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Parasitic Learning
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Parasitic Learning


Published on

My presentation at Dag van de Docent, K.U. Leuven, Belgium

My presentation at Dag van de Docent, K.U. Leuven, Belgium

Published in: Technology, Education

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  • 1. Parasitic Learning CEO Teemu Arina / Dicole Ltd. 2007-12-13 Photo: Tracy O
  • 2. Who am I? Photo: Don J. McCrady
  • 3. Zeitgeist The Spirit of the Age
  • 4. All-at-onceness Marshall McLuhan (1911-1980) Photo: matildaben
  • 5. Meta-experiences Medias are identity devices Photo: TheAlieness GiselaGiardino²³
  • 6. Knowledge work becomes network work
  • 7. Pattern Recognition “Information overload is an opportunity for pattern recognition” – Marshall McLuhan Image: jbum
  • 8. Education: from outcome-based to process-based Photo: Pavlos Pavlidis
  • 9. Serendipic Learning Photo: Cocca
  • 10. Informal learning
  • 11. Parasitic Learning Learner using someone as a teacher through virtual means without the knowledge or consensus of the host Photo: Spike55151
  • 12. Information Technology • Core is information
  • 13. Interaction Technology • Core is interaction Ref: Esko Kilpi (2006)
  • 14. Personal Learning Environment Sharing links Blogs Reflection Sharing Flickr photos, YouTube videos, YOU Odeo audio (PLE) Collective Wikipedia Other editing communities
  • 15. Web X.0.
  • 16. Integrated intelligence Individual intelligence Computer intelligence Integrated: Collective intelligence (networked)‫‏‬ Image: uscfan
  • 17. Luddites
  • 18. Social media synonym for the social web?
  • 19. Palimpsest (wiki) Codex Ephraemi Rescriptus (5th century) + Ephraem the Syrian (12th century)
  • 20. Tatler (blog) Richard Steele (1709)
  • 21. Welcome to the Future ps. It’s broken.
  • 22. Forget Best Practices Best practice = Past practice Reflection = Future practice Image: Felippe Torres
  • 23. Worst Practices Learning Image: Duncan
  • 24. Artist: Lotta Viitaniemi, Story: Kim Forsman & Teemu Arina Dicole Ltd.
  • 25. Artist: Lotta Viitaniemi, Story: Kim Forsman & Teemu Arina Dicole Ltd.
  • 26. Efficiency is not effectiveness
  • 27. You need inefficiency, in order to adapt Image: Lab2112
  • 28. Anatomy of an Organisation as an Organism Nervous system Brain Feeds, Search, APIs - Wikis, tagging - Sharing, discovering and Connecting and remixing tapping into reflections reflectons Senses Blood system Blogs, Microblogs, Social networking, Social bookmarking - Real-time Reflection in and on action communications, Network analysis - Optimizing interaction flow Skeleton Automation, Real- time processes, Operative technologies - Back- bone for business processes Ref: Teemu Arina, Illustration: Lotta Viitaniemi
  • 29. Gesamtkunstwerk of our time “I am convinced that there are universal currents of Divine Thought vibrating the ether everywhere and that any who can feel these vibrations is inspired” Richard Wagner (1813-1883) Image: Z E N
  • 30. Contact info CEO Teemu Arina Dicole Ltd. 050 – 555 7636 Blog: Photo: Tanakawho