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Quantified Self & Biohacking
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Quantified Self & Biohacking


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Introductory presentation to the topic of quantified self & biohacking at the QS & Biohacking Meetup Helsinki. 25th of March 2013.

Introductory presentation to the topic of quantified self & biohacking at the QS & Biohacking Meetup Helsinki. 25th of March 2013.

Published in: Technology

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  • 1. QUANTIFIED SELF& BIOHACKINGThere are three Things extremely hard,Steel, a Diamond, and to know ones self.Benjamin Franklin (1750)Teemu Arina Follow @tar1na & @meetin_gsDicole & Blog:
  • 2. What gets measuredgets managed.Peter DruckerAmerican management guru(1909-2005) 
  • 3. My storyTwo companies.Stress & little sleep.Bad “good” diet.
  • 4. Holistic Gut Healing Protocol
  • 5. Apps TracknShare 23andme Symptoms Genetics MyFitnessPal Pillboxie Diet Supplements Withings iTake Equanimity Zeo Meditation Sleep Dagaz Sleep Time Runtastic Heartmath emWave2 Exercise Stress Mgmt Fitocracy Pranayama Hydration Waterlogged
  • 6. Recovery Begin Symptoms Health Lights ReboundProtocol gone benefits on Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 6 Week 12
  • 7. Think twiceThe gut is the second brainThe brain has 100 billion neurons.The gut has 100 million neurons.Both are connectedwith the vagus nerve,regulating heartbeat & breathing.(parasympathetic nervous system)
  • 8. Biohacker – Wetware Hacker
  • 9. QUANTIFIEDSELFThe goal is to turn data into information,and information into insight.Carly Fiorina, former executive, president,and chair of Hewlett-Packard Co
  • 10. Notable PersonsTim Ferriss Dave Asprey Kevin Warwick Gary Wolf4 hour workweek Bulletproof Professor, cybernetics Contributing Editor,4 hour body executive University of Reading Wired4 hour chef Cyborgs & robotics Quantified Self
  • 11. Data DarwinismThe practice of using an organization’s data to survive,adapt, compete and innovate in a constantly changingand increasingly competitive business environment.Mike Faloney
  • 12. Data ScienceInformation is the oilof the 21st century, Bigand analytics is the Datacombustion engine. Data IntelligencePeter Sondergaard, Gartner
  • 13. Not everything that canbe counted counts,and not everything thatcounts can be counted. Albert Einstein
  • 14. Not everything that canTorture the data, and it will be counted counts,  andconfess to anything. not everything that counts can be counted. Ronald Coase, Nobel Prize in Economics Albert Einstein
  • 15. Transparent SocietyLight is going to shine into nearlyevery corner of our lives.David Brin
  • 17. Transhumanism is a class ofphilosophies of life that seekthe continuation andacceleration of the evolutionof intelligent life beyond itscurrently human form andhuman limitations by meansof science and technology,guided by life-promotingprinciples and values.Max More (1990)
  • 18. Did we see this script already? 1989
  • 19. Ref: Ray Kurzweil
  • 20. For boosting antioxidant levels and for general health, I take a comprehensive vitamin-"I take about 250 pills of nutritionals a day" and-mineral combination, alpha lipoic acid, coenzyme Q10, grapeseed extract,Ray Kurzweil resveratrol, bilberry extract, lycopene, silymarine (milk thistle), conjugated linoleic acid, lecithin, evening primerose oil (omega-6 essential fatty acids), n- acetyl-cystein, ginger, garlic, l-carnitine, pyrodoxal-5-phosphate, and echinacea. I also take Chinese herbs prescribed by Dr. Glenn Rothfeld. For reducing insulin resistance and overcoming my type 2 diabetes, I take chromium, metformine (a powerful anti- aging medication that decreases insulin resistence and which we recommend everyone over 50 consider taking) and gymnema sylvestra. To improve LDL and HDL cholesterol levels, I take policosanol, gugulipid, plant sterols, niacin, oat bran, grapefruit powder, psyllium, lecithine and lipitor. To improve blood vessel health I take arginine, TMG and choline. To decrease blood viscosity I take daily baby aspirin and lumbrokinase. I reduce inflammination by taking EPA/DHA and curcumin. I have dramatically reduced my homocystein level by taking folic acid, B6 and TMG. I have a B12 shot once a week and take a daily B12 sublingual. Several of my intravenous therapies improve my bodys detoxification: weekly EDTA and monthly DMPS. I also take n-acetyl-carnitine orally. I take weekly intravenous vitamins and alpha lipoic acid to boost antioxidants. I do a weekly glutathione IV to boost liver health. Perhaps the most important intravenous therapy I do is a weekly phosphatidylcholine IV, wich rejuvenates all of the bodys tissues by restoring youthful cell membranes. I also take PtC orally each day and supplement my hormone levels with DHEA and testosterone. I take I-3-C, chrysin, nettle, ginger and herbs to reduce the conversation of testosterone into estrogen. I take a saw palmetto complex for prostate health. For stress management I take l-theonine, beta-sitosterol, phosphatidylserine and green tea in addition to drinking 8 to 10 cups of green tea itself. At bedtime I take GABA and sublingual melatonin. For brain health I take acetyl-l-carnitine, vinprocetine, phosphatidylserine, ginkgo biloba, glycerylphosphatidylcholine, nextrutine and quercertin. For eye health I take lutein and bilberry extract. For skin health I use an antioxidant skin cream on my face, neck and hands every day. For digestive health I take betaine HCl, pepsin, gentian root, peppermint, acidophilus bifodobacter, fructooligosaccharides, fish proteins, l-glutamine and n-acetyl-d-glucosamine. To inhibit the creation of advanced glycolysated end products I take n-acetyl-carnitine, carnosine, alpha lipoic acid and quercertin.
  • 21. Soylent – Post-Food Man Ref: Rob Rhinehart
  • 22. Inspiration from Science Fiction Tricorder a multifunction hand-held device used for sensor scanning, data analysis, and recording data. Ref: Star Trek
  • 23. Personalized Medicine Ref: Proteus Digital Health
  • 24. Quantified Society App Store for the Human Body Quantified SelfQuantified Business Quantified Government
  • 25.
  • 26. – The smartest way to makes leading manages to hit theand coordinating mark where its simple to usemeetings easy. yet packed with great features.Lifehacker ArcticStartup
  • 27. tarina.meteemu@dicole.comTwitter: tar1na