webinar orwebcast.•The impact of the meeting will be directly affectedby whether you are an effective speaker.•Even if you aren’t a naturally effective speaker, youwith some practice and following these tips, you willfind you are able to make a much greater impact onyour intended audience.
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