Digital DNA for Organic Enterprises


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Digital DNA for Organic Enterprises

  1. 1. DIGITAL DNA for organic enterprises April 2009 Teemu Arina tar1na
  2. 2. "It is the framework which changes with each new technology and not just the picture within the frame." Marshall McLuhan
  3. 3. What we do New Eyes New Tools New Practices
  4. 4. Ocean of Opportunities Objective: Seeing things in new ways. Tools: Presentations, research and strategic development. New Eyes
  5. 5. Social Technologies Objective: Enterprise 2.0 capabilities. Tools: Dicole Community Platform and related Web 2.0 tools. New Tools
  6. 6. Digital Ecosystems Target: New business models and business practices. Tools: Consultation and coaching. New Practices
  7. 7. WHAT ?
  8. 8. Linear Complicated Complex Known Knowable Perceive and adapt
  9. 9. Top-down Innovation Bottom-up Innovation Inspiration Executives Customers Existing assets, products and Deep observation of Drivers positioning customer needs Interaction Structured and controlled Spontaneous Strategy Go to the customer Invite and engage customer Process Linear, well-defined Emergent, user-centric Online communities, Market research, surveys, Techniques crowdsourcing, peer- focus groups production, design thinking Photo: JJay
  10. 10. Enterprise 1.0 Enterprise 2.0 Hierarchical organization Network organization Automation in the core Interaction in the core Tree representation Associative representation Bureaucracy Agility Static and rigid Dynamic and adaptive IT saves costs IT helps interaction Automation-driven value Collaboration-driven value Top-down Bottom-up, semi-lattice Centralized Distributed Hand-picked teams Self-organizing teams Silos Porous membranes Controlled communication Transparency Taxonomies Folksonomies Culture of owning Culture of sharing Closed standards Open standards Photo: JJay
  11. 11. Technology as extension of man. Man as extension of technology.
  12. 12. Organic Enterprise
  13. 13. Organizational Skeleton Automation and operative technologies Back-bone for business processes.
  14. 14. Organizational Senses (Micro)blogs and social bookmarking Reflection in and on action.
  15. 15. Organizational Nervous System Feeds, search and APIs Sharing, discovering and tapping into reflections.
  16. 16. Organizational Brain Wikis and tags Connecting and remixing reflections.
  17. 17. Organizational Blood System Social networking and virtual collaboration Optimizing interaction flow.
  18. 18. Organic Enterprise Feeds, search, APIs Wikis and tags Sharing, discovering and Connecting and remixing tapping into reflections reflectons (Micro)blogs and social bookmarking Reflection in and on action Social networking and virtual collaboration Optimizing interaction flow Automation and operative technologies Back-bone for business processes
  19. 19. WHY ?
  20. 20. Speeding up idea generation and innovation
  21. 21. Increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of knowledge work and virtual collaboration
  22. 22. Supporting net generation practices and the ability of people to influence
  23. 23. Coping with information overload, global competition and complexity
  24. 24. Finding new business models and competitive advantages
  25. 25. HOW ?
  26. 26. Digital Ecosystems
  27. 27. Digital + Analog = Double Helix Digital aNAlog
  28. 28. Digital DNA in practice Analog face to face Digital online ■ Leading principles ■ Project team ■ Customers & users ■ Internal resources ■ Plans ■ Key stakeholders ■ Crowdsourcing ■ External resources
  29. 29. Thanks! Teemu Arina ceo - dicole ltd. mail blog web “Imagination is more important than knowledge” – Albert Einstein tar1na