Choosing the right audio conferencing company


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Choosing the right audio conferencing company

  1. 1. Choosing the Right Audio Conferencing Company
  2. 2. Intro• Audio conferencing has grown in popularity with businesses.• If your business is considering adopting this useful tool, you need to be able to evaluate the benefits of each conferencing provider and weigh it against the costs.• With the following tips, you will increase your chances of finding the right audio conferencing company to meet your business’s needs without spending too much money.
  3. 3. A Web-Enabled Provider•It is extremely important for you tohave administration abilities for theconference online; before and duringyour conference.• As you are looking at the availableproviders, make sure you have theability to add and delete users, as wellas schedule conferences and send outinvitations to those you would like toattend.
  4. 4. A Web-Enabled Provider • If you prefer to handle everything through your Outlook calendar, look for a conferencing provider that integrates with Outlook. • In addition to looking for these features, you can also benefit from audio controls, allowing you to mute users, lock the conference for security and record for later use.
  5. 5. What Are You Paying for?•Sometimes, an audio conferencingprovider entices you with low rates fortheir conferences.•Once you receive the bill, though, youwill notice several fees you weren’t awareof when you signed up with the provider.•To avoid this, make sure you ask upfrontabout the fees the company charges.•If possible, choose a provider that offersa flat rate for your conferences, allowingyou to understand exactly what you arepaying for.
  6. 6. Evaluate Your Coverage Needs•Every business has different needs whenit comes to coverage.•Ask yourself where your attendees willbe located, such as whether everyone willbe in the same building, the same city, thesame state or even the same country.•Knowing who your target audience is willensure you choose a conferencingprovider that will be able to meet yourneeds, allowing you to keep control ofyour rates based on where everyone islocated.
  7. 7. Ease of Use•You need your audio conferencing to beeasy for everyone to use. People expect todial in and be connected.•Those who set up the conference want itto be easy to set up and invite others toattend.•Make sure you evaluate how easy eachsolution you are considering is foreveryone to use.•The goal is to make the entire processsimple.
  8. 8. Usage Reports•Being able to evaluate how well asolution is working for you is essential.•When you choose an audioconferencing provider that allows youto easily pull usage reports, you will beable to see how the audioconferencing solution is being used byyour employees and makeadjustments as necessary.
  9. 9. Be Critical•Finding the right conferencing provideris critical to your success.•Make sure you choose a provider thatis upfront with the following criteria: -Pricing -Offers the coverage you need -Provides customer service available to you 24/7
  10. 10. Stay Updated•When it comes to technology, it isimportant to choose an audioconferencing company that offers thelatest in technology and innovation.•Finding a company that can offer youuseful tools, such as screen sharing,screen annotation tools and othercollaboration tools will make it easierfor everyone to work together and makethe most of the conference calls youhold
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